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Hostels in Pamplona


New Member
I did a search here and on hostel world and they don't seem to exist. I have a stop over before I head to Roncesvalles for the walk. Where would be the best place to stay for the night?


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hostels in spain are hotels, you need to look for albergues and refugios. you didn't say where you were overnighting. this would be a big help to recommend a place, are you over nighting in roncevalles.
Hi Emma, what time are you getting in to Pamplona? The bus to Roncesvalles leaves at 6pm. Is it possible that you could get this bus and stay overnight at the Roncesvalles refugio?
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Hi Trudy: That would be ideal but i'm flying into Pamplona at night hence being stuck there until the next day!

Dawn of a new Day: I thought the title of this thread would be enough to indicate i was overnighting in Pamplona! - sorry if it wasn't :)

thanks for the advice anyway, I will do a search on albergues and refugios instead and see what comes up.
A bed in Pamplona

You can search on the words "hostales" and "pensión".
Hostals in Pamplona

The CSJ Guide offers these Hotels:

Pension Lambertini From 18E double
Hostal Bearan 36 E double

Pension Arrieta 38 Euro with bikes
31002 - PAMPLONA
CATEGORÍA: 1 estrella.
- SITUACIÓN: en el centro de Pamplona.
- SERVICIOS: habitaciones con vídeo, TV, canal+, calefacción y ventiladores.
- Habitación doble con baño: 117,7/53,5/42,8 euros.

Pension Escaray
C/ NUEVA, 24, 1, C
31001 - PAMPLONA
SITUACIÓN: en el Casco Histórico de Pamplona, cerca del Ayuntamiento y del Albergue de Peregrinos.
- SERVICIOS: posibilidad de dejar bicicletas.
- Habitación doble: 100/40/36 euros.
- Habitación individual 50/20/18 euros.

I have also been doing a few searches and came up with these:

CASA OTANO P ** Web: http://www.casaotano.com
San Nicholas, 5
31001 - Pamplona
Tel.: 948 22 50 95/948 22 70 36
Fax: 948 21 20 12
Rooms: 11
Distance to the center: 0.1 kms.
On foot: 1 min.
€45 €30 €35 €15

Pensión Eslava
31001 - PAMPLONA
- CATEGORÍA: 1 estrella.
- SITUACIÓN: en el Casco Histórico de Pamplona, cerca del Ayuntamiento y del Albergue de Peregrinos.
- SERVICIOS: garaje para motos y bicicletas.
- Habitación triple: 150/36/30 euros.
- Habitación doble: 100/24/20 euros.
- Habitación individual: 50/12/10 euros.

Hope these help.
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If you go to this site:



1. select the 'siguiente' button (means 'next')

then on the following page

2. select PAMPLONA from the drop down lists on both boxes (half way down) and then select 'siguiente' from the bottom again, you should get three places coming up. You can click on the links for more information.

Good luck!
Hi everyone - thanks so much for all your suggestions. I'll go through them one by one until i find what i'm looking for.

Dawn of a new Day: I had thought of that but I wasn't sure if I was able to stay at a pilgrim's hostel if I hadn't actually started walking yet. Is that true?

Anyway, 3 more weeks, so I'm sure you can imagine why I'm starting to get a little stressed out. Really should get my Spanish sorted!
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Just one more thing - would people recommend booking before i go? Or should I just get a taxi driver to take me to one of the places above and hope for the best?

I would book right now but my Spanish is non-existant at the moment and even with the lessons I'm having over the next few weeks I'm not sure how's I'd go over the phone without the aid of mime!
thanks dawn. i wont be getting in until midnight so can i just get my credential from the hostel in pamplona that night? will it matter if i then go to roncesvalles, start the walk and go through pamplona again?
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Emma, I wouldn't recommend taking a chance on just arriving at a place after midnight when it might not even be operational yet.
Why don't you check with the Confraternity of St James before you go about refuge opening dates and curfews. For example, the Albergue de Pamplona (San Saturnino) is only open from May. The Albergue Amaiur opens from July.
Many albergues, like the Albergue Adoratrices, close and lock their doors at 22h00.
Rather get a taxi to a hotel. Get a bus or a taxi to Roncesvalles the next day where you can get a credential before starting your walk.
Buen camino,
Hi silly doll

thanks for your advice and the PM!

I'm a little unsure what you mean by this:
"Rather get a taxi to a hotel. Get a bus or a taxi to Roncesvalles the next day where you can get a credential before starting your walk."

Basically my flight to Madrid gets in too late for me to get to Roncesvalles the day I arrive so I'm flying to Pamplona that night and staying where I can until the next day. Were you suggesting I go to Pamplona and rather than staying in a hotel there, get a taxi straight to Roncesvalles instead? I guess my problem then is where do I stay in Roncesvalles??

Or have I misread that?
Oops, I just realised my flight comes in earlier than i thought so getting into a hotel in Pamplona wont be a problem.

Sil: I have booked the hotel you put me on to so thanks so much! Finally, I feel like I'll be able to make it to Roncesvalles!
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That IS good news. I couldn't bear the thought of you wandering around the streets of Pamplona after midnight, knocking on doors trying to find a place to sleep!
Many refuges are run by volunteers who don't necessarily sleep on the premises. In 2002 at one little place we stayed in we had to wait for a schoolboy to arrive after 4pm on his bicycle with the key. Once he had signed everybody in, he went home and we never saw him again.
A number of refuges on the camino Frances have curfews and I don't think the hospitalero (or the sleeping pilgrims inside) would be too happy if they were woken at midnight by a later arriving pilgrim!
The same goes for some of the smaller fondas and pensions. The owners go to bed and lock the hotel. When walking the Via Turonensis through France, we had to ask the owners to let us have a combination for the front door (or tell us where the key was) so that we could let ourselves out early in the morning.
Remember that the bus for Roncesvalles leaves at 6pm from the central bus station and that you buy your ticket on the bus. When I walk in August, we are going to get a taxi to Roncesvalles at about 3:00pm so that we can collect our credentials and check into the refuge (which only opens at 4pm). This will give us time to visit the little shop in the Monastery and also to sort out our packs for the next day.
Have a wonderful Camino Emma. (When are you going?)
Hi Sil

Thank you so much for your help. I have booked myself into the hotel and I'm basically all organised. Catching a taxi at about 3pm sounds like a good way to go - I'll be doing that!

I leave from my camino on the 17th of march - so about 2.5 weeks away. I feel drastically under-prepared but I think even with months training and organising I'd still feel like this!

Hotel in Pamplona?

We're also going to be looking for a hotel in Pamplona - Pamplona is going to be the end of our walk this summer rather than the start so want somewhere comfortable to unwind and relax . . . What hotel was it that was recommended? I don't know if it is old age or failing eyesight or both but I can't seem to spot it in the above correspondence.
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hi windeatt

this is the hotel i booked in pamplona


i booked a bed for 29 euro for one night.

the form and the response emails are in spanish but it's easy enough to use babelfish to translate!

their reception closes at midnight.

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