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Just curious. In 2008 my bank card worked fine. I am wondering about now as my bank (credit union actually) has not yet switched over to "chip" enhanced bank cards. They may do so before I travel but they don't know for sure.

Can anyone tell me if they older bank cards (non-chip) still work fine?

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In Spain they are just starting to use the "chip-card"... most cards are still the old "Swipe" cards... so it should be no problems..

Greetings from a rainy and windy Santiago,
I contacted by credit union AND visa about using my non chip card in Spain and was assured that generally (my emphasis) there would be no problem. I emphasize the term generally, because neither could adequately answer it the non chip cards would work in certain rail and airline kiosks.
Thanks for the information and the reassurance. I'm usually careful to re-stock with cash before I need it so I should be fine. In this kind of changeover I will probably not be the only one with an older swipe card.


I'm spending winter in Spain (three months in the Alicante area).
Although I'm travelling with a ''chip'' card, most of the places where I use it still swipe it and require my signature.

Go with peace of mind!

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One important thing, if you have a need to remember you pin!

..but all terminals in Spain (at least in stores) take both chip and non-chip cards.

Apparently the credit card companies in America have NO plans to adopt the 'chip' system, so hopefully Europe will continue to 'swipe' cards for a long time to come!
Yes, the Americans are very slow to adopt many innovations (like recycling!)
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It is strange/curious that the US isn't adopting chip credit cards and I have no idea about their recycling (ours is a work in progress) and I am not going to criticize others when we have so much to work on at home in Canada!

and I started this topic just looking for a bit of reassurance about getting money from the bank machines in spain
I don't think you will have any issues with your card, John. I have used a non-chip card (U.S.) in Spain and all over Europe last year and many years before that and never had a hint that there was now a problem or that there would be.
The chip cards have been issued in Europe for some time but it has not affected the non-chip card user in my experience.
Unless and until the U.S., Canada and most other tourist heavy countries go to the card, it would be a nasty blow to Visa and merchants in Europe.
I am not sure if Japan and the rest of Europe have made the change. Australia?
alipilgrim said:
Yes, the Americans are very slow to adopt many innovations (like recycling!)

Um, I live in Oregon, home of the Bottle Bill and many other innovative programs for recycling.

I hadn't even thought about whether my bank card would work or not since the last time I was in Europe I didn't have any problems. Thanks for the discussion on this. I appreciate it.
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