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Hello from HDrider on El Camino


New Member
Hello all... I left St Jean Pied de Port last Sunday (19th April) and climbed to Orisson where I had a pre-booked bed. I advise anybody to do this instead of doing Roncesvalles in one go....or am I being a wimp? I felt Orisson was quite enough to ease gently into the way of walking. this road. the walk to Roncesvalles was through thick mist so the view was restricted. There was also up to two feet of snow lying at the top from the previous week which added to the growing excitement. Now a week later, I have just booked into Casa de Austria Albergue in Los Arcos and looking back wondering how seven days can go so quickly. I have met some wonderful people from all over the world, Korea, Australia, USA Ireland etc and had such great experiences that I am really excited about the rest of my journey. I took a side trip to visit the wonderful church at Eunate but it made it a long day for me, nine hours walking from Pamplona to Puente la Reina (or am I being a wimp again?)
I'll try and update this later in my journey
Adios from El Camino
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How hard was the walk to Orisson and how long did you take.I will be walking at the end of August and the big decision for me is do I stop or go on to Roncesvalles.Good luck and God be with you.
Buen Camino,
stpatricksbhoy. :D :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:
Hi HDrider

Forget this "wimp" stuff. You are being you and we all make our own Camino (or it makes us). Enjoy every moment of your walk. It's always a pleasure to hear of others excitement and experiences, keep it up. Many reading your comments wished they were there too.

Cheers Rose Louise
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Like I said StPatricksBoy, I would recommend pre-booking a place at Orisson. An Australian couple arrived on the offchance and were VERY disappointed to find the shop full and they had a daunting walk over the hill to Roncesvalles.
I was only joking about the "wimp" stuff. This whole trip is about doing it at your own pace and enjoying the experience.
As an update................
What an amazing experience this is turning out to be. I´m now at the halfway point at Terradillos de los Templarios and what a lot of wonderful memories I have of the last three weeks.
Highlights regarding the albergues have to be Granon where a little door from the bedroom led surprisingly into the choir stalls overlooking the nave of the church and we held a short prayer service. The thought of the thousands of pilgrims who had sat on those choir seats over the years and spilt out their innermost thoughts was quite amazing. The shared meal was something to be seen. Almost automatically the warm atmosphere of a pleasant living room was rapidly turned into a functional dining area and plates of salad, chicken and all sorts of goodies appeared. Incredible.
The other albergue highlight for me was at Ermita de San Nicolas just before Itero de la Vega and run by the Italian Confraternity. What an incredible atmosphere provided by the hospitaleros with the foot-washing ceremony and the chance for anybody to sing their favourite song from their homeland.
As I said in my previous post, the quality and friendship of people Í´ve met on the Camino is outstanding and I´d like to suggest we try to get our World Leaders to do the Camino so they can see how people of all creeds, races and colours can survive happily together.
Incidentally for anybody just getting an interest on this trip, I´m finding the John Brierley book particularly helpful - I´m not on commisssion - just trying to help :)
Howdy... CONGRATULATIONS on being on the Camino right now... LUCKY YOU!!! I'm starting in SJPP in the middle of August. A trip of my lifetime... and I can't wait.

I really enjoy hearing about your journey.... Thanks for sharing it with all of us. Especially all of the greatest places to stay. I'm still planning my journey. A friend of mine this week returned from his Camino and had my book with him detailing all the best places...sadly someone in Santiago decided they needed my book more than it needed to come home to me. Bummer.

So please keep 'em coming....

I send blessings of awesome new growth and healing for you...

Hi Karla,
Sorry to hear about your book....
The oddest things disappear in Santiago.... why do you suppose anyone who has arrived in Santiago wants a guidebook?

My friend leaned his walking stick against a wall in Snatiago to take a photo...when he turned back, it was gone! He had brought it from France and intended to take it to Fisterre to burn it.... I guess someone else needed it more. Very odd, indeed.

Buen Camino,
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Hi Tony
Keep these encouraging posts coming.
I love hearing the enthusiasm and things like "what an amazing trip this is turning out to be"

I am trying to convince my husband to accompany me and enthusiasm like yours might just tip the scale.

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