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  1. Anniesantiago

    When does the Napoleon Route open in 2022?

    For some reason, I thought I had read on HERE that the Napoleon Route was closed through April and didn't open until 1 May. I have searched and searched but don't see the answer. Does anyone here know for SURE where I can find that information?
  2. F

    Hazard Emergency rescue QR code before Zubiri descent

    Before the hardest part of the descent into Zubiri just before the jagged rocks, the police were there to provide geospatial emergency QR code’s if needed. We saw three pilgrims we (older man very unsteady who we told them about). Hope they were rescued. It isn’t hard but the rocks are so pointy...
  3. F

    Don’t underestimate cold in Pyrenees

    We crossed from Orisson Tuesday September 21 and I wish I had full finger gloves. My toes and finger remained numb the entire descent and it was VERY windy. So grateful when I saw the gentleman with the van selling coffee, tea, bananas, eggs and more! Also, no money in ATM on way out of Saint...
  4. C clearly

    Road safety risks on various Camino routes

    Here's an article about a recent analysis of 408 stages in 7,270 km of 12 pilgrimage routes to Santiago, which identified 958 sections of road safety risks. It's in Spanish, but you can translate easily using the Chrome browser. It includes a link to this website which provides the details. I...
  5. C

    Ribadeo Bridge

    Hi all. Ok so I have a terrible fear of heights and I am due to cross Ribadeo Bridge today. I have seen the previous discussions on this bridge with relation to heights! I even took a bus out to look at it last night and yes it’s to be tough. I may end up getting a taxi across. I don’t think...
  6. tallrobert

    Fear of heights and the Way from Le Puy

    I've been reading a book which suggests there are a few spots in the first week from Le Puy which terrified the person writing because they have a fear of heights, i.e. walking between the wall of a cliff on one side and a scary, dangerous drop on the other. I'm a little bit afraid of heights...

    Alternate Route to Uterga ?

    I'm three for three regarding black toes on my right foot and during our last camino, and I earned a black toe on my left foot (so four black toes during three caminos). I'm pretty sure these were developed either during the first day with the descents into Roncesvalles or three days later...
  8. biarritzdon

    Pilgrim Rescue near Roncesvalles 6/1/21

    A German pilgrim had to be rescued by helicopter last Wednesday in the snow storm near Roncesvalles. A friend of mine Biarritz says the fine will be 12000 euros.
  9. Peregrinopaul

    Have you encountered accidents on the Camino?

    I was posting on another thread about my trepidation about descents - on a bike in my case. I was reminded of an incident in 2014 when we passed a group of Italian bicigrinos on the descent from Cruz de Ferro. One had misjudged a corner and ended up in a ditch with broken bones. We were just...
  10. P

    Camino Norte + heights

    Hi everyone I was hoping those with experience of the Camino Norte might help - I love hiking but have a fear of sheer drops and therefore find walking on narrow cliff paths challenging. Would those who have walked the Norte advise against it because of this? in general, what are the paths...
  11. TaraUltreia

    Drinking water availability on the VdLP

    Hi All, I drink a LOT of water when I'm hiking. It's not unusual for me to go through 2 or more litres a day. On the Frances it used to be a bit more difficult to find water but now there are so many cafes and albergues (as well as many fountains) that I can refill as I go along. What is the...
  12. Deb and John

    Vertigo and the VF in Italy

    Hello and Happy New Year fellow trekkers! Aiming to walk some or all of the Italian section, we have a question, please. If one lives with severe vertigo, which sections would be a problem; or, do any/all 'lofty' bits have alternative routes? Thx!
  13. M

    Dangerous dog

    To all those walking from Triacastela to Sarria. Beware of dangerous dog that bit me quite badly this morning. The location was about 20mins after leaving Triacastela, you walk down a hill into a very small hamlet of about 2 or 3 house plus some farm buildings. There is a vending machine in one...
  14. L

    Scared of heights

    I just did a hike which had no handrail and there were parts that were narrow and high in the air. There were parts where I was concerned about slipping or stepping wrong and falling to my death. Are there parts of the Norte like this? I am interested in the Norte but I don’t want to do it if...
  15. L

    Fear of heights

    In June planning to start in Porto and follow the Senda Litoral and combine with the Coastal Route and possibly the Central. Having a fear of heights, is there anything I should be concerned about? Even being on a fairly wide path, if there is a cliff at the edge, I feel very uncomfortable...
  16. sarahmadrid

    Fear of heights (don't laugh- It's real!)

    Hello! I am lucky enough to live in Spain, and have just over a week to do something for my soul! However, I have terrible vertigo ( I once hugged a pylon up the Eiffel Tower for an hour). Is there anywhere I should worry about from Sarria to Compostela? Thanks guys!!
  17. A


    I think I missed the memo that said not to walk on a Sunday morning from Cacabelos to Villafranca. Seems men hunt on Sunday mornings and the trail is right in the middle of their hunting. They were hunting in between the vineyards. About 5km of dogs barking and gun shots right there. Is there...
  18. Magwood

    Warning for solo female pilgrims to be aware on Mozárabe

    I hadn't thought to mention this previously, but on reading today a post on a fb group I follow I think I should. On the long stage from Villaharta to Alcaracejos there is a smallholding that you pass through at around 18 km. Back in 2015 I walked this route from Málaga with forum member...
  19. Kanga

    A Safer route out of Cáceres

    Note from the mods. I was looking at a general thread on highway safety and noticed that there were some posts about a safer alternative leaving Cáceres. Since this is such a dangerous section, I thought I would highlight it and make it a separate thread, so that other Vdlp pilgrims might take...
  20. Derek Hanrahan

    Descent from Col de Lepoeder into Roncesvalles

    Hi, I walked this route with my son on a very clear day in 2013. Since 2012 I've been doing a section every year with family and friends. Now I am within 90km of Santiago but I'm returning alone this year to start the Camino again in late August. At the time we descended the last section from...