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Wanting to keep our Camino spirit alive and guided by Frey's article re what to do when the yellow arrows no longer show the way (post camino blues) :

We organised a Camino night before Christmas, we had Spanish wine and food and we invited pilgrims we know and who had walked last summer/autumn. We asked each person to say who they were, where were they on their camino and then we sat down to the food etc. Then we asked them each to tell us of a special moment, good or bad from their Camino. That plus some photographs filled up the whole night and we think everyone went home happy and with the Camino feeling alive again.

Two nights ago we had a meeting locally where we gave a presentation on how to walk the camino with headings such as Where to stay , how much will it cost, what gear to bring (men and women), why people do it etc. Although we had a small crowd they were very appreciative for it. Several are walking the C Fr this year and others hope to. It was interesting to see some who had gone with a tour company deciding to go back on their own. My brother did the gear section and he had a rucksac with 10k weight in it so show people how much you need to cut weight. My wife did a section on women's gear etc.

We see this as giving something back to the camino and helping others do it as we were helped and advised when we started. It is something I would recommend to others to do as it keeps the Camino alive for us.
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Hi Pat

Recently we went on a fund raiser for cancer research. In conversation with a couple of women we were invited to give a talk to the local University of the Third Age on our Camino Portugues experience.

We gave an impromptu talk to a local Probus group on our return but had no notes to fall back on. When I sat down to the computer the memories flowed back as if it were just yesterday, not two years ago. :) One person from our small country town and also a Probus member has since embarked on a similar journey along the French way.

We hope by spreading the word we might encourage others to follow in our footsteps.

Rose Louise

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