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Pilgrim statistics

The one from Galicia (the round) and the one from Castilla & Leon. Individually numbered and made by the same people that make the ones you see on your walk.
Pilgrim Arrival Statistics September 2015

Pilgrim arrivals registered at the Oficina de Peregrinos in Santiago during the month of September 2015 were 37’432. Those numbers represent an 8.6% increase compared to the arrivals in September 2014 (34’458). The year-to-date figures were 229’591 (207’974), representing a 10% increase vs. 2014. The year-to-date percentage increases compared to 2014 of pilgrims who walked the various Caminos are: Francés 6%, Primitivo +39%, Inglés +29%, Portugués +21%, Norte +11%, VdlP +7%. The y-t-d proportions of people walking these Caminos were: 65% Francés, 17% Portugués, 6% del Norte, 4% Primitivo, 4% Inglés, 4% Via de la Plata, and 1% the remainder.

24’610 Pilgrims walked the Camino Francés during September (65.7% of all arrivals), 941 more than those during the same month in 2014. However, the overall percentage of Camino Francés pilgrims who started from Sarria keeps steadily increasing: 40% this year, 37% in 2014, 35% in 2013, 31% in 2012, etc.

There is a similar trend of starters from other towns within the “100 km Compostela requirement” such as Tui +20% and Lugo 41% amongst others. Strangely enough no changes could be noted from Ourense.

Long distance pilgrims who started from SJPP - Roncesvalles - Pamplona were 34’188 this year (33’627 during 2014), increased only by 1,7% Also note that the number of cyclists in 2015 has practically remained unvaried compared to last year. (23’154 vs. 23’191)

Looking ahead: from October to December, and if this year’s trends continue, some 33’000 pilgrim arrivals could be expected. The pilgrims who started in SJPP will outnumber those from O’Cebreiro and Sarria and make up the bulk of arrivals in November.

Possible total pilgrim arrivals for 2015: around 263’000
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Pilgrim Arrival Statistics 2015 - October

Pilgrim arrivals during the month of October 2015 who registered at the Oficina de Peregrinos in Santiago were 25’579. Those numbers represent a 9.8% increase compared to arrivals in October 2014 (23’305). During October 18’456 pilgrims walked the Camino Francés: 1’781 or 10.7% more than during the same month in 2014. It must be noted that the number of arrivals who had started in SJPP nearly matched those who had started in Sarria. Spanish nationals were 9% less than last year and foreign walkers increased by 22% compared to October 2014.

The year-to-date arrivals were 255’170 (231’179), representing a 10% increase vs. 2014. Of these, 65% of pilgrims said to have walked the Camino Francés (+6%), 17% the Portugués (+22%), 6% del Norte (+6%), 4% Primitivo (+38%), 4% Inglés (+28%), 3% Via de la Plata (+8%), and 1% the remainder. Spanish nationals increased by 8 % and foreigners 13%. Italians (+9.2%), Germans (+16%) and pilgrims from the USA (+18.3%) ranked highest in numbers.

On the Camino Francés, the proportion of pilgrims who had started from Sarria this year-to-date was 40%, a steady increase from 37% in 2014, 35% in 2013, 31% in 2012, etc. Pilgrims starting from SJPP - Roncesvalles - Pamplona were 40’937 (39’798 during 2014), an increase of 3%. Note that they represented 16% of all arrivals.

90% of arrivals in 2015 had walked; the number of cyclists remained unvaried compared to 2014.

