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Last minute help plz?


New Member
i arrive in Madrid the morning of the 14th for my first Camino. and due to the wealth and complete overload of info to be found here, im left confused on the best/easiest way to get to Roncesvalles. any info or links would be helpful.

i was also wondering about the pollen count for this time of year. wouldn't want my allergies to slow me down.
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Hi, I took the plane to Pamplona...stayed at the albergue there and then...took a taxi (shared with another pilgrim) to Roncesvalles Easy to do!

As far as pollen...not to belittle your concern...but, if that alone gets on your nerves...you have some interesting adventures ahead of you!

I suffer from a mild allergic reaction during the April-May period...not solely from the pollen but the bees. Stung...and I'm in trouble! I walked my Camino in April-May and had no problem with allergies. I just kept going!

Enjoy your Camino!

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I'm taking the train from Madrid to Pamplona. There are a few each day. I'm taking one at 3 PM, which gets in at 6:30, half an hour after the once a day bus to Roncevalles. So I'll go the next day.

Buen Camino

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I'm taking the train from Madrid to Pamplona. There are a few each day. I'm taking one at 3 PM, which gets in at 6:30, half an hour after the once a day bus to Roncevalles. So I'll go the next day.

Buen Camino

I fly into Madrid too. I'm taking the morning train (about 10:30 or so) and arrives in Pamplona at 13:35 (all times are estimates since I don't have my itenerary in front of me). From the train station we are taking Express Bourricot to St Jean. They are a private company that transports Pilgrims, and their schedule is a lot better than the bus. Contact them and to see if they can arrange to pick you up. However, according to their website they cannot transport within Spain, Pamplona to Roncevalles for example.

When you book your train tickets, do it through the Renfe website, look for the "turistas prices, when you click you that it may offer (if available, web fares and estrella fares) they are 40-60% less than the normal fares. You have to do it in Spanish, so good luck, I got what is normally a 56.00 Euro ticket for 33.00 Euros.
I can confirm that Espress Bourricot can not let you off in Roncevalles. We e-mailed them last year asking specifically about that and they confirmed that they could not do it. You don't say what time you arrive in Madrid. You have the choice of train, bus or plane. We took a connecting flight, but it was booked together with our flight to Madrid, so cost practically nothing. You can catch the 6.00 p.m. bus from Pamplona to Roncevalles, if there is room on the bus (which there wasn't for us) We had to take a taxi (55 euros). Anne
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Janet, a small caution. They do not announce all of the stops on the train! The only reason I got off correctly in Leon was because I asked a couple of nice teenagers to please let me know when we arrived. The station was dark, you could not see the sign, and if they had not told me, I would have missed my stop.

Sooooo.. you may want to befriend someone who will alert you to your stop if it is dark when you arrive. Or ask the conductor to please tell you. Or get a schedule and keep close count of the stops.

Not to frighten you.. just be aware.
I took the bus from Madrid to Pamplona- it took a while, but I really enjoyed the peace and quiet. I then took the bus to Roncesvalles. My advice? Take a cab from Pamplona earlier in the day if you can afford it- the rush for the albergue from those huge buses is not the way I wanted to start my camino. If the bus is the only option, sit near the door.
Enjoy and buen camino!
Agreed with the OP, there is such a wealth of information here, it can be overwhelming to a Camino newcomer. This thread has been helpful.

Could use some advice about the following: I am taking the overnight train from Barcelona to Pamplona on April 30. Don't speak Spanish, so do you recommend I try and order my ticket online? (Given it is a Holy Year, I don't know if the trains will be more crowded than usual.)

I have learned I can take a cab direct from Pamplona to St. Jean Pied de Port, which is helpful. I have long planned to begin walking Monday, May 3. So now I find myself with a couple of days in Pamplona and no place to stay for two nights. Preliminary checks of SJPdP online show most hotels booked up unless I stay miles out of town.

Any suggestions for Pamplona? Shall I just try the albergues in town? I had planned to pick up my credencial in SJPdP but I guess I can do that in Pamplona just as well.

Thank you!
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There are plenty of hostals as well as regular hotels in Pamplona. You shouldn't have a problem finding a room. I stayed at the Hotel Eslava, which is close to the church where the statue of San Fermin is & is across the street from a convent. It is along the road leading towards downtown from the train station. If you're going to be in Pamplona for a couple of days, you can take the bus to Roncesvalles. Or if it's all too crowded (talk to some pilgrims while you'r in Pamplona) or the weather is bad, start your Camino in Pamplona.

Hi, I am arriving in Pamplona on April 22 and plan to start walking on the 23rd. My first camino and I am out of my mind with excitement and anticipation! Can someone tell me where to get the credential in Pamplona. Is it true that you have to have the church issued one or you can't get your compostela.

Thank you!
I don't know where to get a passport in Pamplona, but I do know that you CAN get them from some alburgues, and not always the Church.

We got our last one from a Friends of the Camino office and did get the Compostela.
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The Pilgrims' Office will acept all credencials issued by confraternities around the world as well as the official Spanish credencial.
A couple of years ago every tour company was printing their own credencials and tourogrinos were queuing up for Compostelas in Santiago so they put a stop to those credencials.
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Last autumn I arrived by bus in Pamplona (from Barcelona) at around 9 pm, found the municipal albergue in town, got my credential there and a bed, and started walking the next morning. Have no fear; it's no problem. It was my first camino, too.

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