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Some may remember a posting from Arn last December:

Re: A secret in your pack!
by Arn on Wed Dec 26, 2007 2:34 am
Well Santa didn't bring me a SPOT...guess he's using it so Mrs Claus knows where he is when he's out late at night.

They are easy to find thou...REI, Dick's, Sport's Authority all have them for $149.99. There's also a $99 connection subscription.

My Daughter is always pestering me when ever I go out on my own. Like I've never done that before...up on the mountain, kayaking down small rivers in the back country, sailing up and down the coast in a 20 ft sloop. She's on me about checking in.

The SPOT seems the best of all worlds right now. Before I start my Camino, while out training (oops...I said the "T" word again), on the Camino (it will be great that they can track me on Google world), and send emails and, upon my return when I'm up in Maine/NovaScotia sailing/kayaking around.

SO, it looks like SPOT will be the secret in my pack!


I thought the gadget was interesting in that people back home can track the progress of the long distance walker - but Spain isn't exactly remote and neither are the routes so it seemed a little superfluous to my mind. I was interested however in the safety aspects especially for winter Caminos on some of the remote routes. It faded from memory until this report in one of today's newspapers: ... _Etive.php
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Arn did use one of those devices to email information to family and friends as to his whereabouts on any given day. It generated an email with a google map that "spotted" his location. Very cool!
Buen Camino,


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Ok..but Arn....where are you now...and how are you..??



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Re: Locate a net

I found this free service that appears similar for the online tracking portion of SPOT. It will not send emails but you havwe a site where people can track where you are in Spain.
Requires a GPS enabled cell phone.



Nunca se camina solo
ksam said:
Ok..but Arn....where are you now...and how are you..??


Yes I'd also like to hear from Arn - and I hope he is ok and will soon be back posting and entering into the usual banter.

But people react to their pilgrimage in different ways - many we never hear from again. It is as if the pilgrimage has taken them to a different place. For some it completes their ambition, satisfies the drive. For others it is the start of another journey for example as a hospitalero. Others, like us enjoy the continuing fellowhsip the Forum brings!And many people just need some time to settle down and readjust to "normal" living. Hopefully it is all good.
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