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Malaga -> Seville


Hi all,

I've found a really cheap planeticket to malaga (20euro with ryanair) and I was wondering how easy it is to get from there to Seville.
The plane lands in Malaga around noon and since my planning is a bit tight I would really like to be in Seville by evening the same day. I saw on the map of spain that there is no direct rail-connection between the two cities, so I will probably be taking a bus.
Are there regular busses? how much do they cost and how long does it take?

thx for any advice,

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Ah nice thank you. It was just a small map on some website. I must admit I found it strange that there were so few railroads in Spain :)

Walking from Malaga to Seville would take around about a week I guess ( 200km). Not so long in the grand scheme of things, but with my limited time available I can't afford that extra week.
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There are busses going too. If you visit http://www.alsa.es you will find that their busses are going between Malaga and Sevilla about every second hour (13.00, 15.00, 17.00, 19.30). The cost is 14,35 euro, and the travelling-time is about 3 hours. My experiences from taking busses in other parts of Spain is: They are good. I will travell this distance in the end of april.
Busses and names

Sorry for not being exact enough. I went to Alsa.es on Internett, because I found out things best there. They show that the busses are Alsina Graells, but Alsas sides on Internett show the bus sevices for Alsina Graelles too - at least for Malaga - Sevilla. Hope this was exact? Bjørg
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Busses all day

This is what I do: I go to http://www.alsa.es. On the first side, I find "Compara de Billetes" ("Buy tickets" on the english side). I put "Malaga" on "Origen" and "Sevilla" on "Destino", the date I want to go on "Fecha", then "Continuar". ..... and there you are: All the buss conections with Alsina Graells for the whole day.

If you then, for example, want to go 13:00, choose this, then "Continuar" ones more, the buss comes up, and today I can see that two persons have already bought tickets on place 47 and 48 in this bus the day I want to go in the end of April. Fantastic, I think! Bjørg
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