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Backpacks, sleeping bags and boots!


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I have been searching equipment online until I am dizzy and confused.

What are the pros and cons of external frame and internal frame backpacks? What is a good weight for the backpack itself?

Are you able to move much in the mummy style sleeping bags? Does anyone recommend a particular brand? I will be going in September.

I just came across some fiberglass shank boots and steel shank boots. Any thoughts on the fiberglass ones?
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Back packs etc

There is so much equipment out there it is VERY confusing to choose! You are going to get lots of conflicting advice - even from this forum but here goes my opinion:
An internal frame is OK.
* For the camino - an external frame will just catch on overhead branches etc.
* 35L should be sufficient for all your needs.
* Unless you are going in winter you do not need a heavy sleeping bag. A bag with a zip around is better so that it can be a sheet, blanket and bag.
* You do NOT need heavy steel shank boots to do the camino. I have done two (and a number of other long distance hikes) in New Balance All Terrain running shoes and they were fine. Some people swear by boots so I think the lighter the better.
Good luck!
Internal Frame packs have rendered external frames almost obsolete, especially since they aren't really any more expensive. The engeneering is so advanced on internal frame packs, compared to the...time honored...style of the externals.

There are a number of good on-line places, like sierratradingpost.com , which are well-stocked and very well-priced. These are useful if you live in an area where camping stores are few. Many have general sizing listed, and you can choose what size you need. Of course, it's always a good thing to support your local camping store if you can.

The 9th edition the Lightfoot Guide will let you complete the journey your way.
Thanks for your input. There are no camping stores near me unless I am interested in hunting and fishing so everything will have to be done online.

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