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post camino

  1. Arniece2022

    Spending Time in the Pyrenees Mountains

    This is only post-Camino related, so please let me know if I am out of scope. After my Camino ends, I would like to travel back to SJPP and then move around in the Pyrenees Mountains for a couple of weeks. My thoughts were to move between towns by bus/train/taxi and do day hikes from the town...
  2. JustJack

    Adjusting to “real life” after the Camino - how long did it take?

    After 30-some days walking, being introspective and living mindfully, I have to assume it takes some time to readjust to the real world after finishing. I’m thinking/guessing I will need at least a week before returning to work after the Camino, to reacclimatize. What have other’s experience...
  3. TrvlDad1

    How Do You End Your Camino

    I just finished Joyce Rupp's book, Walk in A Relaxed Manner, and the last chapter highlighted conflicted feelings I have struggled with each time I have walked into Santiago, i.e., elation, depression, disappointment and anxiety, all at the same time. She talks about how she and her partner...
  4. VNwalking

    On the Camino: One Day at a Time, one Photo at a Time 4.0.

    Continuing our wonderful sharing on a new thread. (Haha, please don't feel shy to post here again today even if you already posted in the other thread! And don't worry about repeating yourself — none of us are the same people we were 6 months ago nor do we have the same eyes.) Today's choice is...
  5. Robo

    Does the Camino Ruin Us for Evermore?

    There are some great threads running about what makes us keep going when we hurt ( thank you @David ) and another old one re-emerged ( by @Elle Bieling ) around that common topic of why we walk the camino. I saw an old response of mine to that question by Elle, and it got me thinking: Why do...
  6. biarritzdon

    Camino Dreams

    How often do you wake up in the morning having just dreamed of some spot you walked along the Camino? For me it is becoming more often lately, I either find myself some place on the Portuguese or the Francis early in the morning or looking for a spot for the menu del dia in the afternoon. It...
  7. C

    Where to spend a relaxing week post Camino

    So I walked the last 100km from Sarria with a friend in 2018 and then walked from St Jean PDP to Pamplona with my sister in 2019. I had planned to go back and walk another section this year, but we all know too well why that didn't happen 🙄 My new plan, Covid permitting of course, is to return...
  8. ebrandt

    Joyful Camino Memories

    I was browsing my pictures and stumbled on this one. Suddenly my eyes teared up, and I really felt like I was sitting with pilgrims at Refugio Gaucelmo sharing our lives and eating....homemade apple pie! I think I may have shared as version of this story before. But as I sit here with happy...
  9. David Tallan

    Most unusual Camino souvenir

    I just came across this, I believe a souvenir from my first Camino in 1989. It is the Seal of Garcia Gonzalez de Arauzo, Master of the Order of Santiago [1214-1217]. What is your most unusual souvenir?
  10. roamingpaddy

    Heading home post Camino

    Here I am at Santiago de Compostella awaiting my plane for home. It has been a wonderful and unique experience.Reflecting here as I wait for flight I am very greatful firstly for the health to have been able to do the camino but also to the people who encouraged me and helped in practable ways...
  11. VNwalking

    One day at a time, one photo at a time...

    We're all out here, waiting for the new normal to coalesce - and for the day when we can walk the camino again. These are undoubtedly hard times, on many levels. Lest we mire in the difficulties, many of us are turning to remembrances of walks past to keep our spirits up. So here is a place to...
  12. Gwaihir

    Post-Camino Callings

    Hi again Peregrinos. It´s always good to return here and know that there is a "Camino World" despite the situation. In January I went abroad to do volunteer work for a while. It was fine but it did not last long. I had kind of overestimated myself as the Camino made me feel like Superman. But...
  13. JennyH94

    Your All Time, Absolute BEST Camino Moment!

    Over the past weeks, out walking in our sleepy South Coast, New South Wales town of Culburra Beach, my thoughts inevitably turned to the Camino and in particular to the countless wonderful experiences I’ve had whilst on camino. Many experiences came to mind, so I examined those experiences in...
  14. C clearly

    Documenting our Caminos - Diaries, blogs, photos, etc.

    I have been amazed at the detailed descriptions that some people can provide years after they have walked the camino. I assume that in most cases, they take photos and make notes in some format or other. How do you document your journeys, other than the thousands of phone/cameras files? (This...
  15. K Turner

    Post-Camino life changes

    My husband (ExiledSW) and I just wanted to share some big changes in our lives since returning from our Camino in October 2019. This forum showed us tremendous support before and during the journey, and we are grateful to everyone here. (My apologies for the post's length!) Three weeks ago, we...
  16. Gwaihir

    Ok I´m home, I want to leave.

    Hello Pilgrims. I just returned from the Camino a week ago, and what I feared would happen, happened. I don´t like my country. The rat-race, the hurry... the amount of people who work themselves into a burn-out because it´s "necessary" somehow. I struggled with this before the Camino, but...
  17. Gwaihir

    Returning & Friendships

    Hi, So first question - would it be possible at all to create a "returning home" section in the forum? I think it would be helpful to have have a space where these threads are gathered. Specially for "going home" newbies like me. Anyhow. I have a question for you forum dwellers. It's a rather...
  18. ExiledSW

    3 weeks post Frances

    I sit here at work. my wife and I are finally home from our Camino/UK trip. I continually cycle through the hundreds of photos and people we met along the way. There was so much and I seem to remember every step. It feels like it happened yesterday, but also like it was last year. We had...
  19. G

    Staying fit after the Camino

    I have just finished walking the Camino Frances for the second time. Like last year when I had finished, I am now super fit. At least, my legs are so strong. I love being able to walk up steep hills effortlessly. However, last year, over time, I gradually lost that fitness and by the time I...
  20. MichaelF4

    Foot Problems Post Camino - What Did You Deal With?

    I am curious if anyone has experienced and been diagnosed with any foot problems post Camino. More specifically plantar fasciitis, forms of tendonitis or any other muscular or connective tissue ailments from overuse. My feet have been hurting since finishing a long Camino in early July. An Xray...