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Rebekah Scott

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Due to generosity of pilgrim-guitar builder Federico Sheppard, we now have Esperanza, a Paracho del Norte guitar, here at the Peaceable for pilgrims to use. (we don´t know how to play it ourselves!) It is gorgeous, built on classical Spanish lines with conch-shell details. It sounds really lovely, too -- its premier performance last night was a Bossa Nova concert played by a Thai pilgrim.

The guitar is here for pilgrims. So if you´re a pilgrim who plays guitar, you are welcome to come over and play.

In Holy Year 2010 Sheppard and his guitarrero friends are planning a series of guitar concerts in churches along the camino, so you might meet him then. Or stop in at his guitar-building workshop he´s setting up out here along the meseta... details on that come later.
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Guess I'm stuck carrying my musical instrument...a Kazoo!! :)

Rebekah Scott

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Many, various, and continuing.
The nickname of our little Mac laptop is, ironically, "The Mighty Wurlitzer," so I think we are covered on that account. (When it comes to pipe organs I will hold out for a Buzard tracker. Although I can´t play an organ either. I can´t even sing so well. I settle for "joyful noise.")

I see at least three pilgrims per day in high season shlepping an instrument along, which should be a lesson to us all... Almost half the pilgrims who stop here say they´d love to play a guitar if there was one. And so Federico´s stepped into the gap. Spain has a long, long guitar tradition, and both players and luthiers will enjoy this particular instrument.

So put the word out there. Meantime, I shall look on YouTube for guitar instruction videos. Hopefully chords are easier to grasp than Spanish verbs, and I can learn to make a joyful noise on a guitar too.
FYI, there's a spare guitar at the private albergue Casa Nostra in Castrojeriz. The young woman who shared my room there used it to finish composing a song she "wrote" while walking that day. I told her later I heard her playing while I was taking a siesta & it was so relaxing & nice to listen to it.

But, if you do want to take a guitar to the Camino, stay off United. I hear they break guitars. (see YouTube, United Breaks Guitars)

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It is still a Beta version but entirely functional, available for both, Apple IOS and Android. (It is all in Spanish but you can open with Google translate) Btw: Gronze also has a...
During my first Camino I was introduced to the scrumptious tortilla. You know that thing that looked like a pie made with eggs and potatoes. Well today, the Mrs. (@J Willhaus )made one for...
On the inside of my right forearm and not too dark - what do you guys think?
Planning Camino for April / May and would like help in determining which cell phone plan to use. My choices: 1. Purchase international phone plan in U.S. utilizing the T-Mobile network. I would...
This story is in the Guardian today. The change in climate is affecting the availability of acorns and hence the production of jamón ibérico bellota...
My latest crop of berza/couve/collard greens for Caldo Gallego - true I should have allowed the leaves to mature a bit more but I cannot wait!

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