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traveling to SJPP


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Hi there,

I'm sorry I've come to spam this forum with my questions about NOT walking the Camino from Le Puy... I was planning on doing so, but since it is the first time on the Camino and I would be starting short after the busiest season - September, after all it seemed better to start from Saint-Jean Pied-de-Port. Even though i would love to pass Conques again... some other time.
Now, what I wanted to ask is this. Does anyone know how to get to SJPP from Chalon-sur-Saone (near Cluny)? I will be there in august, to say it precisely: in Taizé. And in September i will start to go to SJPP. It would be ideal if the trip would not be very expensive, and it would be even better if i could hop-on and hop-off. but i'm sure that's kind of difficult.
I don't know if Eurolines does national trips in France? or maybe some other bus company? or any other way to get there?

Thanks a thousand times!!

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Well, I can't answer your question about travelling through France, but I can say that you are NOT spamming the forum. :) You have a question that needs answering? Ask it. We're a friendly bunch. We don't bite. :) I know there are several people here who will be able to help you. :) Buen Camino!!



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I can not answer your question. I try myself to find out how to get to and from local places on the Le-Puy-route. It is not as easy as in Spain. Not so many long-distance-busses. May be you should go to Lyon, which is not far from Cluny. I have been going to and from Lyon several times to get around in this part of France. Fast trains can take you from there to the western part of the country, where you can take a local train to SJPP.

But what I wanted to suggest is this: Why not start where you are - in Taize? There is a marked route from Cluny to Le Puy. I walked there last summer. Nice. We met four other walkers for two weeks. ... Just a suggestion. I see that you ask for something else, but like to tell people that Cluny - Le Puy is worth walking.


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A good way to travel in France is by train, as you well know I'm sure.
In your case, SNCF will take you to St-Jean PD Port as follows:
Chalon-sur-Saone - Paris (TGV)
Paris-Bayonne (TGV)
Bayonne - StJPdP (Local)
Total travel time is 10 hours and cost approx 100 euros.

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