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Please advise..


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I have been reading posts for the last few months and have found the info vey useful, thanks all.
I will be setting off from St Jeran towards the end of the month. I am not fit and having read the very sad news of the Londoner who lost his life, have decided that even at this time I will take the road route.
Can any one help with info/contact details of the hotels in Valcarlos, as I will need to break the day . Thanks.
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I am seriously considering the Valcarlos route as well. I don't start my Camino until 4 May, but if it's still snowing, then at some point, it's got to thaw, which will mean mud & muck on top of unpredictable weather conditions.

The Brierley guide lists a few accomodations in Valcarlos:
a "very basic municipal hostel" that is "often closed"
Hotels: Maitena & Casa Marcelino.

The CSJ guide mentions both of these hotels (but not the hostel), as well as Casa Rural, another hotel.

All rates for the hotels is in the 30 Euro range.

There are also hotels available in Arneguy, if you can't make it to Valcarlos.


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I would suggest the VDLP I walked it in early may last year and had no rain until a rainy afternoon in Galicia.Climate is much milder in the south (sevilla) where you start. Just a thought


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Thanks for the replys - I think I will just have to trust that shelter wll be forthcoming, without the certainty of booking. The route could well be extreme mud, so I think gaiters have become a neccesity!
The VDLP sounds lovely Omar, and I have taken on board how busy the CF has become. But for this, my first time on the Camino, I am pulled to see and experience the things I have read about for years.
To be honest, I also feel nervous about surviving on a less well marked route as a solo traveller. Though already I am thinking that for my next Camino, I will have he confidence to spread my wings, if I survive this one! This Forum has been invaluable as well as entertaining, in helping me plan, thank you all.
I may meet up with you along the way Wolverine, as my pace will be slow. I look forward to the 28th April and departure.
With some trepidation and much excitement, Liz.


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Last year, 28 April 2006, I set off from SJPP along the Route Napoleon towards Roncesvalles. It was cloudy and windy, but dry.

I suggest that you make your decision on whether to take the road route or Route Napoleon only when you are already in SJPP. The locals will tell you which route to take best.

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Hhhmmmm, I am thinking that maybe I am starting to overplan as a reaction to nerves as the time approaches. I will wait and see how things are and will be advised, though the road route is probably my chosen path due to fitness - or lack of!


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Thanks Sil, unfortunately I have been unable to send my reply to you, as the computer says 'no'. If I do get a response and stay there I will let you know - the Casa looks lovely and the road route is the one for me.
Learning all the way, Liz.


...SJPP along the Route Napoleon towards Roncesvalles...make your decision...when you are already in SJPP


a most sensible/responsible advise.

Thanks for sharing.

Buen Camino :arrow:

xm 8)

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