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rain/sun protection

  1. BrianLCrabtree

    Coping with heat on the Camino

    How do pilgrims handle severe heat on the Camino (35-38 C, 95-100 F)? Aside from the usual precautions for hydration, frequent breaks, lightweight clothing, etc, what other precautions do you take? Do you start the day earlier to finish earlier? Walk shorter distances on very hot days? Take a...
  2. J

    Do you carry an umbrella for the Camino?

    Do you think that an umbrella is necessary in Spain from June to September to protect you from the 🌞 SUN? On Camino français (Messeta) and on the Via de la Plata were you have long sun exposition and no forest protection. What is you experience on the Camino?
  3. woody66

    Spontaneous gear test

    Hi everyone! My initial intention was to put on my hands free brolly and see if i could still use my Altus over the pack and do it up without any interference! However my daughter suggested we test it; so here's the result! The vid (there was more but says their to big) are just a little of my...
  4. JillGat

    How do you wear a hat with a backpack?

    Having just been treated for skin cancer (squamous cell carcinoma), and as I really hate sunscreen, I am back to researching sun hats. I usually wear a baseball hat when hiking/walking the Camino. I tried a full brimmed hat, but the back hits against my backpack. I see other people with them...
  5. woody66

    Rain kilt vs trousers - Sept Oct - Portuguese Coastal

    Hi everyone! Please remember i am a newbie to Camino; so advice is most welcome as the nuances of kit are still sinking in! Am i over complicating something that's a straight forward choice? I have never worn a rain kilt ; but i have listened to several threads about them verses waterproof...
  6. Pat's Camino Packing List Part 1 - Clothing - for her 1st Camino!

    Pat's Camino Packing List Part 1 - Clothing - for her 1st Camino!

    Camino Packing Lists always cause lots of debate! And there is no easy answer. It depends on time of year, type of accomodation and many other things.
  7. OzAnnie

    Rain protection - ( Overkill ? or cut back to save some weight?)

    I’m walking in March ( first in Italy ) then the Sanabrés from March 20. I’m trying to reduce pack weight as I’ve got a back problem. I’ve got 3 types of poncho to choose from, Altus poncho ; sea 2 summit ultra sil tarp poncho; and Frogg toggs poncho. So I don’t want poncho recommendations...
  8. R

    Raincoat or poncho?

    Hey all - we are planning to start the C Frances on May 25th - July 2nd. We know the weather should be ok - but after reading a lot of threads, I’m still confused as to which one to take. I know everyone will have their preference on either a raincoat or poncho is better - but I was wondering...
  9. Be Prepared for Rain...

    Be Prepared for Rain...

    We had quite a bit in May 2018 on the CF. But with good rain gear it's still the place I'd most rather be!
  10. t2andreo

    Hats and shade... The definitive post...

    This is a frequent subject in the forum. Every summer, when the really hot dry weather comes to northern Spain, and indeed all Spanish pilgrimage routes, the subject arises. Recently, with the serious heat wave across all of Europe and much of Spain, this discussion has taken on a new urgency...
  11. lpscheid

    Keeping Contents of Pack Dry

    Greetings - I'm starting my first Camino in SJPdP on April 1. I'm planning on bringing a pack with a rain fly, rain jacket, and a poncho that can go over me and the pack (still debating a bit on this). Should I pack my sleeping bag, clothes, etc. each in their own dry bags (Sea to Summit...
  12. Two Lifesavers - Umbrella and Foam Roller!

    Two Lifesavers - Umbrella and Foam Roller!

    Two Lifesavers - Umbrella and Foam Roller!
  13. How to Easily Fix Your Umbrella to Your Backback

    How to Easily Fix Your Umbrella to Your Backback

    I wouldn't be without my Euroschirm umbrella! I use it mainly for sun protection. Like walking in your own portable bit of shade! But it's handy in heavy rain too.
  14. linkster

    Dry Feet ... Is it possible?

    I just got back home from the Francés last Thursday. I experienced much cooler temperatures, snow, and a LOT more rain this year than last year. I wore Hoka One Bondi 6s. They are great trail shoes but not waterproof. The rain and wind was almost tropical storm like at times. Even those with...
  15. LoriLosch

    Back Pack Rain Cover AND Rain Poncho?

    Hi Camino Friends! Just finishing my packing list for my solo Le Puy to SJPP Camino starting Aug 24th. Yay! Question ... my Osprey has a rain cover of course. But it's actually quite heavy. I am bringing a poncho that covers my pack, so I'm thinking I won't bring the back pack rain cover. Bad...
  16. F

    Coping with rainy weather

    We set off next week from Sarria and I have been watching the weather forecast on and Eltiempo. It's looking pretty rainy for the first few days. I don't mind a bit of rain, but I was wondering about drying clothes for the next day, if I only have two sets of clothes with me. Has anyone...
  17. David

    Best Poncho in the Universe

    Hi all. I have been using an Altus poncho for years. I prefer a poncho to a waterproof coat as when walking one generates heat and if enclosed in a coat, sweat, so I like the circulating air under a poncho (and the dry hands). Though one does have to wear a peaked cap with those hoods! So - my...
  18. David Manzo

    Suggestions Rain Gear June/July Porto/Santiago

    Would appreciate your suggestions for rain gear. Walking from Porto (Central Route except for day 1 which is along the coast) to Santiago in late June and early July. Many thanks.
  19. shefollowsshells

    UPDATED POST: umbrellas are different-Trekking umbrellas

    Eighteen months ago it seemed difficult for me to get my hands on one of the silver "Euroschirm" handsfree umbrellas. If I'm not mistaken it had just been sold and was under a different name before. There was a distributer out of the USA that I worked with personally to secure our precious 6...
  20. Julia Mumford

    Has anyone used a trekking umbrella?

    I'm looking into trekking umbrellas for a Camino trip in June/July 2018. Not for rain protection, but more from the sun. The last two years I've broken out in a cold sore, and I think the sun plays a big part in this. This year I walked in October, and the weather was not as hot. I didn't get a...