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Holy Year 2010 - will it affect the Northern Route?


New Member

Whoops! I posted this at first with the wrong Camino in the title! Anyway, I walked the Camino Frances in 2003 and 2007 and now want to try a different route in May 2010. Am thinking either Northern or Via de La Plata. . .but then I realized 2010 is a Holy Year. I know the Camino Frances is expecting record numbers of people. . .do you think it will affect the other trails?

Any insight would be great. Thank you so much.

Quick side note: after walking the Camino frances for the first time in 2003, I went to San Sebastian to relax and "recover"for a week before heading home. One day while out wandering around I saw a yellow arrow!! I followed it without even thinking, and several hours later found myself outside the city on top of a hill. It was so beautiful. Ever since then I have thought about walking the northern trail. . .

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If it isn't important for you to actually reach Santiago, you could walk one of the routes in France which probably won't be as busy as the routes in Spain. I walked from Paris in the 2004 Holy Year and we only saw three other pilgrims - cyclists - until we reached Ostabat in the south.
Hallo Joellen, Holy year will definitely affect ALL caminos. If you don't like crowds then the Holy Year is possibly not a good idea. We walked the norte in may 2008 and there was a reasonable flow of pilgrims, not too much, but enough to fill up refugios most of the times ( refugios are not abundant like on Camino Frances and typically with 10/20 beds each)
Same thingh apply to VDP that we walked a few years ago. To avoid peak crowds you should probably consider an early start , would say mid april for norte and end of march for VDP or, as you've read on previous post, consider other options
-Chemin de vezelay in France, certainly the less crowded of them all, that we walked last may
-Camino de Levante, just beginning to attract a few pilgrims...
Anything else you need, just ask
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Thank you both for your advice and replies. I briefly thought about walking in France, and I know it is very very beautiful, but honestly the only thing holding me back is my lack of French. I speak Spanish pretty well and I enjoy talking to the people I meet along the way. I am afraid my lack of French would isolate me :(

I have perhaps a dumb question, but on the Holy Years is it crowded the whole year or just in the summer months?

Thank you again -- I have a lot to think about and consider.

Buen Camino,
The increase in recent years on the Caminos del Norte, Portugues, and Via de la Plata has been about 20-25% compared to an increase of about 10% on the Camino Frances. Like guessing the weather, guesses about 2010 are just guesses...
Greetings to everyone well getting bored and so would like to plan another Camino for next year but not decide which one..any suggestion to where best volunteer I know Rabunal is all booked..let me know.
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