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John Brierley Camino Frances Guide
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sleeping bag

  1. Beni Benstead

    Do I need a sleeping bag for Camino Frances in May?

    Hi folks! I'll be beginning my first Camino at the beginning of May. My rucksack is weighing in at 10kg - oops! I want to get it down to 7-8kg and could drop a little over 1kg by leaving out the sleeping bag. I'm told most places have blankets you can use of it's a bit chilly so thought...
  2. E

    Advice On Sleeping Bag Alternative Please

    Any suggestions for a restless sleeper who can't stand the confines of a sleeping bag, yet the albergue blankets are not enough? I have a silk liner but need something more, and lighter than my bag was. Please advise where to buy online if you have a suggestion. Thanks in anticipation!
  3. C

    Sleeping bags for Camino Ingles?

    We are first timers planning to walk the Camino Ingles in a few weeks. I've heard different things about whether you need a sleeping bag if you are staying in the albergues. Is there central heating, or is it more basic than that? We weren't planning to bring bags but perhaps that's a choice we...
  4. Sallyann1966

    sleeping bag or liner?

    Hi guys, I'm travelling the camino from beginning of September for 5 weeks. Could any of you advise me whether a sleeping bag or a liner would be best, and if sleeping bag what sort would be best. Thanks guys x
  5. T

    Festivals May/June ?

    Hola, I'm planning on leaving around the 2oth of May from SJPP. I was wondering if there is a website or a list of village/town festivals going on during those times? I'm a photographer and would love to capture some other shots besides landscapes and village churches. Also, I've read...
  6. sadaigh

    Planning Ahead for Summer 2017

    I'm finally going to do this! I have been reading and planning in my spare time for the last 6 months, and despite all the great threads on this forum, I still have some questions. Hopefully some of you awesome people can help me get some answers! I'm starting my Camino in mid-June and will stay...
  7. M

    walking the camino

    I will be walking my first camino on March 3rd 2017, and I could use all the tips and hacks I could get. I already got my pack. But am struggling to choose the right shoes and sleeping bag. Also just any helpful info i could get would be greatly appreciated. Also will anybody else be there at...
  8. Gregory Graf

    Backpack Pillow

    any insight as to whether a backpack pillow is a good backpack item? If so, any recommended brand/model?
  9. Kim510

    Sleeping bag warmth

    Hello all, I'm going to walk the first bit of the Via de la Plata next spring (mid-march tot early april) and I was wondering what kind of sleeping bag I will need? I walked the Camino Francés in 2011 with a very light sleeping bag during May/June but of course it was probably warmer then and...
  10. L

    Fleece or no fleece?

    Hi, I'm heading out of SJDPP in early October. I see on a lot of the packing lists to bring a fleece. I am not a big fan of fleece, wore one on the Inca Trail years ago and it drove me crazy because they feel so constricting to me, plus a lot of them are 3/4 zip/mock turtleneck which I am also...
  11. T

    Crazy? No sleeping bag for late Sept/early Oct?

    Hi All, This will be my first Camino - the Primitivo from Sept 20th to October 8th, 2016. I'm wondering if I can get away with leaving out my sleeping bag and taking just a silk liner (and light, waterproof layers) I'm really trying to cut the weight and bulk of my pack, and am at a loss...
  12. happymarkos

    Do you need a sleeping bag or just a sleeping sheet on the way from Lisbon?

    Hi from Le Puy I didn't need a sleeping bag all the way to St JPDP. On the Camino Frances I needed one; will I need a sleeping bag or just a sleeping sheet from Lisbon starting in September this year thanks happymarkos
  13. GoLiveIt

    Need Help With Rectangular Sleeping Bag

    I've scoured the forums looking for info a lightweight rectangular sleeping bag. I can't sleep in a mummy bag. I tried the REI Helio Sack 55 and it's just too tight. We are doing the Camino Frances from late September - ending the beginning of November. I've seen a few people recommend the...
  14. V

    how cold it is at nighttime

    good morning everyone, getting so excited here - we are doing a short cycle camino starting on the 27th June (due to babysitting constraints) and are travelling from South Africa - so used to hot weather. We start at Leon and are hoping to go to Finisterre. Looking at the nighttime lows...
  15. S

    Oporto to Santiago in September

    How cold is in in the refusgios. If I wear medium weight long underwear and a t shirt, will I be warm enough in a silk liner or should I bring a light weight sleeping bag instead?
  16. V

    Sleeping bag or sleeping sheet?

    I plan to walk the Vézelay route in June. I am hearing conflicting advice reagarding the sleeping bag. For some, it is just indispensable, the single most important item in the backpack. For others, it is just redundant, the single heaviest item that can simply be replaced by a light-weight silk...
  17. S


    I am planning to walk the Camino this year, late August into September. I have a couple of questions. First footwear. I have never been able to wear hiking boots, trail runners etc. I have tried all kinds and they simply don't work for me. I am planning on walking in sneakers. I have hiked...
  18. B

    Sleep Systems

    I am planning my Camino for mid April 2017 I will be using the French route. my question is sleeping bag? bug resistant bag liner, sleeping pad. weight is a major concern. so is daily distance. this could be a long trek. what do I need? what can I do with out? I am thinking a 10c/50f sleeping...
  19. Julia Mumford

    Sleeping Quilts v Sleeping Bags

    I am walking the Camino Frances at the end of May for the first time. I weighed my pack yesterday and it was 19llbs! My sleeping bag alone is 4llbs, so that is the first thing that needs changing! I have been looking online and I have discovered sleeping quilts (new to me!). I really like...
  20. camster

    Summer nights on CF and sleeping bags

    Yes. I'm starting another thread on this subject. I apologize ;) I do not know yet when I will be able to leave and do the Camino Francés, but I would like to do it in July/August. I have a sleeping bag (7C/45F) and a liner, but using only a liner irks me a little bit, since it is very thin and...