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Humor.......Poor man.-

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Hi Javier,

Thanks for your post. I think many of us saw these pictures as they went around the world on TV last night. I feel for the guy, this has happened to me as well… well, maybe not on both toes :)

I wonder if we should keep topics in the form pilgrim related. I have thought of creating a section that might contain “not pilgrim related posts” but have not done since I feel it is important to stay “on topic”. People come to the forum to learn about the pilgrimage, and might get lost in not-pilgrim related posts.

Does anyone have any opinion on this? If the majority of you would like such a section I can open it.

Un saludo,
My gut says that this would open the flood gates with lots of stuff that I don't want to read. I can open the forum site and quickly look at what has been posted since my last visit without checking which section it is in. My vote is no. Ultreya, John
St James' Way - Self-guided 4-7 day Walking Packages, Reading to Southampton, 110 kms
Photo humor

Ivar Do not worry, if you want you can clear the photo of the Forum. I only want a little humor. - I dont speak English well-
No problem Javier, I had been thinking of bringing up this topic anyway. I will leave the photo up; I think this is a good opportunity to get some opinions on this topic.

By the way, your English is perfect!

Un saludo,
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Hi again Javier, yes I live in Santiago, well I actually live in Bastavales, but it is close...

.. after my last post I have received a lot of responses related to "off-topic" posts and I think it is best to stay "on topic". Let's make this forum a place for everyone that wants to learn and share their experiences on the camino. These other things can easily get out of hand, especially if one starts with politics.... let's leave that for other forums.

So why not change the topic. Recently I bought a new mobile phone with a nice camera. Now I always have a camera with me, and so I decided to post them to a blog. So for some photos from my latest travels, have a look here:

Un saludo desde Bastavales,
De acuerdo

De acuerdo Ivar, lo siento yo no he puesto la foto para que se vea como un tema político, simplemente queria poner una nota de humor.
No se entendio asi.
Buenas noches desde Pamplona, junto al CAMINO
I vote to keep "non-Camino" posts off. It's very organized and new posts accessible as it is, so it works for me as well.
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