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  1. Siegfried

    Trekking poles purchase in Madrid

    Hi community Has anybody an idea where to buy trekking poles near the Madrid Chamartin train station ? I have only short time to change from airpot to train and would like to get some simple poles.
  2. brocansky

    Should I spend a night in Madrid before heading to Sarria?

    Hi there. I could use some help. I fly into Madrid from California on a Sunday afternoon in October. I need to be in Sarria on the following Monday (departing on the Camino on Tuesday morning). It’s a long flight and I know I’ll be wiped out and won’t have much ability to navigate tricky travel...
  3. L

    Visiting Madrid before Camino Ingles

    I will be visiting the Royal Church of St James in Madrid before taking the train to Ferrol for my Camino Ingles. Is it possible to get my credencial and my first sello from the Royal Church in Madrid although I won't officially start my Camino until the next day in Ferrol ?

    Madrid Parque de El Retiro or centro accommodations?

    Hola! I greatly appreciate any suggestions you may have for me! I am looking for someplace to stay in Madrid for a few nights post-Camino, pre-return home via plane. As I will be arriving Madrid via train and leaving via plane, I prefer a place that is not inconvenient to both places ( I...
  5. G

    Sleeping in Madrid Airport?

    First Camino is fast approaching - 60 odd days to go, nerves kicking in. As a result of International flight change having to juggle plans loosing day for walking. Wondered if anyone had (or if you can) stay overnight at Madrid Airport. Will be getting there late and flying out early. 👣👣👣
  6. G

    Madrid Hotel, apartment Recomendations

    We have finished Portuguse Coastal. We need hotel with 2 room suite or apartment recommendations for a week in old town Madrid. We are grandparents and 20 year old grandaughter. We are good with plain, functional over luxury. Thank you
  7. Vanozza

    Sleeping Pods - Madrid airport?

    My flight to Spain will arrive at MAD Barajas airport at 6:30am. However my accommodations in Madrid will not be available for check-in until 3pm! No early check-ins. I will be a wreck after crossing 6 time zones so I have wondered about renting a sleeping pod at the airport for a few hours...
  8. Q

    Tight connection in Madrid

    I have a 55 minute connection in Madrid, flying in on Iberia and connecting with another Iberia flight to Santiago de Compostela. Is that really enough time to collect ur checked bag, clear customs and passport control and catch the domestic flight? Seems dicey.
  9. B

    Where to stay in Madrid?

    Need recommendations where to stay for 4 days in Madrid near the airport please. Respectfully Delmy
  10. A

    Easy days in Madrid

    For 2 female friends, landing in Madrid with 2 days to spare before taking a train to Pontevedra. Can anyone suggest an economical hotel with good access to Chamartín train station and also a joining point for a Hop- On- Hop -off bus. They are hoping to see as much as possible in a short time...
  11. rogerlynn

    Clearing Customs in Madrid?

    Greetings! I will be flying into Madrid on September 6, 2023, scheduled to arrive at 8:05am on United. What is a reasonable amount of time to allow for baggage claim and clearing customs? I would like to catch an 11:45am flight to Bilbao, but not sure if that allows enough time. Thanks for any...
  12. P

    A new major museum in Madrid

    Guardian article: "Madrid’s new museum is a modern mecca for old-world art lovers Five centuries of royal collections will go on display in the Spanish capital next month [Ed: the article mentions 2023-June-28] in a long-awaited £146m project"...
  13. C

    Making the Most of 4 Hours in Madrid

    Hola, I have about 4 hours to spend in Madrid before heading to train station at Chamartin for Sarria any suggestions on how to spend the time... thanks
  14. J Willhaus

    Recon Madrid

    Hi all, The '23-24 college year will be my last as a professor (retiring next year, can't wait) and as a result, I've been asked to plan a Study Abroad trip for 2 weeks over the Holiday season in late December and early January. As a result Phil and I are rethinking our summer plans so I can...
  15. Vacajoe

    Madrid: airport, bus, city, Camino

    Just ending a week in Madrid prior to heading out to serve as a hospitalero in Aragon and thought I’d give a brief update with info for pilgrims traveling through or starting from this fine city! AIRPORT: despite it being one of the busiest in Europe, immigration was quick and efficient. Easily...
  16. Dem

    Train connection Madrid

    I arrive at Barajas on direct flight from US at 6:30 AM w/ checked baggage. Can I make the 10:30 train to Santiago? Or would it be better to plan on taking the afternoon train (1:15?)? Can I purchase a ticket that would be valid on either? Or do I need to lock into a specific time? Thanks ~
  17. HeyRobin

    Madrid early check-in

    I will be arriving in Madrid at 9am and will likely want to immediately rest because of the travel and time change. Can any of you recommend a place to stay that has an early check-in?
  18. GailGwyn

    Travel from Madrid Airport to Estacion Sur

    Looking for the best way to get from Madrid Airport to the bus station at Estacion Sur. Our flight lands in Madrid at 11.45 and our bus leaves at 14.30. We will just have cabin baggage. I don't want to take a taxi if I don't have to because of the cost. Thanks for any advice.
  19. F

    Hotel near Madrid airport

    Are there any “nice” hotels/suburban towns near Madrid airport that would allow for a walkabout, decent food, something to see/do? Must come from Santiago and overnight for late morning flight to US. I’m not opposed to staying in Madrid if there’s a section closer to airport.
  20. A

    Affordable Overnight Stay in Madrid with Easy Train or Metro Connection for Solo Female Traveler

    Looking for suggestions of where to stay for an overnight stop in Madrid between flights, fora single female arriving at night on a tight budget. Airport hotels are out of the price range. Someplace with an easy train or metro connection, auberge style is fine. Thanks!

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