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Biking Resources


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I have added this area for those that are thinking of biking the camino to Santiago.

A good resource related to biking to Santiago is "Santiago Bicicleta" lead by one of our members William Marques
- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Santiago_Bicicleta/

Don't want to bring your bike on the plane?
Rent a bike from Tour N Ride. Pick it up anywhere in Spain (they ship it) and drop it off at their store in Santiago.
- http://www.tournride.com/

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My mistake, I see that you are active on this list so I thought you were running it. Anyway, it is a good resource for people planning to bike el camino.

Ofcourse bikers can post their questions, conserns regarding biking to Santiago in this area of the forum as well.

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What I would like to know is where you left your bike when staying at the albergue... that is, if you stayed at the albergues. We plan to do quite a bit of camping as well, in which case we will lock our bikes to the tent. But we do want to stay at an albuerge at least some of the time, to enjoy the experience, and would like to know what to do with the bikes there. Any suggestions or experiences?
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Re: bikes

klarita said:
What I would like to know is where you left your bike when staying at the albergue.

There was always somewhere at the refugios, almost always inside to lock the bikes. As we did not stay at every refugio of course, I cannot confirm this will always be the case.

One thing I think the camino teaches you is not to try and plan everything ahead and to accept things as they come.

Buen Camino

Indeed, I am trying not to overplan... I'm certainly not planning an itinerary. We simply have to be in Barcelona on June 25 in the morning to fly home. What happens between June 4 and then is entirely up to the Camino and ourselves :)
But I do want to have at least an idea. And then, I so much enjoy communicating with other on this place that I guess I'm making up questions, which are relevant but not crucial, just to be able to chat with others that have already been there.
Wait till I get back! I will be glued to the forum and will have by two cents to tell EVERYBODY :lol:
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I am trying not to overplan

I overplanned my first Camino ad nauseum. It helped, but in the end the Camino turned out to have other plans for me, turned everything inside out :lol: :!: Best, xm 8)
We rented the bikes from Tour N Ride last year. Great service; we had them delivered to our starting point (hotel) in Leon, good reliable bikes, no issues at all. I would highly recommend it!
The focus is on reducing the risk of failure through being well prepared. 2nd ed.

We have already arranged to take ours with us... plus we prefer to use our own equipment, just because we're familiar with it and so on. But thanks for the tip.

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