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hi everyone!

My 2 friends and I are starting the Camino in Tuesday next week:) we're so excited!! we're flying to Santiago and then want to take a bus to Ferrol. Now, my qeuestion is whether there are direct buses from the airport to Ferrol or do we have to go to Santiago city centre, find a bus station and then get a bus to Ferrol. it would be way time saving to jump into the bus at the airport.

If anyone has been there and done that, please share your experience with. it will be very appreciated :D

and another enquiry:

is it ok not to book the accomodation now for the etapas? we are not sure how well we'll walk and b :D asically hope to find cheaper options on the spot than on the internet. what do you think?

big HUG for all fellow pilgrims:))

take care,




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Hi Marta

Take the bus from the airport to the bus station in Santiago and then get the bus to Ferrol - they are very regular.

I think you'd be well advised to book beds at least a day in advance at this time of the year/

Buen Camino

good luck Marta
and enjoy yourself,you have chosen a great Camino
if the time allows the bus station is just a short 10minute walk from the pilgrim office where you can get your credencial and save time in Ferrol
if you have time check my blog out for febuary or john who is the expert
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