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Train Barcelona to Pamplona, taxi to SJPDP


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April 2023
Our (2 women from Oz) first camino on CF. Q1.Should we pre purchase train tickets for Barcelona to Pamploma on 12 Apr or can we buy at the station? Q2. Should we prebook taxi to SJPDP? Q3. Does anyone want to share taxi fr Pamploma station to SJPDP on 12 April? Thanks in advance
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Welcome! Others will soon give precise information, but meantime: Yes, I would try to book from Barcelona to Pamplona. If your train arrives after the bus has gone to St Jean, you could either enjoy the afternoon in Pamplona and take the bus next day, spending the night then in St Jean, or keep wondering if anyone would be travelling at the same time as you after arriving in Pamplona, to share a taxi to St Jean. If this helps your planning, fine. The trip to St Jean is not that long, and of course much cheaper by bus, but you would need to pay for accommodation overnight in Pamplona, so it is a question of which is preferable for you. All the best, and buen camino.
We have a similar itinerary for end of May/early June. I have just booked our train tickets online using Trainline Europe website as our dates aren't available on Renfe site yet. I will be pre-booking our taxi too.
Buen Camino 🙂
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We did our Camino at the end of August 2014, before COVID. I don’t know if things have changed a lot, but didn’t make reservations. We flew into Madrid and took the Metro to La Gran Vía where we stayed in a Pensión for the night, next day took the Metro to the train station and purchased our tickets to Pamplona, arrived in the afternoon and stayed in a Hostel and purchased tickets for the bus to SJDP the next day! I found it less stressful this way, than running to catch this or that! I did not ask if Taxis were cheaper than the bus, I just figured the bus would be cheaper. In SJDP we registered and spent the night in the Peregrino hostel, for this one we did have prior reservations, because we heard it was nice and hard to get. Next day at 6 am we where on the road to Santiago! : ) Hope this helps! BUEN CAMINO!


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If, on your way to SJPdP, you have to stay in Pamploma, could you not stay at an albergue?
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If, on your way to SJPdP, you have to stay in Pamploma, could you not stay at an albergue?
Yes! You can book a pensión, or a Hotel! Back in 2014 when I went hotels were pretty reasonable in comparison to the USA. But if you don’t want to stay, you can take a taxi straight from the train station to SJPDP! I stayed in some hotels private rooms that were $30-$75 a night very clean, confortable and with breakfast.
Categorically book the train. It’ll be cheaper and they do sell-out.

Have a look round the taxi-queue at Pamplona station for anyone with a rucksack. it's fairly likely they'll be going your way.
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we are two people. on May 16 we will be arriving by train to Pamplona from Madrid and our plan is to take a taxi to SJPDP same day, anyone who wants to share taxi?
Thank you everyone for your advice. Most helpful. We have booked SJPDP accomodation so will book taxi. Will see Pamploma when we walk there. Thanks again.

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I am looking to share a ride Pamplona to SJPDP on 8/30/24, afternoon.

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