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Camino in summer packing list

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plan to walk july 2017
Hi everyone

I am planning on walking the Camino this year end of july and august.

I am having some trouble with my packing list, I am thinking of getting the Osprey Mira 34L backpack or the Osprey Tempest 30L Has anyone walked with either of these packs before ?

I want to keep my pack as light as possible so can anyone suggest what I should pack and where to get some lightweight clothing?

pretty much any advice would be welcome

thank you
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Frances 2012
England C2C 2015
Via Francigena 2016
Le Puy 2018
I use the Tempest 20 for a day pack and love, love, love it. Have been looking at the larger models and wouldn't hesitate to size up and use it on the next trip. Comfortable, light, fits wonderfully. One tip, though...I put my cell phone in a zip lock and kept it in the mesh pocket. The hard corners of the zip lock ripped the mesh, not a big deal but can probably be prevented by using a waterproof ultra sil sack with no edges. I'm thinking of rigging some type of waterproof liner for all my backpack hip pockets and wish the companies would make waterproof pockets. Anyone out there on the forum ever tried to sew a waterproof pocket into a pack?

There's tons of info on the forum with packing lists but for the summer, think quick dry, light clothing that you would just use hiking at home, unless you live someplace really cold. Online retailers and outdoor stores vary, depending on your country, but good gear is available everywhere. I"m sure lots of people would be happy to critique your list as it's always fun to see what someone else is packing! Take your stuff to the post office and weigh each item, or buy a little postal scale and be merciless with the weight. An ounce here or there really adds up.

Have lots of fun planning!
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Moissac to Santiago Spring 2005 was the first foray.
Hi Amanda - this is so going to become a looonnnggg thread as packing lists and which backpack get a lot of attention. What you will hear are two main things, pack light, and only take what you need, not what you think you may need ... but you know that already ;)

My pack (after years of changing them) is the Osprey Talon 22 .. and I went looking at Ospreys because of posts on here - such a wonderful fit - you really must measure your back before buying a pack .. wherever they sell Osprey packs there will be an Osprey back measurer. I know what you are thinking - 22 litres? that is a bit small isn't it? But I spent a lot of time in the shop taking items off the shelves and packing the 22 then packing that stuff into a 32 and another brand 34 and found that the 22 is strangely large and would take everything I need and it only weighs 750 gms. 750 gms!!!
I have the Aarn front packs for my first aid kits - gifted to me by them to help with my first aid mission and - if I had the money I would buy a complete Aarn pack - backpack choice is yours and yours alone .. some folk like a big bag so they don't have to pack tight, just remember that a pack is like a bookshelf - whatever size bookshelf you get it will be full really quickly, same with a backpack :)

I would say that if you are going to pack light then start with a light pack - others may disagree. You could do this - sort what you will be taking and go down to the shop and try packing your things into different sized packs - then you will know what size you personally need.

As for the packing list! Ahh ... what would be really good is for you to post what you have come up with and let us tear it to shreds (that always happens but always with goodwill ;))

Funnily enough I was thinking about packing lists only a couple of days ago as a friend in Australia is sorting her list for her next Camino and this is what I wrote to her -

" ... seems to me it is what one is wearing and then, from the skin up, spares in the pack .. one pair underpants, one pair of socks (for inside Keen Newport sandals if cold – or use as mitts or walking in refugio or in bed, again, if cold), one t-shirt, one short sleeved shirt, one pair zip off trousers, hooded fleece, Altus poncho, sleeping bag liner, no sleeping bag – assuming a summer Camino here. Washing kit and towel (launder with the soap bar, wash hair and shave using soap bar)... then all the little things ... sunhat, possibly a wool hat if weather not brilliant as best way to be warm, also in bed, is to wear a woolly hat, sunglasses, docs, one book (the Imitation), small notebook and pencil, pocket knife (with corkscrew!!!), phone and charger, small sea salt, pepper, olive oil, the first aid kit.
Then I thought – aha! one has to travel there, two or three days ... so, wear old tatty clothing whilst travelling and put one better quality copy of what one is wearing .. underpants, shorts, shirt, maybe t-shirt, into the pack .. and when one gets to where one starts one just throws away what one is wearing and starts fresh, one on, one in pack. Then, adjusted day by day, water and food."

so, to me a packing list is wear one and another one in the pack - there is no need to carry more than one of anything in your pack - as you are female there will be more you may have to carry, sports bras and so on (what do I know) - but the wear one/carry one works.

