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Getting to SJPP


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I'm planning to start my journey in May in SJPP. I'll be travelling from the US and am looking for the best way to get to the starting point? from what city to fly into and then from there to SJPP?

any info will be so appreciated!

also, any info about return from Santiago would be helpful to? I'm very new to all this-but feel called to do it!

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From Seattle:

If money is a concern checkout the flights to London, Paris and Madrid there are ways of getting from any of them to SJPP.

London via Ryanair to Biarritz - you will probably fly into Heathrow and the Ryanair flight leaves from Stansted to Biarritz. The airport there is a short bus ride to Bayonne station.
Paris via TGV to Bayonne - by TGV train to Bayonne station via Paris or not as you wish.
Madrid by coach or train to Pamplona - a metro journey into Madrid then by train to Bayonne or bus or train to Pamplona a bus to Roncesvalles and a taxi to SJPP

If prices are similar the Paris option is probably best if you want to start in SJPP as you can catch the TGV train from one of the terminals without having to go through Paris. As well as that the price all up will probably be cheaper than the Madrid option. If the London flights are cheap then a coach journey on National Express ... .cfm?t=air from Heathrow to Stansted and a cheap Ryanair flight to Biarritz may work out the cheapest and not a lot more trouble than the Paris option. If you use Ryanair remember their flights are not refundable and if your first flight is late they will tell you that's your problem not theirs.

From Bayonne it is a short train journey to SJPP.

Buen Camino
I forgot about getting back:

There is a Ryanair flight back to Stansted from Santiago. Ryanair flights booked far enough ahead are incredibly cheap and this possibly puts London ahead on the round trip.

Obviously from Santago to Madrid is easy by coach, train or plane.

Santiago to Paris I'm not so clued up on but there are Iberia flights via Barcelona or Madrid.

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Don't know where in the U.S. you will be flying from, but we got a great internet deal for two people by booking a NWA flight from Houston to Madrid via Amsterdam. The flight is actually a KLM flight. From Madrid we will take the train to Boyanne, then the little train to SJPP. For some reason, KLM wanted more for the same flight than booking it through NWA. Not sure if it is cheaper than a flight to London coupled with Ryan Air. Steve


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I did it from Canada in 2005 and will continue in 2006.

Wherever you are from in the US, fly to Paris and then to Biarritz/Bayonne. At the airport you can take a bus or a taxi (around 15 euros) to Bayonne train station.

From there a small train will take you to St JPdeP; the view is spectacular.

In St JPdeP a 15 min walk from the train station will take you in the heart of this beautiful town.

For the return trip there are daily flights (air europa and spanair), plus train and bus to Madrid.

Travel in Spain is easy and not too expensive. Enjoy.
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Hello Zoey;

I am planning for the trip from SJPP starting May 21st.
I will arrive Paris on 20th, and there are connections by Air France to Biarritz/Bayonne at a price of 40 euro (+ taxes).

Maybe we'll meet?


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wow, this message board is amazing!
thanks much for all the info.

I'm planning to leave May 21st or so-maybe I'll see some of you on the way!
haw exciting :)



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No TGV train Paris to Bayonne

I went to the US TGV train website and can't find a train from Paris to Bayonne. Can anyone help? We're trying to get from Amsterdam to Bayonne around September 1.


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Paris to Bayonne

ok.. so I found a TVG train from Paris to Hendaye.

Somebody explain to me now WHY I want to go BACK to Bayonne?

Isn't Hendaye closer to where I'm going?

I'm so very confused... :oops:
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