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Luggage transport (on Camino Portugues)

Antonius Vaessen

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2015-2016 VdlPlata - Sanabres
2017 Salvador
2018 Norte (to Sobrado)
2019 Norte again
Since 2015 I walked different caminos, always carrying my backpack. The idea that I carry all that I need on my own back still attracts me. Last year I got kneeproblems and had to quit the Via Sanabres. Allthough at the moment my knee is not a big problem, I feel that it is still a weak point. That does not keep me from starting a new Camino. To minimize the risk I will walk shorter distances and am considering transport of my backpack. The Camino Portugues, from Porto, offers these possibilities.
I contacted some companies who offer luggage transfer. Tuitrans said that I should gicve them the planning for the whole route and that they only serve private accomodations; Caminofacil did not react yet; Pilbeo starts their service after I start my Camino.
I have some questions for people who used luggage transfer and stayed in alberguestyle accomodations.
- Understandable some albergues are not keen on this service, not only because it is against the idea that a "pllgrim" should carry his own stuff, but also because of logistic reasons. You can not expext that there will be someone to wait for your backpack to be picked up or delivered. Did you meet this problem and how did the company solve this? Was there another pickup/dropoff point, was it near the albergue and how did the company communicate this? I read somewhere in this forum that people had to search for their backpack after arriving at the albergue..
- Was it easy to change your plans or use the service on a "day-to-day" basis? How was the communication with the company?
- Which company did you use?
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Hi Antonius. We have used luggage transport companies a couple times on the CP. A few years ago, due to knee problems, we transported my wife’s pack daily from Tui to SdC via Tuitrans. This past spring we used Top Santiago out of Porto. We always stay in small hotels/hostels or in private albergues. On neither Camino did we have any difficulty arranging for bag transfers. With both companies, we simply contacted them the night before either by email or by using What’sApp with pick-up and drop-off information. As one does, our bag(s) were left usually at the front desk by 8 am and were delivered to our next hostel/albergue before we arrived. Our bags were always delivered to where we were staying. Typically, there would be a few other bags as well, but no looking around for them. Both services that we used worked efficiently and professionally. Bom Caminho!

J Willhaus

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2016, 2022
Normally there is a "list" of the pickup and dropoff points in each community and you will have to have your bag to the drop off by 8 a.m. If you are staying in an albergue that does not accept bags, you will need to keep that in mind and leave in time to drop off your bag. Also keep in mind that some albergues do not accept pilgrims who are shipping their bags even if they are dropped off at another location.

At one albergue where we served, an Asian pilgrim arrived on a very hot day looking for her bag. We explained that we did not accept shipped bags, but offered her a cool drink and let her use our phone to call and try to locate her bag. She set off again only to return a short while later accompanied by someone who thought she was overheated. Again we got her a drink and had her rest and cool off as best she could in the non-AC albergue and then my husband walked her down to the other albergue to make sure she was OK. She was overjoyed to find her bag and some pilgrims that she knew and decided to stay there with them.

Lydia Gillen

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Camino Frances 2007/8/9, 2011 , 2012/13/14. C.F 2015
Camino Portugues 2017,2018,2019
Hi Antonius, Like you I carried my bag for years and did not book accommodation. then one year I had my grandchild with me, and did not want to be looking for an albergue with a child who might get anxious so I booked. Well the difference!! no longer having to race ahead all the time with stres sto try to get a bed So I started to book ahead and in the fulness of time to also have my rucksack transported. With these two adjustments I still continue to walk the Camino
I have found Tuitrans most efficient and a pleasure to work with.
Buen Camino

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