As for where to get lightweight clothing - you don't say which country you are in - you will be getting into the controversy between synthetic and natural fibres. Have fun there!

And don't forget - if you find that there is something you need that you didn't take, well, there are shops in Spain! Buen Camino!!
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Frances {2016}, Portugese {2017}
Try both on if possible, with weights. Walk around the store awhile. My perfect fit was a men's gregory 30L, but I travelled with it only half full on the camino. I never would have guessed that pack as I am a 165 cm tall woman, but the nice guy at MEC measured me and recommended it. If you don't have access to a good outdoor co-op, make sure your online store/co-op has a good return policy.

Mark Lee

I've walked the Camino Frances twice during the time span of July-August. In my opinion that's the time of year on the Camino you need the least amount of stuff to haul around. In retrospect I could have walked it either time with a 5kg pack of about 25L size.
Both times I walked it then I had zero rain days. Zero. That's from SJPdP all the way to Santiago. The first time I walked it then I didn't even bring a poncho or rain jacket, and the second time I did bring a rain jacket, but it remained in the bottom of my pack, unused and useless weight hauled around. If I were to walk it again during that time I would probably just bring a cheap, lightweight, practically disposable poncho that I can ditch before I finish or after I get to Santiago. I know this will rouse protests from some on this forum who fear the elements, but IMO opinion don't make rain-gear a priority.
Both times it was warm. Very warm and sunny. Some days just plain damned hot. :D I wore short sleeved tech shirts and tech shorts everyday. I had no long pants at all the first time and the second time I had long pants, but only wore them traveling to and from Europe. They were lightweight, hiking type. I would have been better suited with the convertible variety, though. I had a fleece pullover the second time, but never wore it (useless weight hauled). Could have gotten away with just a long sleeved tech shirt.
I didn't bring a sleeping bag at all. Just a sleeping bag liner made of a faux silk type synthetic. It worked well and some nights so warm in the albergues I slept on top of it. I know some will tell you to bring a sleeping bag, but honestly I cannot think of a single night I would have needed one during July and August, and a sleeping bag, even the lightest and smallest ones, take room and weigh probably at least a half kilogram. Also many of the albergues I stayed in had blankets, so I suppose if I got chilly during the night I could have used one of those in conjunction with my bag liner.
Do bring a hat, though and some sun screen and sunglasses.
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CF(x4), Fisterra/Muxía(x2), VdlP, Jerusalem, VF, Walsingham,
C inglés. 2019? Who knows! ;-)
Hi everyone

I am planning on walking the Camino this year end of july and august.

I am having some trouble with my packing list, I am thinking of getting the Osprey Mira 34L backpack or the Osprey Tempest 30L Has anyone walked with either of these packs before ?

I want to keep my pack as light as possible so can anyone suggest what I should pack and where to get some lightweight clothing?

pretty much any advice would be welcome

thank you
I walk at home with a Tempest 20, lovely pack! My 'proper' camino pack though is an Exos 48 (too big but perfect for other pilgrimages when carrying a tent).
I have done all my 4 Caminos in Summer and never carried more than 5kg, without water that is.
- One change of walking clothes (I walk in a Macabi skirt but carry one pair shorts + 1 T-shirt)
- extra: first 2 years a long strappy sundress, after that a pair of running shorts + camisole.
Light fleece
Socks snd underwear
Very small camping towel
Sarong (to supplement small towel if needed, also to cover shoulders etc)
Sun hat and buff

Basic toiletries: one shampoo bar, small tub toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, sun cream, foot cream.
Basic first aid: scissors, tweezers, spray desinfectant, a few plasters, a few tablets Albuprofen and anti-histamine. To walk VdlP in Summer I also carried sachets of hydrating powder, can't remember what it's called.
Enough to get you to one of the very good pharmacies in Spain to buy whatever you need.