Total pilgrim arrivals forecast for 2015: +/- 263’000
Pilgrim Arrival Statistics 2015 - October

Do you have total year-to-date figures ( i.e. Pilgrim + bucket listers etc , )

Ouch , i asked for that - i am reading another thread also
Do you have total year-to-date figures ( i.e. Pilgrim + bucket listers etc , )
What are "bucket listers"?:eek:
The above mentioned and quoted total year-to-date figures are an analysis of the official Oficina del Peregrino pilgrim arrival statistics. We are aware that there have been many other people travelling the various Caminos, but I have no knowledge of a systematic recording of these "wanderers".:rolleyes:
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What are "bucket listers"?:eek:
bucket list is apparently a list of things one wants to do before you die.
Mark each one off as you do them. i was joking but thanks for your reply
That were the days my friends ... SY
Indeed, those were the days !:rolleyes: During the holy year 2010 the numbers were 28'278, and this year (Jan-Apr. 2015) 25'563:eek: That's 18'305 more than during the same period in 2005 (+ 252% in 10 years) and most of them in the month of March:cool: It's time to "diversify" the Caminos, I suppose?:(
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Well, it could be worse.
There is a pilgrimage site in India that used to be relatively mellow. But then a they made a Bollywood movie with mega-star actors...and now on full-moon nights a million and a half people show up to walk the 15 Km around this small mountain. That isn't a typo. It goes on all night and the road is packed. Quite the carnival! Believe me...the CF from Sarria is NOT crowded.
Two years ago to the day I commented on the statistics of pilgrim arrivals in Santiago de Compostela, according to the figures transmitted by the Pilgrims' Office.
The trend in increased pilgrims has solidly continued since. At the end of October 2017 the total walkers were just short of 291'000 (year-to-date). That's an increase of 8% compared to the same period in 2016, and a 14% increase compared to 2015.
Thus it seems almost certain that the 300'000 th pilgrim will be registered by the end of this year 2017. This will be a solid 10% more than the pilgrims arrivals registered during the Holy Year 2010.
There are some other trends to be noticed. On the Camino Frances, the numbers starting from SJPP are gradually decreasing, as are the pilgrims starting from Roncesvalles and/or Pamplona (an average of 33 days' walking). Little change is seen in the numbers of pilgrims who started with an average of 20-11 days walking from Burgos, Leon or Astorga. The number of people starting in O'Cebreiro remained about the same as last year. However, walkers starting from Sarria increased (again) by a whopping 11%.
Notwithstanding these substantial changes in origins, the Frances increased "only" 3% as compared to an overall (all caminos) increase of 8% (year-to-date)
The Camino Portugues is more and more catching popularity. + 27% for both coastal and central walks from Oporto and +32% from TUI. The trend is steadily increasing on the Norte (+ 3%), Primitivo (+14%) and Ingles (+17%)
Interesting, to say the least.:cool:
Pilgrim arrival statistics – Santiago de Compostela – November 2017

Short by 1.856 to reach 300’000 arrivals in Santiago this year, the November y-t-d total of 298’144, represents an increase of 8% compared to the same period last year. Of these, 44% were Spanish and 56% foreigners. Compared to the same period last year, foreign pilgrims increased by 10%, Spanish by 7%.

Foreign nationals were mainly Germans (+10% vs 2016) with 8% of overall arrivals, Italians (+14% vs 2016) with 9%, USA (+ 15% vs 2016) now reaching 6%, French (+ 3% vs 2016) only 1%, and Portuguese (- 3% vs 2016) representing 4% of all arrivals.

The INCREASE of people walking the various Caminos, compared to 2016, were: Frances +3%; Portugues 27%; Norte +3%; Primitivo +14%; Ingles +17% and the VdlP +2%

Thus the PROPORTIONs of all arrivals in Santiago were: 60% walking the Frances (63% last year), 22% the Portugues (19%), 6% Norte (6%), 5% Primitivo (4%), 4% Ingles (3%), 3% Via de la Plata (3%) and 1% Invierno with others (1%).

The number of long distance walkers (over 450 kms) checking in at Santiago, appear to gradually decrease compared to past years. The opposite is massively true for “100 km” walkers, whether from Sarria (+13%), Tui (+32%) and other “nearer to Santiago” starting points.

Monthly arrivals, in % of the year’s total arrivals, remained steady at 3% during the 1st quarter, 35% the 2nd (peak in June), 49% the 3rd (peak in August) and 13% the 4th (peak in October). The main periodic variations appear over the Easter and other local holidays.
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