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poles on planes


Hi all,
my last post before I leave except maybe a final bye and I do have one more thing to ask you kind people.

How do you get walking poles onto the plane? Are they ok to be strapped to my backpack? should they be wrapped up etc?

Anything I should know about carrying these would be grateful indeed.

I have looked on the airlines web sight but could not find what I needed.

Much appreciation
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One popular suggesting is to by a cardboard postal tube... My suggestion is just to tie them to your pack... Didn't seem to harm mine! :)

Buen Camino :)

Very gratefull and much appreciated minky.

thats me all done and dusted and on my way.

See you soon
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Well then, all the very best! I hope you will be able to see through the tough bits and get through to the end. It's worth it! :)
The focus is on reducing the risk of failure through being well prepared. 2nd ed.
Transporting poles

I've tried it both ways :

1. Wrap it up with newspaper and check it in with other luggage.

2. Check it in "as is" with a card on it having your name.

Both worked.

Buen Camino,

If you're sending you pack as checked baggage, then attaching the poles should be OK, just make sure they are secure.

However, if you are taking your backpack as cabin luggage, you will not be able to take the poles on to the plane with you. They will have to travel separately as checked baggage.

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