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Company wanted for via dela plata


New Member
Hi Am planning to walk from seville to Santiago starting mid sept. - Really looking forward to the silence and isolation of this route. However, as a lone female, would value company with like-minded walker, who would be happy to walk together . Leaving date can be flexible.
Helena :)
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Hello, I am also going by my lone; am anticipating that this will be very different than going "alone" on the Frances route; am having a bit of agita about this and trying to sort thru the realities of this; my current fears have to do with getting lost, dogs are in there too; of course I also relish the idea of walking thru the landscape.
Am planning to leave Sevilla end of first week in Oct.
Don't worry about getting lost. the route is very well marked,I had the alison raju book too so I only got lost twice (in 1000kms).The waymarking is good right from the church in Seville so even leaving the big city is no problem. Guillena-the first stop is discouraging if you have to sleep in the sports centre but it does get better.Dogs barked but were tied up-except 2 guarding sheep which were very menacing-I ended up throwing a stone over their heads which they ran after and brought back!-seems like they just wanted to play.
you'll love it-most of the time
good luck
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Hi Kevin, Thak you for the words of encouragement; am slowly gettng ready and gathering bits of info to start this pilgrim walk;
any tips on places to stay in Seville?
Thanks, Henny
Via De La Plata


Seville is my adopted second home and I have just returned from there. I'm following in your footsteps early in January. If you haven't been there before spend a day or so - it is a very beautiful city. The Friends of the Camino have an office in a district called Triana. This is right next to the Bar Miami which is owned by a chap called Juan who is now in his mid 70's and has done the camino a number of times on horseback. The Bar has its own Pilgrim Passport and stamp. He will make you very welcome and other pilgrims hang out there too.

In terms of accomodation there are many, many hostals reasonably priced - you should find no difficulty finding one to suit your poacket and taste. There are a number of information points right in the centre who will also help.

Let me know if you need to know anything else.

Buen Camino

i visited the taberna miami in mid june this year out of curiosity, having read that they supplied an interesting credencial. the owner is an amusing
fellow who will happily show you photos on the wall of him doing a camino on a horse. i asked about acquiring a credencial and he laughed saying they hadn't done this for years - so don't count on it unless someone can verify they got one there recently. but it only took a couple of minutes to pick one up at the cathedral, no charge. there are any number of affordable hotels in seville. getting out of town proved more difficult than i had hoped as i was looking for shells on walls. there are a few shells from the cathedral until the other side of the triana bridge where you hang a right. then forget about shells other than a couple on the pavement which you could easily walk over without noticing.
take the first set of wide steps to the right climbing about 5m up an embankment, cross a busy junction diagonally, and then it's yellow arrows all the way to santiago. i wasted an hour in the small hours scouring walls for shells which weren't there.
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Foxenburg - you may be right but I'll get absolute clarity next month when I am there again. As you say the credential is available at the Cathedral Office at the Puerta de las Campanillas and also from the Friends of the Camino Office which is right next to the Bar Miami on the Calle San Jacinto.
Hi folks,
Thank you all for the info (and encouragement!); I am in that odd limbo state of still being at home and trying to step into the pilgrim mode- hearing from you helps with the latter. I keep having questions and any answers are appreciated. Is it chilly at night as one walks north? (this will be Oct) Getting from the train station in Seville to the cathedral area?
Regards, Henny
Peter Robins posted this very useful source


This has historical information on weather at all times of the year. You can track it moving north from Sevilla.

The centre of Seville is undergoing major works because of the metro being constructed and it may not be possible for buses or taxis to get near the Cathedral. You can get a bus or a taxi ( approx 5 - 6 euros) from the station to the Puerta Jerez and a short walk along the Avenida de la Consitution will take you to the Cathedral in a few minutes. If in doubt just ask, people are very helpful and the Cathedral is so big you can't miss it!

Buen Camino
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I got my credencial from Bar Miami just a couple of months ago (end of april) without any problems. Unfortunately Juan wasn't there, but his staff is very friendly as well

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