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rain/sun protection

  1. Sirron

    To Poncho or Not Poncho...

    My Camino Frances will primarily take place in June and the first week or so in July. I have read that this is the dry season in Spain so maybe not too much rain. But I want to be prepared. I have seen the Altus Ponchos but I tend to get hot easy and those don't look too breathable. So what...
  2. L

    Sunglasses / Camino Portugues / Walking in August

    I'm wondering about spending gobs of money on photochromic sunglasses designed for intense sports. The Ryder's Seventh I'm looking at have not only very protective lenses, but also a nosepiece that resists slipping from sweat. I'm planning on wearing a wide-brimmed hat, but I must say, I don't...
  3. Lucyev

    Altus Poncho Help

    Please help! I’m looking to order an Altus Atmospheric Poncho for the CF in Sept/Oct. I’m UK based, so will probably end up ordering from Amazon Uk, which will charge me over £11 for delivery, so I want to get the sizing right. I’m a shorty, 5 foot 1, 195 pounds, and will be carrying a 45l...
  4. Wanderingfriend

    Light Weight Hiking Umbrella

    I know that walking poles are not generally accepted on airplanes. What about hiking umbrellas?
  5. Wanderingfriend

    Rain proof gloves necessary in April?

    I am planning to start walking from Burgos in early April. Before on my May and September Caminos I just had merino wool gloves. Do any of you have thoughts about a rain proof glove for an earlier spring walk?
  6. MaxHelado

    Fixing EuroSCHIRM Light Trek umbrella to backpack

    I'm considering buying the Euroschirm Light Trek umbrella, inspired by one of Robo's videos on YouTube. My issue is how to fix it to my Osprey Talon backpack so I can walk hands free. I've Googled and YouTubed without coming up with something that looks simple to use. Some videos are so...
  7. Walkingboy

    Altus Poncho

    Is there video out there or advice on how to put a poncho on and more importantly talking it off when on your own? I had a another make and really struggled with this.
  8. Tali

    Altus rain ponchos purchased in US

    I just found this website that sells Altus ponchos (Atmospheric Raincoat) with delivery to the US (and other countries). They are discounted (i.e., $47 vs $66 for a blue one, $50 vs $66 for a yellow one - the red one is not discounted at $66). I bought 2 - shipping was about $22. They said...
  9. Eve Alexandra

    Altus poncho readily available?

    Is it safe to just assume I can pick up one of these in a shop in SJPP along with some poles? I usually make sure I have everything in hand so it’s making me nervous.
  10. Kitkat1066

    Altus Poncho tips and tricks.

    I recently bought an Altus Poncho it's the newer kind so no velcro on the cuffs. I watched Anniesantiago13 talk about why she loved her Altus. Now like Annie said she is 5ft 3, ( I am 5ft 0) and one of the reasons she love's the Altus so much is because it almost reaches her ankles so no need...
  11. G

    DWR. Treating Rain Gear with Durable Water Repellant

    Last year I purchased a popular 2.5 layer, DWR rain jacket. I had decided this particular model would suit my needs adequately, both in terms of efficacy and price. We have this 2022 summer, here in Australia, been subjected to the assault of a particularly wet weather pattern. Where I live...
  12. trecile

    New Altus like rain gear from Aarn (and other ponchos)

    At over one pound, it's heavier than I would like to carry, but it might work well for some people, and it's not overly expensive.
  13. S

    Rain Gear

    I'm planning to do CF during the last week of April and May. Which would you recommend, a poncho or a rain jacket (and pants)?
  14. B

    Rain jacket

    Hello. I have 2 rain jackets. One is lightweight and compact and has waterproof rating 10.000 mm. The other is heavier and bulkier but has 20.000 mm. Both are quite comfortable. Which one would you prefer? I will walk from mid April to the end of May.
  15. trecile

    The "Parcho" - rain gear for DIYers

    @C clearly suggested that there might be enough interest for a separate thread on this piece of DIY rain gear. I first learned about the Parcho here on the forum from @Pong. The designer named it Parcho for Parka/Poncho. It's similar to the popular Altus in that it has a full front zip and long...
  16. peregrina2000

    Poncho quandary — Altus, Frogg Toggs, Vaude, or something else?

    On my last camino, I used the Decathlon rain poncho that I bought in Lisbon. It was cheap, and you get what you pay for. After washing it, the taping is all coming off. So back to square one. Most of the recent forum discussion focuses on the debate between poncho and rain jackets. I did see...
  17. Lies-loopt-del-norte

    Question about raintrousers

    Dear all, on september the 8th I'm planning to start the Camino del Norte from Irún. It will be my first Camino and I'm looking forward to finally (..... Covid) start my journey. The question I have is: do I bring my raintrousers with me? Or is walking in september done mostly in shorts and is...
  18. BrianLCrabtree

    Coping with heat on the Camino

    How do pilgrims handle severe heat on the Camino (35-38 C, 95-100 F)? Aside from the usual precautions for hydration, frequent breaks, lightweight clothing, etc, what other precautions do you take? Do you start the day earlier to finish earlier? Walk shorter distances on very hot days? Take a...
  19. J

    Do you carry an umbrella for the Camino?

    Do you think that an umbrella is necessary in Spain from June to September to protect you from the 🌞 SUN? On Camino français (Messeta) and on the Via de la Plata were you have long sun exposition and no forest protection. What is you experience on the Camino?
  20. woody66

    Spontaneous gear test

    Hi everyone! My initial intention was to put on my hands free brolly and see if i could still use my Altus over the pack and do it up without any interference! However my daughter suggested we test it; so here's the result! The vid (there was more but says their to big) are just a little of my...