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Virtual tour of the Cathedral in Santiago


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2009-2022: CFx6, CP, VdlPx2, Mozarabe, more later.
Ideal pocket guides for during & after your Camino. Each weighs only 1.4 oz (40g)!
Ideal pocket guides for during & after your Camino. Each weighs only 1.4 oz (40g)!
It is a Galician news site, so it's a good source of news about Santiago. I didn't notice that it was slow.
Sorry about slow it was just my broadband taking a time out but the main item is the portico of glory and it shows a pre 2012 version where there is no wood panel with poor Jesus hanging off the inside but completely open access to put fingers into the holes above James's head. Seems like total misrepresentation.

And for "news" I am sure pilgrims are not interested in who some Spanish movie star is dating
And for "news" I am sure pilgrims are not interested in who some Spanish movie star is dating
El Correo Galego is a leading Galician newspaper. They publish for their readers in Galicia and in Spain and not for the international internet pilgrim.

The first few lines of this newspaper article say: La Fundación Catedral de Santiago y Global Geosystems se unen en una colaboración con EL CORREO GALLEGO para ofrecer un increíble tour en abierto por la seo compostelana, accesible a todas las personas desde cualquier lugar del mundo.

If you don't know then you can google to learn who the Fundación Catedral de Santiago is, what their role is, and what they have done and what they are doing.

This in indeed a fantastic interactive virtual tour of the Cathedral with great clear images of so many details and of the architecture in general. Thank you, @alexwalker, for alerting us to it.
The focus is on reducing the risk of failure through being well prepared. 2nd ed.
Thanks to OP. Looking at the main altar in 2006, our place was in the right hand chapel.
This captures, for me, the essence of Camino. No amount of words, of reasoning, of argument in its non-combative sense, of posturing, can refute the evidence of the connection of the striving of the human effort to touch the eternal.
Buen camino, peregrina/o!

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How long a walk would it be. From Finistere to Muxia
Hello everyone! Pilgrim House Welcome Center turns 10 years old this week! If you'll be in Santiago on Tuesday, July 23, please stop in to celebrate with us: We'll have an Open House and...
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