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Luggage Storage & Musical Instruments

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I am planning on hiking the camino starting the last week of April in St. Jean. However, I am traveling around Europe before and after and will have a suitcase and a fiddle that I need to store somewhere while I am on the trail for 5 or so weeks. Is there a safe and inexpensive way of storing my luggage and instrument while I am on the trail? What have other people done?

Also, do many people bring instruments on the trail with them? I can't bear the thought of not playing music for a month, but am concerned about carrying the additional weight and also about possible damage/loss of my fiddle.

Thanks! -Annie
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hi fiddletree!
i saw you other msg leaving april/may
very nice that your doin your pilgrimage at that time
by the time you start ill be almost in santiago!
im leaving end of march should start the 29-30

my self a musician was thinking of bringing 1of the 3 i play
id realy like my DRUMS but you know i cant bring that
then was thinking of my DidGeriDoo but its 6 feet long and no case for it :S and that make me very sad cuz i play it the most :(
and cant realy bring my gibson guitars cuz the weight !

i dont know what Instruments you play but i say if it dont fit in a pocket dont bring it!! cuz you dont want the extra weight if you walk the whole thing it about 800km and youll want you backpak has light possible

i dont know how far your walk from where to where? and where your goin after? for you luggage you should bring it all in you backpac i know for a woman most be hard to leave alot of stuff behind!! BUT YOU HAVE 2 bring what you realy need to survive the walk!
look im leaving canada my bag weight is 15pounds 2 bag whom hook up too each other! im doing land it toulouse take train to stjpdp walk to santiago-then iv got to get to belgium see ppl the holland see friends then denmark then come back to holland to come back to canada all in 7 weeks
iv got
3 pair of pants-4 pairs of socks-4 pairs of underwear-1 jacket-1 pair of shoes- 1 sunglass-1 soap food snack bars and a few other thing i realy need that all! the only extra thing you need is tampons or ... woman stuff :p

have a good trip and travel light


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Thanks! Yeah, I plan on packing really light, but still don't like the idea of being instrument-less for 5 weeks (play mainly fiddle, but also guitar, banjo, and mandolin). Oh well, I'll make it.

I'm planning on walking from St. Jean to Santiago. I'm going to be in southern France both before and after walking (working on a vineyard for a month after the camino, followed by a month in Sweden). My luggage that I need to store is not stuff I want to take with me on the walk, but that I need after I finish so I can't get rid of it. Do you know of any safe place to store a small-ish bag and a fiddle around St. Jean?


someone was tellin me about this service that bring your lagguge for you santiago forgot the name the service or adress of it i have to check it up again if something du genre your looking for? or more like storage? you could check train station in st-jean or airport! but will cost alot for a month about 100-200 euros
cost me 75euro to have stuff ib storage in holland last time i would of been better sending it back to canada was told after :S

you can have someone send the stuff and you can pick it up at airport!
my dad had sent me my bike it cost 70$cnd to holland from canada i was given time and date and i was there pick up my bike an zoomed tru holland and saved on renting a bike for 2 months!
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Thanks! I won't have to deal with mailing stuff because I'm already in Europe and have all my stuff with me already. I'll look into finding more about that service... don't think I'll trust anyone with my fiddle, but I"ll try to find out more about it


hey fiddle

i don't have an answer for you, but i posted a similar question under getting to/from the camino. i think that some train stations in larger cities might have locker storage, but i could be wrong about that. when i was travelling in europe a few years ago i think that we did this. (i have memories of stuffing things into a locker and almost missing a train...) however this was in the months prior to 911 so things could have changed anyway... i'll let you know if i hear anything, or check back on my post to see what turns up.

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