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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago

June's Pilgrims!

Well, since the may babies are starting to get along pretty well, I thought the June's Pilgrims could, too.

Hello everybody, I'm from MEXICO, and really looking forward for this experience.

I'll start my camino on my 21st B-day: June 5 in St Jean.

Any other pregrinos in June????


Bienvenido Mauricio, one June/July caminante, here, starting via the Camino Aragones. With diff starting points we probably won't meet. But then on the Caminos, who knows... Here's a little anticipated, 21st B'day, present for u: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygLZVIkjjyQ

Buen Camino :arrow:

xm 8)
Hi Mauricio. I also start from St Jean in June - trains permitting I will arrive SJPDP early evening of 05 June, and plan to start out the next morning.

Buen Camino...Dave
Hi there! I'm going with my mom and we'll arrive in SJPP on June 11. We won't have time to walk the whole way, though :( My mom could only get three weeks off work. Hope to see some you out there!



Hi Kerith, three weeks' time for walking is pretty good. That's how long most of my friends have to walk. You'll be able to experience a lot. I hope your mom and you have a great Camino. Best, xm 8)
My wife and I will be starting on June 21st from Leon , I walked from St J PdP last September and came home so full of enthusiam for the Camino that she decided to accompany me to Santiago this year.
June coming up!

Well, the May "babies" seem to be in full swing, some of them are probably already on the Camino.
My time is coming up, as mentioned above we are starting on June 4, or rather that's when we arrive in Pamplona. By the time we get everything sorted out, we will actually be leaving Roncesvalles on June 6. :eek:
I have not done any training at all, as I've been sick the past week and the weather has been somewhat unfavourable (very windy and wet) and... well I just haven't. Neither has by boyfriend. I hope we're not underestimating our strengths. We are planning to ride about 50-60 km a day (biking), which shouldn't be much trouble. The terrain seems more or less very gentle, with some exceptions towards the middle/end (O Cebreiro), but by that time we should be pretty fit. We have 3 weeks, but want to get to Santiago in about 14 days and then bike on to Finisterre.
As most pilgrims here are walking, I guess we will only meet some of you at the start, and maybe we will run into some of the May babies further along the route.
Hurray! Buen Camino!!!!


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Anyone starting from Le Puy in late June?
pippi said:
Hi there! I'm going with my mom and we'll arrive in SJPP on June 11. We won't have time to walk the whole way, though :( My mom could only get three weeks off work. Hope to see some you out there!

I think it's so great that you're going with your mom! She must be an inspirational person. Buen camino to you both! I think there are times when we will all wish we had our mommies :D

Only 3 weeks left!!! I haven't even got a packing list together yet!!! We are doing a "trial run" with our pannier bags this weekend, and with all the stuff we should be taking along... Oh my...

:!: :!: :!:

Almost looks like I'm the only June pilgrim :wink:

Well, we did some "training" this weekend. We loaded our pannier bags, installed them on the bike along with a front handlebar bag, and set off for the cottage. The weather was great, around 25-28 degrees, sunny... we chose a nice route, combination of roads, dirt tracks and narrow woodland paths. Passed through parks, fields, forests and small towns... I think a lot of it was what we can look forward to in Spain.

To get the "full treatment" we took our tent and sleeping bags. Both "super lightweight". We pitched the tent in the garden, and because it appeared to be quite chilly in the evening, we took along some extra blankets "just in case". Obviously, we will not be carrying those on the camino.

After entering our sleeping bags fully clothed, we removed several layers until we were down to socks, underpants and a t-shirt. The blankets were put in place immediately and we were ready to sleep.

Within about 15 minutes, we were both shaking with cold. I kept tossing from side to side because I found the ground rather hard. After some time, I found I was having trouble breathing. Because of the dramatic change in temperature, we had closed the tent entirely. The humidity created a layer of dew along the entire tent, which made it virtually sealed. I was lacking air!! After gasping and tossing for a while longer we decided to open a "window". Much better. But still cold.

At about 3:30 a.m. we decided to go for a pee break. I went in the house, and it was so warm, I hardly wanted to return. But we got in, I put on my fleece turtleneck and by BF put on his hoodie, and we resumed trying to sleep.

About half an hour later, we were just getting to sleep, I was starting to sink into a dream, when the birds woke up. One of them HAD to be sitting ON our tent and was trilling away, much to our dismay, because it was being incredibly noisy.

We said 'that's enough'. We got out of the tent, closed it and went inside, where we jumped into a cosy, soft bed with thick duvets and fluffy pillows, and slept until lunchtime.

BTW, what are nightime temperatures like on the Camino?

i hope thats not all of the june pilgrims. I start my camino on 30 may on somport and want to go to SdC and Finisterre. So i hope i will see some of you.


Fuchser'79, there r many of us, it's just that we seem to be more the silent majority type, err...with some exceptions... :lol: Feel the energy in the cyber waves :!: That's us packing up to hit the Road. Buen Camino, xm 8)

OK. Within the framework of training, no so much in terms of distances as in terms of getting on the bike every day, I went for a ride once again, third day in a row. It was a very short trip, only some 12 km, but it is about 30 degrees Celsius outside and dead calm, so it was torture in a way despite the short distance.
I feel good. I had no difficulty getting on the bike even today, which is positive.
We have two weeks to go, and then Hola el Camino!!!
Starting Friday, I also get a week of training in Spanish, as my godparents are coming to visit (they are from Latin America)... So I will get some follow up on my lessons and hands on exercise before the real thing hits me in Spain.
Cheers for now! K.

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