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  1. David

    Why do pilgrims carry on when it is really hard?

    Hi – I have been wondering, pondering really, for a while now. For the religious carrying on when Camino is difficult, terribly difficult, is simple. A Catholic, for instance, has surrendered to a God greater than themselves – they are surrendered and go on pilgrimage with the intention of...
  2. Zelmont

    My Silent Camino - Ask me anything

    Hello everyone, Over the years I've read about lots of people talking about individuals who did Silent Caminos or Caminos in "Vow of Silence" but I never found an article from a person who actually did it. So I decided to create this post since I recently finished my Silent Camino. The purpose...
  3. Terry Callery

    Four Categories of Pilgrims

    People always ask me what did I find on the Camino -that is somewhat of a random thing. you never know who you will meet or what enlightenment you might find. Kind of like an Easter egg hunt. The more reveling question of what were you looking for? What were you seeking? I found on 100 days...
  4. desgovernos

    CPIS Project

    Still as a product and material associated with the GEOARPAD project - Portuguese Inner Way to Santiago de Compostela, I share this review of the book: The origins of religious feeling according to Durkheim, by MAURICE HALBWACHS. It is very interesting to understand the motivations...
  5. Lucy Longpath

    Le Chemin du Vezelay 2

    Le Chemin du Vézelay or La Voie de Vézelay is the first part of a very long pilgrimage route starting at Vézelay in France and finishing at Santiago in North West Spain. Pilgrims have walked this route for many years to the place where they believed St James was buried. Lucy and Martyn walked...
  6. P

    Why Pilgrimage?

    Why pilgrimage? The advent of Covid 19 has brought this question to the fore. Do I not find spiritual satisfaction during my daily walks in nearby parks, natural reserves and even urban areas? The answer is: yes, it is true that I usually do experience some overwhelming and inspiring...
  7. Secretary CSJ UK

    Virtual pilgrim open days from the CSJ UK!

    Due to having to close its office, the CSJ UK are now holding their regular Thursday Open Days online instead! Every Thursday at 11am we will host a Zoom video call for an hour or so, where you'll be able to talk with our volunteers - ask your questions about particular topics, routes or the...
  8. J

    Jack's Path 1

    Troubled by an intense loneliness, a result of his lost childhood and a cruel twist of fate, Jack is confronted by an enigmatic visitor’s insistence that the world is meaningless. In his despair, he is drawn to a vision of the fabled Camino de Santiago, and so Jack embarks on a final act of...
  9. Trailhawk

    Camino Cebu

    Cebu is a province found in Central Philippines. It has seven cities and 46 municipalities. Three of the towns has their patron saint as St. James the Apostle (the Greater). One of the towns is called Compostela. It hosts the Archdiocesan Shrine of Santiago de Compostela, established in 1865 by...
  10. FooteK

    Is there a Place in the Modern World for "Pilgrimages"?

    This may relate to the never ending debate on what exactly makes a pilgrimage a pilgrimage, but I need to get some opinions. In our day and age, many see themselves as "spiritual" rather than "religious." Is there a place for a pilgrimage route like the Camino de Santiago? Do we just call it a...
  11. D

    What is a pilgrim?

    Hey Pilgrims, In your opinion, what characteristics/qualities do you think a pilgrim should possess? If not at the start of their pilgrimage, then certainly at the end.
  12. henrythedog

    If you set out as a walker, did you become a pilgrim?

    I’m not a philosopher - nor would I say I’m especially religious. (Baptised into the Church of England, therefore belief in God optional) I have ‘camino’d four times so far and intend to carry on twice each year. I set out as a walker - but always find there is something ‘other’ which I feel...
  13. SYates

    It's about time, by Johnnie Walker 1.0

    With “It's about time” the author has accomplished a difficult task, writing a Camino book that is at the same time interesting for those that never have even heard of the Camino as well as those who have walked many. Short paragraphs explain the history of the Camino as well as practical...
  14. Karin Kiser

    Your Inner Camino: Your Pocket Guide to Inspiration and Transformation Along the Camino de Santiago

    Some walk the Camino de Santiago as an adventure or physical challenge. Others as an extended vacation or break from their lives. To make it a pilgrimage requires something more. That something more is the inner journey. With Your Inner Camino you will discover how to let go of the thoughts...
  15. JessL

    Eucharistic adoration along Camino Frances

    Hi there, I'm walking from SJPP in Easter week and am wondering if anyone could let me know about churches with Eucharistic adoration along the way? And the times that they would have exposition. From searching through the threads I have found the following list, please let me know if you can...
  16. J

    Does CF feel like a crowded theme park now?

    How has Camino Frances changed in the last 15 years? I walked it then, and am thinking about a repeat walk but wonder if it has gotten touristized and developed. I read that "much general development has taken place and infrastructure for pilgrims has greatly improved" and wonder what that...
  17. LGLG

    the heart and soul of my 1st Camino (2005)

    I just felt compelled to dig up some writings from my first Camino Frances in 2005 as a predominantly solo walker. I think it captures very well what the Way meant for me, and brought the change in me I so much sought. nothing to do with shoes, packs or planning, but everything with the state of...
  18. David Manzo

    For those who see the Camino as part of their faith journey ...

    A few months before I began the Camino Portugese, I posted the following: "I know not everyone does the Camino for reasons of faith, yet for those who are on a faith journey, how do you prepare for the Camino?" I got great advice from so many on this forum. Thank you! Recently I walked with one...
  19. Lucy Longpath

    The North Wales Pilgrims Way: A Short Camino from Basingwerk Abbey to Bardsey Island One

    The North Wales Pilgrims Way is a short pilgrimage route starting at Basingwerk Abbey near the River Dee and finishing at Bardsey Island. Lucy and Martyn walked approximately 216 kilometres (134 miles) in Autumn 2017 (the full length of the trail). This book gives an account of their walk. Lucy...
  20. David Manzo

    How do you prepare for the faith journey of the Camino?

    As a new member, I greatly appreciate the insights of others on how to prepare for the practical aspects of the Camino (lodging, packing, routes, etc). Thank you! I know not everyone does the Camino for reasons of faith, yet for those who are on a faith journey, how do you prepare for the...