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rain/sun protection

  1. Genevievala

    Trekking Umbrella - Availability

    hello ! I’m sold on using a trekking umbrella on the Frances this summer for the purpose of sun protection. I’d like to buy one over there and just wonder if anyone has seen them around, are they a pretty common sight these days in sporting goods shops? I was in contact with La Boutique de...
  2. littlegreen60

    Rain galoshes or similar

    I FINALLY have the right shoes, podiatrist approved....whew. less than 2 weeks to go! But theyre not waterproof at all. Any suggestions for rain covers for shoes, galoshes etc?
  3. TorontoGMan

    Doing the Backstroke on the CF

    Hi All! First, thank you all SO MUCH! Your comments around my former post about being paranoid have given me a boost.....just in time too, as I now have read the weather report for the first 10 days (all I can get right now) from SJPP right through to Pamploma, Burgos, and Lorgrono(?)...
  4. Sacha

    How to pack Tilley hat (ltm6) into backpack?

    I splurged and got a new Tilley Airflo ltm6 hat for this years camino. But I am not sure how to pack it into my backpack? I know people say it can take a beating, but I wanted to make sure with you before I potentially ruin mine. Tilley ltm6
  5. Pelegrin

    Protecting skin from sun - June vs. October

    A month ago the doctor burnt a small spot on my face ( queratosis actinica) because she said it could be dangerous. Now the place on my face is clean anf my doctor said that I could do a Camino putting a special cream ( 100 +) every 2 hours and wearing a hat ( of course). Nevertheless, I became...
  6. G

    Waterproof Jacket

    Calling all Aussie’s looking for serious waterproof jacket. I bought a lightweight waterproof breathable, and it was great light drizzle all good. Then, if anyone out there is a Melbournite yesterday was the jackets downfall. Major soaking all the way through - after about 70 mins ☹. So, I’m...
  7. Diane2023

    Rain pants or not ?

    Hello , I start my Camino Frances in St Jean Pied de Port on April 15th ,(next week) it’s a 40% chance of rain day 🙄I know there will also be other rain days . I am bringing my rain jacket but really can’t decide on the zip up rain pants which if I don’t take I have extra room in my backpack...
  8. MaxHelado

    (Even) wider brimmed walking hat

    More stress in the Helado household where Mrs H has decided that last year’s floppy brimmed walking hat is simply no longer “de rigor” and must be replaced. The old one has a brim of approximately 7cm/3 inches and the new one must be wider than that and allow for being rolled up and stuffed...
  9. L

    Help with TeleScope Handsfree Umbrella!

    This recently purchased umbrella has been working great. Now 12 days from departure the umbrella cannot be completely opened because the locking pin doesn’t line up with the locking mechanism. Any thoughts? I don’t know what happened.
  10. littlegreen60

    Pack rain cover needed with Poncho, or no?

    Hi everyone, Just got a frogs togs poncho. I'm walking Sarria to Santiago on June. Do I really need a rain cover for my pack too?
  11. S

    Sun Safety

    Just a PSA with supporting evidence: I had only 2ish of 10 days with sunshine, and here’s what I got without gloves, using poles. Lesson: wear lightweight fingerless gloves during peak months along with broad-rimmed hat AND sunscreen.
  12. J

    To poncho or not to poncho?

    Any advice re Ponchos I’ve looked at Decathlon for ponchos but there’s are not breathable.Any breathable ponchos out there that have a ready made hump at the back for the rucksack. Looking for lightweight for carrying breathable and efficient preferable with long arms. looking forward to hearing...
  13. Jeepl8d

    Rain shell in June & July for Camino Frances

    Greetings all, I’m looking for advice on bringing (or not) a rain shell during June and July for the Camino Frances. I’ll be walking the entire route from SJPP to Santiago. I live in the Pacific Northwest & a rain shell is like our second skin. 😊. Would love to some advice from others who have...
  14. magarac

    Shower or drizzle ( April )

    Good morning ! Need an advice please. I will start my Camino Francés end of March from SJPdP, and hope to finish at Santiago by the end of April. I would expect some amount of rain some/most of the days, but not sure about intensity ( showers vs drizzle ) and frequency ( once or multiple times...
  15. MichaelC

    Rain gear 2023

    I usually walk or bike to work (5 km each way), and it's been raining a lot this month, so I've had a chance to test out my kit for my spring camino. I scoured a lot of those "ten best xxx of 2023" lists to find what I was looking for. I'm curious to hear what others are finding. Mountain...
  16. N

    Which poncho?

    I will be walking the Camino through all of May and into June, and I have narrowed down my rain choice to one of 2 ponchos: the Altus or the Decathlon Arpenaz. I understand I can reserve an Altus in SJPDP if I decide on that one. Any thoughts on which of these is better? And second question...
  17. D

    Rain pants

    I was wondering if it is necessary to bring rain pants? We will be starting March 29th from Lisbon doing the central route. Thanks in advance for the input.
  18. ANGLICO1

    When It Rains It Pours?

    Hello to All, My Son and I will be starting out first Camino (Frances) on April 1, 2023. I am curious about the rain along the Camino, based on past pilgrims experiences does it rain for long periods of time or does it come in short bursts. The reason I ask is to determine if a bivvy tent might...
  19. Frankybaby66

    Sun Umbrella

    Just watching a 'Rob's Camino' video on YouTube. He says he never walks without poles, but recommends taking a sun umbrella?? I have done three Caminos an always use poles. Confused as to how the mechanics of using poles whilst carrying an umbrella actually works . . I'm on a medication now...
  20. fornazari

    Windbreak or impermeable jacket

    I will do the camino in the first week of September, from Sarria. What is the best option for the rain in that time: an impermeable windbreak or an impermeable jacket as Outdoor Research Helium?

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