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  1. biarritzdon

    Pilgrim Rescue near Roncesvalles 6/1/21

    A German pilgrim had to be rescued by helicopter last Wednesday in the snow storm near Roncesvalles. A friend of mine Biarritz says the fine will be 12000 euros.
  2. M

    Dangerous dog

    To all those walking from Triacastela to Sarria. Beware of dangerous dog that bit me quite badly this morning. The location was about 20mins after leaving Triacastela, you walk down a hill into a very small hamlet of about 2 or 3 house plus some farm buildings. There is a vending machine in one...
  3. L

    Fear of heights

    In June planning to start in Porto and follow the Senda Litoral and combine with the Coastal Route and possibly the Central. Having a fear of heights, is there anything I should be concerned about? Even being on a fairly wide path, if there is a cliff at the edge, I feel very uncomfortable...
  4. A


    I think I missed the memo that said not to walk on a Sunday morning from Cacabelos to Villafranca. Seems men hunt on Sunday mornings and the trail is right in the middle of their hunting. They were hunting in between the vineyards. About 5km of dogs barking and gun shots right there. Is there...
  5. peregrina2000

    Coastal alternative Between Castro Urdiales and Laredo

    I have started to study the many ideas I´ve gotten on this thread, to find off-pavement alternatives where possible. I got a great list from a Spanish peregrino, Jomar, and am hoping to walk some of his many...
  6. nreyn12

    Safety Tip - Walking on the Road

    Safety Tip!!! Hi all from Samos where I am enjoying a stop on my Camino-en-Coche (road trip!). I want to share an observation from the trail and make a request / suggestion for those of you headed to the Camino. Please (please please please) be alert and vigilant when you walk! The trail is...
  7. C

    Hazard Steep inclines / declines..... Advice

    Hello all!!!! I start my first solo Camino Frances journey on the 24the May. After reading many posts and looking at maps in one of the guidebooks, I've noticed and realised there is quite a few very steep sections, I'm kind of okay walking up steep inclines as long as i get my footing, but I...
  8. domigee

    Hazard Pilgrim safety on roads in Galicia

    I wasn't sure where to put this... Basically, they're handing pilgrims backpack covers so they're more visible on roads, to hopefully reduce the number of accidents. Already happened to our...
  9. Margaret Butterworth


    “ It was said that pilgrims should not spend too much time planning their journey, for they might learn of so many hazards that they would decide not to go”. From: World without end by Frederick Forsyth.
  10. W

    Hazard Hazardous Bathrooms

    The lights are turned on by motion sensors. The lights are on a timer. After a while the lights go out. The worst one was while standing with my pants around my ankles and a hank of soiled toilet paper in my hand. Waving my other hand did not attract the attention of the motion sensor. This...
  11. peregrina2000

    Snow rescue again

    Many of you probably remember the rash of pilgrim rescues undertaken last year by the Navarran authorities, which led to imposition of a 1,500€ rescue charge. Similar facts this year...
  12. S

    Hazard Results of investigation of Sept. highway deaths?

    Just wondering if there was a determination concerning the deaths of the two German peregrinos killed in September. I.E. Where were they specifically when they were hit? Were they on or off the road? Is anything being done to make that section more safe?
  13. Saint Mike II

    Hazards on the VdlP

    The amount of construction associated with the new AVE railway(s), on the VDLP around Alconetar and also the section west of Zamora are areas for potential dangers. Regular updates from passing pilgrims will help. Cheers
  14. Tia Valeria

    Hazards on the Camino Primitivo

    Leaving Lugo: After crossing the river there is one place where the Camino goes under a bridge with a sharp turn at the end. It is a very short, but narrow, piece of road and use as a 'rat-run' by the locals. Keep to the left, listen and watch carefully.Using reflective gear/torch etc is a good...
  15. Olivares

    Thread alerting pilgrims of HAZARDOUS sections!

    The recent sad deaths of two German pilgrims while maneuvering a hazardous section on the Camino made me think on how often have I seen a thread on this forum specifically warning of places along the Camino where special alerts are needed due to hazardous condition for walkers. I read a...
  16. L

    Hazard Accident today involving Pilgrims at Santa Irene

    Hi all, There was an accident today where two pilgrims looked like they had been hit by a car at Santa Irene around 2.00-2.30pm today, Friday 20 Sept. they were being taken away by ambulance & helicopter. I had to walk right past them and it was incredibly upsetting to see and think of their...
  17. ivar

    Hazard 2 German pilgrims hit by truck in O Pino.

    La Voz de Galicia just put this up on their website. In short: Take care out there! :( Source: La Voz de Galicia:
  18. sillydoll

    Most challenging sections on the Camino Frances

    I have been reading a blog and some of the comments made me remember how challenging I've found some of the paths on the Camino. Which were yours? Her blog posts: Viskarret to Zubiri - Thank God for trekking poles. No, I mean literally, thank God for trekking poles. Because I don´t know that...