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boating the camino ???


New Member

just red some of the camino diaries... someone says smth about boats and boat transport along the Camino del Norte ..
anyone knows if this is an official transport or .... ???

is there any usefull web ???

thx :oops:
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Camino Maritime

I think you read about the Ruta del Mar.
Unfortunately, a couple of years ago the Archdiocese decided that the forty nautical miles traversed through the Arousa sea and the Ulla river was no longer considered valid for the purposes of obtaining the Compostela upon reaching Santiago. The church decided that sailing over the Arousa was more of a touristic expedition than a pilgrimage

The Maritime Camino, "Ruta del Mar", is one of the oldest and the least known of all the routes followed by current pilgrims and those of yore. If you want to read about it, and see some beautiful pictures there of, go to http://www.caminoasantiago.com click on the British flag for the version in English. On the page that comes up there is a little map where all the Camino routes in Galicia are listed; on the third section underneath the map you will find the introduction to the Maritime Route from which you can go and read the entire writing about the route and see the pictures.

...or are you reffering to the places where you have to take a ferry to cross the water in order to continue the Noth Route?

1) Pasaia Donabine (before S.Sebastian)
2) Ferry to Santander
3) Crossing at Samo(n)a (?)

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