A small torch and a Swiss type knife (you can do without )
A travel clothes line (you can do without!)
A small bag to carry groceries in (was a freebie and not really necessary)
Those few items are my luxuries lol

A wallet to carry passport/credential/phone/money in - can be carried around my neck under clothes.

Rain gear: the first 2 years, a poncho that covered my backpack as well. The last 2, a large umbrella instead.

A couple of very light dry bags.

A sleeping bag and a liner. Again, at first a 600g sleeping bag, later a very light down one, also carried in a dry sack just in case.

The last year I gave way to panic and added an anti-bedbug sheet. Weighed 100g. Don't know if it works but made me feel better !

For my first camino, I carried clothes I already owned. Now I buy the lightest things possible. A good budget place is 'gap year travel'. Other brands I use are Rab and Rohan, in the sales!

Good luck with your preparations and buen camino!


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Francis SJPdP to Finnestere April(2014)
Just a caution on a female using a men's pack. I walked with a German woman who had purchased a men's Osprey 38L Kestral pack it fit her yet gave her terrible sore spots on her hip bones. I carried a 48 L version no issues, my point is our body structures are unique so try on various packs. Then take a long walk with weight. I agree with those who walk in late spring thru early autum no need for such large packs. (Different situation than backcountry)
Buen Camino


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SJPdP to Santiago, May 2015
Porto to Santiago, April 2016
Muxia-Finisterre-Santiago, April 2016
Camino Del Norte, April 2017
I have the Osprey Tempest 30.
I do spring caminos and carry a sleeping bag.
There is more than enough room.

Buen Camino


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Frances June 2015
VDLP May 2017
del Norte Sept 2018
Oh, how fun! Now matter how much you plan you will have too much.

I felt very confident about how little I had packed and yet I sent three loads home, and resorted to tricks like trimming the tags off my underwear just to minimize every last ounce.

I will suggest that you don't need pants. I had sent mine quite early. (Did Camino Frances June/July 2015)

As I prepare for VDLP in May, I have a rule that nothing comes that doesn't serve two purposes. Rain coat will double as a pillow. Pyjamas are a luxury I can't afford. My 'towel' is about the size of a washcloth. I wash my hair and my clothes with the same soap.

And apply the advice given before, don't take what you might need. Just take what you know you need. (Need, not want) What you might need along the way, you will find.


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July 2017
Some great advice from many of u guys.
Greatly appreciated.
I plan on packing light but the one luxury I'm going to afford myself is a pair of jeans.
I can use some advice on a lightweight long sleeved shirt for those mornings when I start out early.


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CF Sept/Oct 2013
CF April/May 2016
Norte (July/August 2019)
The last 2, a large umbrella instead.

@domigee what kind of umbrella did you use?

I am currently looking at possible hands free and large enough to cover a wide area.



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CF Sept/Oct 2013
CF April/May 2016
Norte (July/August 2019)
This is what I am hoping/planning to take on my Summer del Norte.
One change of clothes (wear one, pack one)

this is everything that will be in my pack

short sleeve
running shorts (has handy pocket on leg for cell phone)
(one extra bra)
coolmax sleeves with thumb holes (trying something new)

rain jacket or poncho (haven't decided yet)
I have pack cover so leaning towards the rain jacket just incase the temps drop

silk sleepsac with pillow case
travel towel
flip flops
ziplock for moneybelt

conditioner (hair is long)
travel hair brush
body wash
facial scrub
facial lotion (olay)

Advil regular and PM

pilgrim passport
guide book

What will be in my fanny pack:
phone charger
money for the day

I will wear a money belt

Okay so I hope to stick with this list
my last camino on the Frances in Spring I took way too much

Third Camino is the charm - in more ways then one - right?

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