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baggage transport in Galicia?


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Has anyone any advice?

My main companion and I are carrying all our stuff from France and into Spain. But at the end we are going to be joined in El Ferrol/La Coruna by our partners for a final burst down the Camino Ingles.

I am not sure either of them are up to carrying gear - plus they will want to bring electronic gadgets, books to read etc . . . Is there a baggage transport company in Galicia that would cover the Camino Ingles route?

Or should I just book them into an apartment for the duration? And, if so, has anyone any recommendations?

Not quite sure where to post this.
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I know some agencies that specialize in pilgrim transport/services use some people to transport baggage in Galicia, but they are most likely individuals that are not organized in any way.... as far as I know. You may want to contact the guys at EuroAdventires in Vigo, they might know:

As far as the apartment rental I am also quite blank... not much of that in Santiago at least for tourists. If you can cope with simple (but clean) room, Cafe Suso (next to the tourist office in Santiago) have double rooms for about 30-40 euro per night. They are small and simple, but clean. When I moved to Santiago I stayed there for 2 weeks....

I hope this helps, at least a bit... :)

Buen camino,

Thanks Ivar.

I'll see what I can do . . . I may just leave it up to them or organise . . . I am finding getting myself and daughter organised for the trip from Le Puy quite time-consuming enough as it is . . .

Many thanks again.
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you may want to do a search in Internet on real estate offices in Santiago, A Coruña, or anywhere else in Galicia that have apts for rent/lease. There are countless apts for rent in Compostela, btw, if not right on the old section, for sure in the peripheral areas . Bus service there is pretty good.

Buen Camino,

xm 8)
The owner of the Pazo Xan Xordo, http://www.pazoxanxordo.com has a couple of apartments outside of Monte de Gozo. If I remember correctly, there is bus service that will take you right to the apartment.

Hope this helps! Good luck and buen camino!
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