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post camino

  1. G

    Staying fit after the Camino

    I have just finished walking the Camino Frances for the second time. Like last year when I had finished, I am now super fit. At least, my legs are so strong. I love being able to walk up steep hills effortlessly. However, last year, over time, I gradually lost that fitness and by the time I...
  2. Iriebabel

    Cyborg Turtle’s Reflection Beyond Post Camino Thoughts

    Addendum: All is well in my world but everyone has moments of weakness and I suppose I am no different. I wrote this back in July 1.5 months after the camino. I was at my weakest and was ill. I’m still feeling less that 100% and tired but much better. By sharing my thoughts my hope is to...
  3. R

    best way to organise photographs

    I have lots of lovely photos, and was thinking of making a photobook, but i would want to add my own text and maps. I havent had much success in the passed adding my own texts. Any suggestions?
  4. nilesite

    Camino Letters Project

    Introducing The Camino Letters Project: https://caminolettersproject.com "It is about finding a way to describe to others the deep, reflective, meditative power of walking the Camino and the lasting impact that it can have." I'm very proud to partner with Johnniewalker Santiago on this...
  5. E

    When in Santiago...

    Hi everyone! I can't believe it but I'm sitting here 20km from Santiago after walking the Camino del Norte and the Camino Primitivo. I'm ready for the final stretch tomorrow and needless to say it's exciting times! My plan is to carry on walking to Muxia and then across ending in Finisterre but...
  6. Glenngaunt

    ADVICE: Returning to real life after the Camino?

    Hello All! So I finnished my first Camino on the 30th May and have been back home in the UK for about a week now. I am finding it very difficult to adjust to reality. I have found there is so much negativity in real life, people aren't as caring and kind as on the Camino! Luckily I have...
  7. SYates

    De-Bed-Bugging your Camino Gear

    This post is now also available as a handy PDF in the resources section here: https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/resources/de-bed-bugging-your-camino-gear.483/ ************* As I just went again through the whole procedure, I thought I write it all together and post it here. Some of the...
  8. Craig Oliver

    Peace of Mind - Post Camino

    As a Canadian on my first Camino (October 2016), I was planning to work in November and meet up with family and friends in Europe. Can anyone share their peace of mind after a month on the Camino how they adjusted to returning to work/business and family/friends. Was there a period of...

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