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Harassment near Irache Wine Fountain!!

Christine Finland

New Member
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Santiago (2013)
Two weeks ago early on a Sunday morning my daughter, granddaughter, and I were harassed by 3-4 separate groups of teenage boys about a mile or more before the Irache Wine Fountain. It was very unsettling as they shouted at us in Spanish and their behavior was inappropriate and threatening in any language. Has anyone else experienced this? It was the only time we felt uncomfortable or in danger on the Camino!
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No, but we have our share of young louts in gangs here too. It is unrealistic to think the Camino is not impacted by normal society. Unemployment is extraordinarily high for Spanish youngsters so I guess that doesn't help. Why do people behave so badly in groups?
Which does not make your experience anything other than unpleasant. And I'm sad about that because I can think of few lovelier things than three generations of women walking the Camino together. I really hope it does not spoil things for you. Hope you gather around you a good Camino family to make you feel safe.


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Very sad experience. Fortunately, this is very rare and we seldom hear reports of this type.

However, I don't think unemployment has anything to do with this or with the scammers or thieves on the Camino.
These types of bad actors rarely work and are not affected by a downturn.
Very few people lose a job and say let's go steal things or harass people.


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SJPD to Santiago 2013,2014, Camino de Levante Sept. 2016, Frances March 2018, planning 2020
Very sad as I was impressed by the friendly youth on the Camino something home in Oz could learn from. Maybe this is what the pilgrims had to put up with in the early days but they would have been bandits.

Al the optimist

Veteran Member
Sorry to here of your bad experience. I pray that things get better and you start to feel safe again. Donj't let this one bad experience be the apple that spoils your barrel. Don't forget to post about one of the great experiences you are sure to have. Buen Camino.
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Definitely the first time I've ever heard of this happening. So sorry. Hope and pray this is 'It" for bad experiences! Buen Camino!


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Camino Frances 2013
Our first trip to Spain we went to Malaga for 2 weeks where there was a youth soccer tournament (Spanish youth) going on and they were in the same resort as us. They would do exactly what you said every time a girl walked by. The parents laughed and thought it was funny. We took it as disrespectful but not threatening but I imagine for the women it was threatening. So yes I have seen it before in Spain .......... never in my country Canada where the parents would laugh but I imagine it happens - whistling and cat calling by construction workers for example.

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