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Which route out of Ourense?

The one from Galicia (the round) and the one from Castilla & Leon. Individually numbered and made by the same people that make the ones you see on your walk.
One route looks a bit steeper, one a bit longer (not much). How else are they different? Recommendations?
I went right by way of Tamallancos. According to Gronze it has less road walking and in May while not bone dry it wasn’t too muddy. Gerald Kelly says it can be muddy and flooded after rain. Having not gone left I can’t compare but as a rule less road walking is my preference.
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One route looks a bit steeper, one a bit longer (not much). How else are they different? Recommendations?
I walked out of Ourense last week. After crossing the Ponte Romana and walked about 1K I decided to turn right at the option....it was steep in spots but a lovely route...
I took the route through Tamallancos, but cannot now recall whether there were particular reasons for that. It was steep getting out of the valley, and there were spectacular views from the higher slopes, but I would expect the alternative route to provide that too. Gronze suggests this route has less asphalt, but is, as you already know, a bit longer.
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I've walked both way several times. There's not a lot to choose between them but if you go right you're out of the city faster and, as someone else said, less road walking, bloody steep though!
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One route looks a bit steeper, one a bit longer (not much). How else are they different? Recommendations?
We took the steeper route. It was magical as there was fog so people who were going down, as we went up, were quite ghostly-looking when they first appeared. The quality of the sound was different, almost ethereal. And what joy when we got to the "top" where a way-marker told us we were 99kms from Santiago!
As far as I know, the only real selling point of the left one is "less mud". Or at least that was my take-away when I was making my own decision.

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I completed the Sanabres Camino a week ago after having started in Rionegro del Puente. I am a forum member who enjoys the downhills as my knees have always been strong. The uphills wear me out...
Does Salamanca to Cuba del Vino (stage 20) involve 20km on tarmac, on the N-630? Or does the Camino run as a separate track, alongside (not on!) the asphalted road, and this more comfortable for...
Hi Friends! I'm new to the group (from Australia) after walking nine previous Camino's, and currently planning the VDLP with friends for March/April 2026. I've been quietly lurking while putting...
Hi All, Greetings from the VdlP. We are a small bunch about 12 to 15 peregrine and some people biking. We're a friendly lot getting to know each other well. Most people here have walked...
Hi, it's not on Gronze, but it is on the Salamanca Tourist Office website. Tried ringing the number given, but no answer. Sent a message to the tourist office, but no reply...is the albuerge...

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