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Madrid to Pamplona?

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I am landing in the airport of Madrid next week. I hope to take a bus or a train to Pamplona. I have been told, "DON'T TAKE TAXIS IN MADRID--they will cheat you" (this by my Madrid Spanish teacher).

Is there a train / underground / subway to the bus or train station from the airport? Thanks.

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That's an interesting question. I land in Madrid the 13th, I look forward to a reply!


dreamcatcher said:

I am landing in the airport of Madrid next week. I hope to take a bus or a train to Pamplona. I have been told, "DON'T TAKE TAXIS IN MADRID--they will cheat you" (this by my Madrid Spanish teacher).

Is there a train / underground / subway to the bus or train station from the airport? Thanks.


Linda C. Welsh

New Member
Hello Pilgrims,

Same to get from the airport to the train station?

I found some train faires from Puerta de Atocha to Pamplona - Tren Altaria, but don't know where it is?? :?:

Thanks all,



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There is a choice of metro or bus from Barajas airport into Madrid. The metro involves a change to get to Atocha station where you catch the Pamplona train. Don't know what time you're arriving but think there are only two trains per day. If you want to connect with the bus to Roncesvalles, then you will need to get a train about 7.30am. Atocha station is in the city.

An alternative is the bus. Takes about the same time as the train, but several more runs per day, and departs from the Avenida de America bus station. A bus from the airport (see frescotours link), goes directly to the bus station. Bus tickets for Madrid to Pamplona can be booked in advance at

While I prefer train travel, I found the bus was a better option in getting to Pamplona. Spanish buses are extremely comfortable, and catching the bus gave me a couple of hours to look around the Pamplona before returning to the bus station for the 6pm bus to Roncesvalles.

BTW I've taken the taxi from Barajas airport to the city, and wasn't ripped off! It costs between 25 and 30 euros depending on the time of day.
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New Member
ok so the way i've planned my trip (in my head) thus far is:

An overnight stay in Madrid (my plane gets in at 6.30pm and the last bus to Pamplona is at 7.30pm)
Bus to Pamplona first thing in the morning
Taxi from Pamplona to Roncesvalles (UNLESS there is a bus from Pamplona to Roncesvalles - if there is what company is the bus with so I can take a look at time tables).

If that's the way I go I'm just wondering if anyone can recommend a good hostel or hotel near the bus station (Avda America) for my few hours in madrid?

Cheers in advance!


New Member
Hi, offers flights Madrid to Pamplona for 51 EUR. Takes about an hour, several flights daily.

Also, beginning March 25th (if my memory serves me correct), Spanair ( ) will start operating the same route and they are offering pricess under 40 EUR (including taxes, 7 (!!) EUR excluding taxes :)


New Member
Thanks for the info Mika, although i was really hoping to go by bus rather than by air! but maybe air will be a better option.


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hi ivar, thank you! you really are a godsend. this will save a lot of time and money and means i can start the walk asap rather than spending two days in transit!

much love!
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ok this might be a bit of a silly question but, is there just the one airport in madrid. ie does the iberia flights mentioned above leave from the same airport that ryanair flys into?

thanks in advance


Staff member
Hi again,

Yes there is just one airport, but it has now become rather large... Iberia uses Terminal 4, RyanAir Terminal 1 (or 2). Terminal 1 and 2 are the old terminals, maybe a 10 minute walk between them.

Terminal 4 is about a 15-20 minute busride from terminal 1 and 2. Add some more minutes for walking to the bus, getting into the bus and waiting for it to leave... So make sure you have enough time to change from terminal 4 to 1 or 2.

More info on the Madrid ariport here.

Buen camino,


New Member
i keep changing my mind about the best way to get from madrid to pamplona - bus, air, bus, air.

thanks for all your help and patience ivar.

Linda C. Welsh

New Member
Thank you Ivar, Trudy et all!

Dear Gang,

I have decided to take the bus rather than the train due to more time options (thank you Trudy), and air travel to Pamplona not available until after I have arrived.

My question, having just searched the Movelia web site, is it advisable to book the bus ticket from Madrid to Palmplona ahead of time? I arrive in Madrid at 0830 am. I think I should be able to bet to the bus station in time for the 1030 bus to Pamplona, but is there a chance that it will be full in March?

Thank you for your kind assistance,

Linda :roll:
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Re: oops

Linda C. Welsh said:
Ooops, I see I can flly. Looked up Iberia. Thanks Mika. Will bus though - see more countryside. :D

You're welcome :)

Personally, I wouldn't think twice between sitting x hours on a bus and one hour on a plane - especially since they are in the same price range. You'll be seeing lotsa countryside when walking. :)

In 2005, I flew to Pamplona and that's what I'll be doing this spring, too. Hope the taxis are not on strike this time. :) The plane from Barcelona to Pamplona was a small propeller plane (nice) and they served some really nice tapas on the plane - for free, of course. :)

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