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Sevilla or Mérida to Santiago


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After 11 Caminos, want to Ruta de la Lana next...
I am planning to start the via la plata near the end of April. Currently I am still not sure if I can get enough time for this journey. An alternative is to start from Mérida instead of Sevilla.

Still waiting for my guidebook to arrive by mail. In the meantime, will I be missing much starting from Mérida?
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I cannot answer about what you will be missing, although missing Sevilla would be a bummer,,,,, as I have heard so many great stories about the area and Santiponce just outside Sevilla to see Italica. After that I am not sure. How much time do you have? Maybe you could put your info on the Calendar below so that we can see where we will be along the Via. I should be in Sevilla around the 3rd of May and start walking the 5th.
Another option is to do what some people do on the Camino Frances, which is to skip the Meseta, and jsut do the beginning and the end. Then too I do not know what you would miss.
Hasta la Via
Thanks Lillian,

Actually I plan to be in Santiago for a reunion on 4th June with some of the pilgrims I know during my Camino Frances in 2006. One is taking the Portuguese route while others are going via Camino Frances to Leon, then a bus to Oviedo for the Camino Primitivo. As for me I will be going up via la plata. I just started preparing for the camino and really hope to be able to begin in Sevilla latest 28th April else it would be cutting it too thin.

I will still try to make it as plan. The Mérida start is just in case I would not be able to get there on time. I will try not to miss Sevilla. I was there many years ago and it was a place not to be missed, even the second time around.
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Hello Evan and thanks for all the info you once sent me about the Primitivo. You would make Santiago on the 4th of June if you start walking from Sevilla on the 28th of April. There would be no "rest" days though. You could have a short day walking into Merida in the morning and having the rest of the day free. The same with Ourense. On the La Plata you do have a quite a few days with 30 km plus, but I assume you know that. Alison says 42 days and we planned on that, but in fact used 35 days. All the best and enjoy Sevilla!

Kevin and Kari O'Brien

PS: We turned left at Granja de Moruela and went via the Padornelo and Ourense.
Thanks Kevin,

I'm glad the information on Camino Primitivo was helpful. It's a nice way if you only have 2 weeks (14 days) to do a camino. A very quiet route, and like the via la Plata, it has a great nice starting city (Oviedo).

I've decided to go for the full route for the via la Plata.

Based on your information. I'm giving myself a 5 day buffer (35 + 5 days). I will be in Sevilla around the evening of 22 April. So I will probably be looking at starting around 25th April.

The guide book which I just received today "Walking the via la Plata" by Ben Cole has only the option of going via Ourense. It seems to be the default route even though there are a few other alternatives.
Hello Evan, good to hear from you again. 35 + 5 days sounds very good. Its lovely to wander round Caceres for a day and the Museum and the Theatre in Merida must be seen!
Not forgetting Salamanca and Ourense.
Alison has an alternative route which turns right at Granja de Moruerela and goes straight north to Astorga on the Camino Frances (about 4 days) The best route however (personal opinion) is via Ourense. Then you have a "unified" Camino all the way and it is completely unique. At the end of the way in from Ponta Ulla there is a an amazing sight waiting for you.
Best wishes
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Hi Kevin,

Definitely will go via Ourense. Already done the Camino Frances, so Astorga is out. In any case, the guide book I just received "Walking the via la Plata" by Ben Cole only has the route to Ourense.

Now I am wondering if anyone out there will be walking the via la Plata around the 24/25 April from Sevilla?

I`ll start VDLP on Sunday 20.04 or Monday 21.04 from Sevilla to Compostela via Ourense.
I have time till 3. of June, and i think it is enough. last year i`ve done Camino Frances in the same time of the year from SJPDP, and also one part in october, because i had bed weather on O`Cebreiro in may, in october was fantastic.
I wish you best on your way.

Hello Evan and Ivan, there you go Evan, you might just have to walk a bit fast to catch Ivan!!
Seriously, Evan, we noticed in the Spring of 2006 that there were (relatively speaking) quite a few people out walking. One evening we were as many as ten people in the refugio, which is a lot for Via de la Plata. It is becoming more and more popular and most people walk in the Spring.
It is a good thought for me to think of you both wandering along through the spring flowers in Extramadura.


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I am currently in Sevilla, staying at a friend's place. Will be starting my camino on Friday 25th Apr before I get too cosy as his guest to begin my camino.

I will be updating my journey whenever I can in my blog.

A parting note. The mother of my friend's wife when heard that this is my third camino has this to say...

"3 times! He must have done something really bad!"

Best wishes for the 25th - a fabulous route lies ahead. I hope you have many adventures...and maybe you are doing a third pilgrimage because the first was for the sins of commission, the second for sins of omission and now the third for the sins you have still to commit :) Or maybe just because you enjoyed the first two you are doing the third!

Buen Camino

Hello Evan, you have a great sense of humour, which is, lets face it, all you really need to walk in Spain. Have a great time on the "La Plata". There is a nice coffee bar right next to the first "concha" if you start early. Buen Camino amigo.


PS Thanks for the blog!
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Very cool BBC Reel series has this interesting legend of the nine 'miracle' rings from monasterio s Estevo close to Ourense:

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