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More snow on the Camino

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I am watching the news right now (at 21.00) and they are showing snow on the beach in Santander. Imagine how it is up higher.

There is talk about roads over 26 mountain passes are closed due to the snow.

Bad weather also at sea, a fishing boat with several fishermen went under outside Ribadeo (border between Galicia and Asturias) today.

Add all this together and pilgrims on the road are probably having a hard time.

Today, Santiago had overcast some rain and about 12c.

Greetings from Santiago de Compostela,
seems to have warmed up in Santiago, but judging from the webcam Cebreiro looks pretty chilly still - looks like the snow has frozen. 2 pilgrims arrived whilst I was looking - leaving it rather late at 19.30, after sunset!


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Peter Robins said:
seems to have warmed up in Santiago

Yes, we had a beautiful day in Santiago today. I did not look at the thermometer, but it was a nice Norwegian summer day (this means t-shirt weather :wink: )

The weather report here tells of one more cold night, then more spring-like weather.

Greetings from sunny Santiago,
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Sorry: that guest was me! :oops:


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