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rain/sun protection

  1. F

    Walking in rain

    Im planning a November Frances Camino. I have an Altus rain coat that covers me and pack nicely but I’m wondering do I get a backpack cover and wear a hooded shell light jacket over heavier jacket. Both the cover and hooded shell I would always use and just put on hood when rain, eliminating...
  2. L

    Would it be overkill to bring both a rain jacket and the Altus poncho in Oct/Nov?

    My husband and I will be walking our first camino from SJPP to Santiago, then on to Finisterre and Muxia starting on Sep 7. We are slow walkers and plan to take some rest days, so we are planning about 2 months for our journey. (Yes, we are really that slow! Also, we just retired and have no...
  3. digitalgerry

    The Shell Toucher hat

    All I’ve seen this advertised here on the site and wondered if anyone had used one and what’s the experience. I’m follically challenged Irish guy so fair complexion but I also get very hot with hats. This see airy but would like other opinions.
  4. R

    Rain ponchos along the routes?

    if needed, can I purchase a rain poncho along my upcoming route from Tui to Santiago de compostela? As I watch the weather forecast for April 25-May 1st it appears TODAY that there will be very little rain if any! So, I’m hoping to save a bit of space in my backpack by not bringing one with me...
  5. trecile

    New handsfree umbrella holder

    I came across this new type of handsfree umbrella holder on ETSY recently. It seems like it would be a lot easier to use than bungees and other things that people use to attach their umbrellas to their backpacks. It works similarly to the clips on the Euroschirm handsfree umbrella. Handsfree...
  6. Gobsmacked by the World

    Reflective SOL Poncho

    Hi, A peregrina turned me onto this SOL poncho awhile ago, wondering about Forum thoughts. Only 2.7 ounces, 77 grams, it is robust, waterproof. I presume it is hot due to the reflective nature of it, but all ponchos are hot.... If not travelling in the early Spring or late Fall this may useful...

    Sun Sleeves?

    Has anyone tried wearing sun sleeves? Seems they might be good for protection from the sun while also perhaps forgoing the need for a long-sleeve shirt? My concern is whether or not the fit is comfortable - not too tight so as to constrict, yet not too loose where one must push them up...
  8. rainswift

    The Packa vs Altus Poncho

    The last thread about the Packa vs a poncho was from 2016, and I think things have changed since then. I was going to bring a rain jacket and rain pants (no pack cover because I use a pack liner), but I've found on my training walks in the rain that I don't like having my backpack straps get...
  9. Prentiss Riddle

    Advice on specific Decathlon rain jackets?

    Does anyone here have anything good or bad to report about specific rain jackets / windbreakers available at Decathlon? I'm wondering how their better ones stand up next to the name brands. In particular, the Quechua MH500 and MH900 rain jackets caught my eye because Decathlon's own comparison...
  10. A


    Looking for recommendations for decent quality sunglasses. Because I tend to leave them behind, don’t want to spend a lot, but I’m guessing that dollar store glasses offer very little eye protection. Thanks
  11. Waka

    Altus Poncho/Rain Coat

    I know this has been done to death and there are two camps poncho/jacket and pants, I am of the latter, but with age we tend to change a little. can someone please tell me the weight of the Altus, for the love of me I can't find it. TIA Waka
  12. MesaWalker

    Walking with Wet Feet: Debunking the Myths

    For my entire life, until this past fall, I thought walking with wet feet was something to be avoided at all costs. Wet feet equates to blisters, being miserable, ruining your shoes or boots, and generally being contrary to all things right and good. We walked the last 3 weeks of October and...
  13. M

    Rain...rain pants?

    What is usual rainfall on the Frances route in September and should I bring rain pants as well as a jacket?
  14. T

    sizing of altus ponchos

    I know there has been lots of discussion about the altus poncho. I have lookedo at the sizing suggestions and wonder if anyone has comments about their accuracy. I am 5 feet 5 inches tall and weigh 112 pounds. My new pack is 36 litres. Supposedly a small would be appropriate. I am most concerned...
  15. trecile

    Good addition to a baseball cap

    I saw this on Amazon today. It would be a good addition to a baseball cap, and possibly a DIY project.
  16. dadaperegrino

    Being prepared for the rain 🌧️

    Hi all, I’m going to walk the Camino Ingles in less than a month in Galicia. That means a lot of rain is expected! ☔️ So far I bought the following gear for rain: Jacket Over pants for rain Goretex shoes (I Picked a low shoe because I can’t stand high shoes unfortunately) I have been testing...
  17. Teez


    I am wondering about buying an ultralight umbrella as sun protection. I’d appreciate recommendations.
  18. Scooby2

    Rain jacket recommendations

    What rain jackets do people recommend? I'll be walking the Frances in October. I have a pack cover and will probably use a trash bag to keep contents dry if necessary. Not sure if this is a place where it's worth it to splurge or not. I've hiked with various jackets over the years with mixed...
  19. wynrich

    How to make rain poncho visible

    We just ordered an Altus poncho from https://www.tradeinn.com/trekkinn/en/altus-atmospheric-h30-poncho/139758343/p Thanks to Trecile for giving us the above link for ordering from the US in this thread: https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/to-poncho-or-not-poncho.74443/ The only...
  20. David

    If you are thinking of a poncho - here is the Ultimate

    Hi all, some of you may know that I prefer a poncho to a jacket (Why? Ohhhhh .. for SO many reasons!) I have just noticed that Snugpak now sell their military grade poncho to the public (Snugpak supply our UK military and also sell many of the same items at the same quality to the public). the...

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