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why the camino?

  1. BradleyS

    I keep talking myself out of it....

    I guess I've wanted to walk the Camino for at least ten years now. Every year, there's been some reason, some, the kids, wife has other plans, not enough time off, not enough money, a pandemic, etc... I'm retired (and single) now and although my income is much smaller than it was...
  2. Luka

    The why of a 2nd, 3rd or 17th Camino

    I was just wondering. Many people decide to go on a pilgrimage at decisive moments in their lives: at crossroads, longing for change, loss of loved ones, retirement, identity questions, etc. But how is that for pilgrims returning to the Camino over and over again? Hardly anyone has decisive...
  3. A

    Daily blog of Camino experience

    Hey all! Last month I walked the Camino Francés, and for each of the 32 days I was there I wrote an article and posted it online as a blog. The blogs covered my musings and thoughts, in relationship to real life and also a bit of politics. It was part of a project for myself as I walked. I am...
  4. SarahTheKiwi

    Sarah from New Zealand -What drew you to the Camino?

    Hi I've been lurking for a while, absorbing everything that is Camino! This is my first post. I'm aiming to do my first Camino in 2025 when I am 50, which will most likely be solo (ekk!). I am at a cross roads - I feel that five weeks of upright meditation (walking) will allow me to ponder...
  5. kelleymac

    Article in the NYT about walking and Camino
  6. LisaWalker

    Is it rude to ask people why they walk

    I have a friend who asked everyone he met along the way why they walked the Camino. Another friend said it was a private thing and would have considered the question intrusive. Thoughts?
  7. Botaivica

    The spirit of Camino

    What is the "Spirit of Camino" for you? I've been writing again on the Forum for the last few days and I see the diversity that adorns the Camino. It brings back memories of my three Caminos and what I felt as the "Spirit of Camino". On the first Camino I was 67, last year on the third Camino I...
  8. B

    A time apart from daily life?

    This forum is a fabulous resource of practical information and moral support for those planning a potentially tough walk, in what is for many an unfamiliar continent. But I wonder how many of the anxieties shared here, about kit and brands, communications, baggage transport and the availability...
  9. pepi

    A secular Camino?

    Preface: Moderators: I absolutely respect the rules of this forum - which I consider essential - and if this post, or reactions to it, go in the wrong direction, I ask you to delete it. I don't want to discuss religion and faith, I'm just interested to know why other "non-believers" walk a...
  10. Bradypus

    "The profile of pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago: 90% are Catholics, 48% do so for spiritual reasons"

    La Voz de Galicia are reporting the headline figures from a survey of Camino pilgrims. The article states that according to this survey around 90% are Catholic, about 48% claim to have walked for spiritual reasons, and that the average daily expenditure by pilgrims is about 80 euros. PS: As the...

    Needing/wanting motivation

    To all, I've been a member of this forum for quite some time. I walked the CF in 2016 2 months after my mother died, I walked the Primitivo last April solo and now this year I will walk Le Puy from Le Puy to Conques with a fellow pilgrim I met at Bodenaya last year. Both of those walks I walked...
  12. Mananath

    A second camino - motivations?

    Hello Friends - Earlier this year I walked the Camino Frances (with a start in Pamplona) and truly loved the experience, so much that I am considering another Camino in April/May of the coming year (I suspect the VDLP). I am wondering about my motivations however, and if doing another one so...
  13. 60LifeChange

    Life Change Time

    For me, this is where my life changes drastically. My wife and I had thought that a hike on the Camino in 2024 would be a great way to see France and Spain, have healthy exercise, and have a chance to enjoy retirement. However, that has shifted. My wife has been battling breast cancer for the...
  14. J

    Problems convincing youth to go on a Camino...any experience?

    I had a meeting with our pastor and youth pastor this morning that was quite discouraging. I wish I had the collective of pilgrims past in the room. They both described the post COVID experience of getting youth out of the house. Parents, but especially teens are reluctant to go out and meet...
  15. Damien Reynolds

    So why am I addicted to the Camino?

    Ok, I've walked a bunch over the last 17 years... let's see... 7 x Frances, 2 x Primitivo, 3 x Norte, 1 x Vdlp... plus 2 x San Salvador. I don't count the Muxia/Fisterre ones. There is always someone who knows more, there is always someone who walks faster, there is always someone who has taken...
  16. hel&scott

    Why you should not walk a camino

    As someone who has walked a number of caminos I often get asked about the best route, when to walk, what pack / shoes to use. But lately after a few questioning would be pilgrims I've had to re assess. Usually I avoid telling people what they should do, rather I point them in the best...
  17. mamu

    Starting April 22, 2022, to contemplate carreer change

    Heyo fellow Pilgrims, will start my first Camino from St. Jean Pied de Port on 22nd of April 2022. I'm a software engineer from Bavaria (Germany), took three month of unpaid vacation to contemplate the question wether to stay in SW Development or to do something completeley different, e.g. work...
  18. Lexicos

    Atonement? Is that what it’s about?

    I guess we’ve all made mistakes in life. I’m sure too that at some point we’ve all hurt someone whom we love very much. Life demands so much from us, ever so much and it’s inevitable that we will make some terrible mistakes along the way, usually in our earlier years, when the world is still a...
  19. jsalt

    The Camino Isn’t A Pilgrimage Anymore

    There are lots of threads now on “skipping stages”, “where to stay an extra day”, etc. Is it now just a cheap hiking trail? I guess it probably is. Does anybody actually walk the camino for religious reasons now? Why am I asking this? I am not religious. When I walked my first camino it...
  20. JustJack

    Focusing on transformation versus being 100% present

    A bit of an odd, and likely not-well-thought-out question/comment, but here goes. I've watched a few interviews with people that have walked the camino multiple times, including an interview Ivan did with camino guidebook author John Brierley (I hope I've got that right). A couple things that...

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