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why the camino?

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  1. axel_w

    Camino Frances - By Drone

    I made this montage from drone clips I took during my first Camino which I walked in June/July of last year. I set out to record the landscapes of the beautiful northern regions of Spain in the hope that future or past pilgrims could reflect on the landscapes, or get a sense of what they were in...
  2. P

    Camino de Santiago 2021or2022 project

    Dear All! Camino Participants! I am currently running the research project entitled "The Importance of the Jacobean Year in the Interpretation of the Living Heritage of Camino de Santiago". This is non-commercial project! I kindly ask all of you who did their Camino in 2021 or 2022, arriving in...
  3. hel&scott

    Why you should not walk a camino

    As someone who has walked a number of caminos I often get asked about the best route, when to walk, what pack / shoes to use. But lately after a few questioning would be pilgrims I've had to re assess. Usually I avoid telling people what they should do, rather I point them in the best...
  4. Lexicos

    Atonement? Is that what it’s about?

    I guess we’ve all made mistakes in life. I’m sure too that at some point we’ve all hurt someone whom we love very much. Life demands so much from us, ever so much and it’s inevitable that we will make some terrible mistakes along the way, usually in our earlier years, when the world is still a...
  5. jsalt

    The Camino Isn’t A Pilgrimage Anymore

    There are lots of threads now on “skipping stages”, “where to stay an extra day”, etc. Is it now just a cheap hiking trail? I guess it probably is. Does anybody actually walk the camino for religious reasons now? Why am I asking this? I am not religious. When I walked my first camino it...
  6. JustJack

    Focusing on transformation versus being 100% present

    A bit of an odd, and likely not-well-thought-out question/comment, but here goes. I've watched a few interviews with people that have walked the camino multiple times, including an interview Ivan did with camino guidebook author John Brierley (I hope I've got that right). A couple things that...
  7. J

    Called to the Camino

    I know there are many reasons for persons to walk the Camino. Some have religious reasons and consider themselves pilgrims in the way that ancients who walked it must have. Has any had or have know someone who has had a "calling" to walk it? I am a retired pastor and have considered walking it...
  8. Anniesantiago

    Intentions before and after question

    I have a client asking this question, and aside from a regular confessional at Santiago, I've never heard of this. Help? She has heard there is meeting with a priest to discuss and name her intentions for making the walk, and then following up with a priest at the end for accountability and...
  9. RachelNZ

    Is the camino a ritual for all spanish people?

    Hi fellow pilgrims, Is the Camino a ritual for most Spanish to do at least once in their lifetime? I do remember hearing this when I walked a couple of years ago. I have to write an essay for university on a ritual and I'd like to write on this topic as I have a lot of insider knowledge on it...
  10. B

    The Camino and discernment/insight/life decisions

    I'm looking forward to my camino in September as a time when I will be able to think, listen, and pray about some opportunities and possible new directions in my life. For me, it is an opportunity for discernment and I hope for some new inspiration or insight as I consider some big life...
  11. alexwalker

    Religious, doubter, seeker, atheist, don't care, tourist, or whatever? Why are you walking?

    From ancient times, the Camino was for devouted pilgrims in faith, seeking relief from their sins at the tomb of Saint James in Santiago. These days, people walk for many reasons, as reflected in the heading of this thread. Why is it that an ancient pilgrim path of faith in rural Spain has...
  12. hfenton

    Is Something Missing?

    While the topics discussed on the Camino Forum are myriad it appears, given the history of the Camino through the centuries, that something is missing from the Forum. There are discussions about the many different Camino routes; the best time to walk them; recommendations for albergues...
  13. Robo

    Thru Hikes v Camino - Motivations?

    OK, let's keep this a civil discussion :cool: Neither is better than the other OK. And they are quite different things, I think ?;) Though that 'infamous' blog post "The Camino Sucks" perhaps didn't appreciate that they are like apples and oranges. :rolleyes: Let's not get into those types...
  14. A

    Opinion on Son walking the Camino

    Hi Just wondering if anyone has experience of the following. My wife and I have walked the CF in stages since 2017 and personally I have found it a profound experience. I have spoken to my oldest son about it and suggested that he should try it sometime as I believe he has the personality...
  15. BombayBill

    An Atheist Embraces the Camino

    I think some people may avoid the Camino as they feel it is a religious or spiritual journey that they can't participate in. I am a lifelong atheist and this is what I learned. Those long days walking forced me to reflect on things in my life where I could have done better and what was...
  16. DuaneS

    Camino Frances a Second Time

    I completed the Camino Frances from SJPDP in Apr/May of 2017. Lately I've been reminiscing about those times, and am really craving to hit a trail again whenever things start improving, likely in the spring I hope. I live in Spain part of the year now, so I can basically just watch the weather...
  17. jungleboy

    What does the 'spirit of the camino' mean to you?

    I searched for an existing thread like this and although I found a few that mention the camino spirit, I didn't find one where different people explained what it meant to them. The spirit of the camino is a feeling experienced on the trail that can be hard to define or to explain to...
  18. David Tallan

    Thoughts on "The Camino provides" and similar sayings

    I was listening to a Camino podcast recently and, as these podcasts are wont to do, common Camino expressions were brought up for discussion. You know the ones I mean. "The Camino provides." "The Camino doesn't give us what we want. It gives us what we need." And similar expressions. And I got...
  19. Robo

    David is Back! "Why do people walk the Camino"?

    Please be aware of Rule # 2. No Discussion on Religion. So maybe watch.........and don't comment? :cool: As it does come up! Mods please delete if you feel this video is a problem.
  20. Lexicos

    Is the Camino an addiction, an obsession or something else?

    No to the first one. It takes too long, it’s too hard and it requires too much planning. It’s not an addiction. It’s not in the category of gambling, alcohol or drugs. And it’s certainly not “God’s heroin.” That’s taking poetic license to an extreme. Is it an obsession? It can be. If you are...