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Greetings to all from a wet and windy northern ireland. Im getting plenty of walking training in the rain. I've read that it has been very wet on route as well.
Heading out Sat7th and hoping to get under way on 8th. Still packing and repacking struggling to keep the weigh down..especially when I'm thinking cold..wet//I keep wanting to add more warm cosy clothes.
Would a small hair dryer be a good idea and settle on only one change of clothes,as you could be guarenteed to be able to get them dry with the hair dryer, if this wet spell continues???Any advice
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Hi BeHappy

I finished on Sept 25th and for the last couple of days it was pretty cold in early morning even while walking, I also had a couple of really wet days. So don't neglect a fleese or warm jacket and maybe a pair of light gloves.

I personally would not bother with a hair dryer but would recommend a couple of spare pairs of shorts , of the lightest material possible so that they will dry fast. I found that if I got my legs wet , I could dry with a towel , but if I got trousers wet it took forever to dry them.


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Hello BeHappy,

I'd go less than more. You can always buy things here in Spain if you really need, which unfortunately would be an extra cost. However, excess weight can lead to tendonitis and physical problems, where money won't help.

Quick dry fabrics and fleeces are the way to go. Make sure that you layer so you can peel off once you start walking and sweating. Also make sure that the first layer (closest to your body) is a shirt that wicks away moisture and sweat from your body. Careful of cottons as they absorb!

Good luck and Buen Camino!

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