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Itinerary help: Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Santiago de Compostela in 21 days


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October 2022
Hi everyone. Currently in Santo Domingo de la Calzada. I have a flight booked out of Santiago de Compostela on the 1st of November. I'm worried I'm running things close and there are a few days in excess of 30km. Would any kind soul be willing to take a look at my itinerary and see where I might be able to make up some ground?

I might skip my planned rest day and stretch things out. The other alternative is adding a couple of days but that would be a last resort. Thanks in advance!

Day 11: Tue, 11/10/2022 Santo Domingo de la Calzada -- Tosantos (27.4 km)
Day 12: Wed, 12/10/2022 Tosantos -- Atapuerca (25.3 km)
Day 13: Thu, 13/10/2022 Atapuerca -- Burgos (20.4 km)
Day 14: Fri, 14/10/2022 Burgos -- Hontanas (31.1 km)
Day 15: Sat, 15/10/2022 Hontanas -- Boadilla del Camino (28.5 km)
Day 16: Sun, 16/10/2022 Boadilla del Camino -- Carrión de los Condes (24.6 km)
Day 17: Mon, 17/10/2022 Carrión de los Condes -- Terradillos de los Templarios (26.6 km)
Day 18: Tue, 18/10/2022 Terradillos de los Templarios -- El Burgo Ranero (30.6 km)
Day 19: Wed, 19/10/2022 El Burgo Ranero -- León (37.3 km)
Day 20: Thu, 20/10/2022 León -- León (0.0 km)
Day 21: Fri, 21/10/2022 León -- Villadangos del Páramo (21.3 km)
Day 22: Sat, 22/10/2022 Villadangos del Páramo -- Murias de Rechivaldo (33.2 km)
Day 23: Sun, 23/10/2022 Murias de Rechivaldo -- Foncebadón (21.2 km)
Day 24: Mon, 24/10/2022 Foncebadón -- Ponferrada (27.3 km)
Day 25: Tue, 25/10/2022 Ponferrada -- Villafranca del Bierzo (24.1 km)
Day 26: Wed, 26/10/2022 Villafranca del Bierzo -- O Cebreiro (28.4 km)
Day 27: Thu, 27/10/2022 O Cebreiro -- Calvor, Lugo (34.2 km)
Day 28: Fri, 28/10/2022 Calvor, Lugo -- Portomarín (27.6 km)
Day 29: Sat, 29/10/2022 Portomarín -- Melide (39.8 km)
Day 30: Sun, 30/10/2022 Melide -- O Pedrouzo (33.2 km)
Day 31: Mon, 31/10/2022 O Pedrouzo -- Santiago de Compostela (20.0 km)
Hike 30 miles on California’s Santa Catalina Island as part of the Catalina Camino
It would be possible for some people. We only walk 16 km per day because we are older and so we can enjoy the Camino. If you are used to walking with a pack, this itinerary seems doable. Leave your rest day in as you may need it or have an injury. If you arrive in Santiago and have an extra day that is also perfect if you decide not to stay an extra day in Leon. Might be a few pinch points where you have to think about lodging at this time of year. (Terradillos, El Burgo Renero, O'Cebreiro)
I did walk that in 19 walking days plus one extra in Burgos (edit and Leon).
Not that i want to discourage you, but you need to be a decent walker for the 40km days. I might have made a few days longer in exchange for shortening the really long ones, but things don't always go according to plan on camino. Not that I regret any of that days :)
If you are accustomed to 30+ days then it's fine, if not, there are ways you could shorten the longer days. Your plan as it stands gets you to Santiago in time - are you happy with that or do you want to change it?
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On the day into Leon you might consider walking only as far as Mansilla de las Mulas and then catch a bus into Leon from there. Even Brierly thinks that isn't a bad idea.

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