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New PublicTV program - "Spain... on the Road Again"


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Not sure if this is the right place to post something about an upcoming TV show about Galicia and the Pilgrimage but here goes:

"Spain... on the Road Again" is a new Public Television program that just started this week (9/22) - on my local PBS affiliate, anyway.

It's a road show consisting of chef Mario Batali, NYTimes food writer Mark Bittman, and actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Claudia Bassols driving around Spain sampling food, culture, and random other delights.

This week's episode kicked off the trip in Madrid/LaMancha and next week's ep is titled "Pilgrimage to Galicia". Woo hoo!

So - tune in if it sounds appealing and catch the episode about our favorite city.

Official Site: http://www.spainontheroadagain.com/index.shtml

BTW - Not affiliated with the show or PBS. Just happened to catch ep #1.
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Don't know if any of you US bound folks have watched this, but I have a love/hate relationship with this series right now. :?
I hate the show. It is basically 4 celebrities "eating their way across Spain". :x An hour show where 50 minutes is them sitting around a table stuffing their faces with good food and telling us about it.
And then they "did the Camino." :evil: They walked about 10km just East of Portomarin and made it sound like they did the entire trip.
I think the show is a complete waste of time. Except that I love Spain and I love Spanish food, so it is hard not to see how they make Pulpo Gallego, or award winning empanadas. :(

The four celebrities are:
Gwyneth Paltrow (actress)
Mark Bittman (NY Times food critic)
Mario Batali (Chef, Food Network)
Claudia Bassols (Spanish actress)

Why would I want to see the folks riding around Spain in Mercedes convertibles, staying in the lap of luxury? :x I hiked the REAL Camino, not a half day walk like them! :twisted: But I can't seem to turn the show off... the countryside is so beautiful. Spain is so beautiful! :p

But a show about a fat guy and a New Yorker sitting around stuffing their faces with two supermodels acting like they are having a marvelous time. Yuch! But the food looks so good! Oh to taste it right now... :p

As you can tell I am conflicted by this program. :roll: I only hope it will not lead to a higher percentage of fat chefs and food critics walking the Camino (unless they are cooking for EVERYBODY in the Alberges).
But the supermodels can stay...:D


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