1. R

    Long-term luggage storage in Madrid

    Hi - could anyone advise the best way to store luggage in Madrid for 3 or 4 weeks? I'm planning to go on the Camino in September and would like to leave my luggage in Madrid during the period. The consignas at the airport or trains station do not seem to be a good choice for storage over 5 or 6...
  2. timr

    LIVE from the Camino A short walk from Madrid

    May 4 2017 Day 1 Madrid to Tres Cantos 28km Hola. I started in the Iglesia of Santiago y Juan Bautista in Madrid yesterday and am now in Tres Cantos. I've put 'short' in the title as I am only going as far as Valladolid on this occasion. My plan had been to go to Sahagun and Leon and then...
  3. gittiharre

    Circuitous Route to Santiago starting from Madrid

    I am wondering about the logistics of walking from Madrid to Sahagun and then taking the Sanabres to Oviedo and from there the Primitivo to Santiago....any thoughts, how long would it take and is it feasible for solo female, seasoned pilgrim, but a bit under the weather post cancer...
  4. L

    Is anyone planning to hike the Camino de Madrid this May?

    Hi! I'm thinking of hiking the Camino de Madrid to Sahagun, where I will connect with the Camino Frances and continue to Santiago... But I have never hiked the Camino before and I don't speak Spanish. Is anyone else planning to take this route in May? Would anyone highly recommend I not take...
  5. S

    Albergues on the Madrid Camino

    Hi everybody, I am thinking about doing the Madrid Camino in late April, early May 2017. I did the Camino Frances in April 1014. My question is about albergues along the Madrid way. I propose a somewhat less hectic pace for myself, something like 10 to 15 kms a day. I am looking for a good...
  6. JamieCam

    Recommendations for the best way to get from Santiago to Madrid?

    I hope I'm posting this in the right place ;) I will be traveling to Madrid on the day I plan to arrive in Santiago. What is the best way to get there? Train? Flight? Should I book in advance or can I book a couple of days before I get there? Thanks!
  7. Jaco Klynsmith

    Camino Frances in April 2017

    Hi, I am planning to walk in April 2017. From what I gather the journey from SJPDP takes 35 days to Santiago de Compostela. I need to book my flight for when I am done and hope that 35 days will be enough? I'm 32 years old and quite fit so I think I should be able to finish in time. Will...
  8. Y

    How to reach Sarria

    Hello, I decided to start my trip from Siarra, Spain but I have no clue how to reach it and by which means. I am coming from Lebanon, should I take a plane to Barvelone or Madrid and from there what is the best way to reach Siarra. Thanks for helping.
  9. Susan B Johnson

    Madrid airport, hotel recomendation

    Hello all, I will need a hotel near the Madrid airport upon arrival and then before my return to the U.S. Could anyone recommend an INEXPENSIVE hotel near the airport--or at least from which I can easily get to and from the airport? thanks!
  10. Doti

    Spare lodging/breakfast Madrid June23-24

    I have a hotel bed available for one female at our hotel in Madrid, reserved for our Camino return trip, for the night of June 23. I am traveling with my daughter and we have reservations for 3 including breakfast at: Petit Palace Madrid Aeropuerto Our 3rd person isn't going to be able to go on...
  11. Bill Ronan

    Easier to get to Oviedo vs Madrid from Leon?

    I have a flight to London booked from Oviedo on 1st October. I know that at best I will only make it to Leon in the time I have for walking (18 days, and I would like a day in Leon before travelling home). I am now minded to fly back to London from Madrid as it seems easier to get to from...
  12. R

    How many days for Ponferrada to Santiago?

    Hi everyone :) I am doing my first Camino this summer. I don't have anything booked yet but I'm hoping to go from either Ponferrada or O Cebreiro to Santiago. Does anyone know how many days I should allow to get from Ponferrada to Santiago? Also if I go from O Cebreiro, does that go through...
  13. minaleigh

    Finisterre to Porto or Madrid

    Hey everyone! My friend and I are doing the Camino Frances through June and getting done around the first half of July. He's already in Spain teaching English, so when his school year is done, we will start our journey. I bought a one way ticket because I wasn't sure how long I would be gone...
  14. trecile

    Has anyone found a hotel in Madrid that will hold their luggage while on the Camino

    I'm thinking that I will probably spend a night or two in Madrid before heading out for the Camino, then a a few nights afterwards. I'd like to be able to leave a suitcase in Madrid, rather than mailing it to Santiago. Does anyone have a hotel/pension to recommend for this?
  15. C

    Iberia will start flights to Biarritz on March 29th

    Iberia will start flights from Madrid to Biarritz on March 29th. Flights will be operated by Air Nostrum and will run daily except Saturdays. Departure time from Madrid will be at noon. I don't know if flights will be year round or just seasonal. From Biarritz airport, you can take a bus to...
  16. M

    Madrid to O'Cebreiro

    Hello, I walked SJPdP to Santiago in March/ April 2015. My wife wants to go this year and experience a small part of everything I've been telling her about. In April we have just 7 - 10 days to walk. I'd like to start in O'Cebreiro so she can see it. Unfortunately I'm not having much luck...
  17. karry

    March-April 2016

    Hi everyone! I plan on doing the camino next year during mid March to April from Roncesvalles to Santiago Does any one have any packing tips? I know this is Spring time. Also, any advice on cheaper transportation to Roncesvelles from Madrid airport? Thank you! Karry
  18. M

    barcelona to madrid by alsa bus 19 august 2015

    Hi everybody, is anyone please have a promotional code for alsa bus? i'm gonna take 2 tickets (barcelona to madrid) they are 70euros i need a promotional code to buy them cheaper. Thank you in advance
  19. Matteo Esposito

    Madrid hostels

    Hello to everyone, I'd like you to tell me if you know some economic hostels in Madrid, possibly near the airport to stay in just one night, can you help me, please?
  20. M

    Madrid to Sarria by bus

    Hey y'all! Not sure if this was covered in another thread or not, but just wanted to share knowledge I learned, in case it helps anyone. Sarria is 110 km from Santiago. It is the absolute minimum starting point if you want your certificate. It may be easier (and cheaper!) to fly to...