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University Jacobean Certificate

Is there anyone on the forum who is familiar with the Universidad Jacobea Certifcado, or who has obtained it? I did the final 100k last year and this year a friend of mine and I are considering doing either the rest of the Camino Frances, the Caminho Portuges or the Camino Frances/University route. I learned about the Uni Certificate from one of the pilgrims I met through the forum.
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Hi there,
It is called the Credencial Jacobea Universitaria and you could find out more about it from Jacotrans - the group that transfers baggage and pilgrims, rents out clothing, backpacks etc etc, helps repair bikes, finds accommodation - from St Jean to Viana but soon to be extended all along the camino to Santiago.
They will also "give information about how to get the "Credencial Jacobea Universitaria".

You can get more information about the Jacobean University Credential at http://www.campus-stellae.org. They can send it to your address before you set out so you can get a stamp from your own university.

When I walked last year, I carried both CSJ and Jacobean University credenciales.

Good luck with getting the sellos from the universities along the camino. Make sure that it's a weekday when you pass through the major cities with universities. When I got to Logrono on a Sunday the Rectorado was closed. The staff in the 2 university campuses in Bilbao (where I landed first before going to SJPP) were delighted to see a pilgrim requesting for a sello.

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