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More albergues in Galicia but up to 6 euro


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The Regional Minister of Culture, Roberto Varela, traveled a stretch of the French Way yesterday in the company of eleven mayors running this route
In the Holy Year they are expected to collect 6 euros the night in shelters and public use tents in case of excess demand.
Arzúa, and president of the Commonwealth of Municipalities of the French Way Gallegos, Xaquín Garcia, asked the Regional Minister of Culture and Tourism, Roberto Varela, for more economic aid to cover the costs involved in maintaining the road and more beds in shelters to meet the huge demand expected in the next Xacobeo 2010.
Next to the alderman of these requests Arzúa supported the Mayors of eleven municipalities that comprise the Commonwealth: Piedrafita, Triacastela, Samos, Sarria, Paradela, Portomarín, Monterroso, Palas de Rei, Melide and O Pino.

Raising the nominal price

The Regional Minister, meanwhile, announced The possibility of raising the price of spending the night in public shelters to six euros. Currently, premises belonging to the Xunta charge 3 euros each pilgrim for accommodation. In return they offer bed and, most of them, a service kitchen, washer and dryer.

Roberto Varela justified the increase "this is a Possibility that is being played to help defray the costs of maintaining these buildings and, above all with the idea of offering better service at a price that is still symbolic. "

"For the pilgrim it might not mean much but for us, that income can mean a substantial improvement in equipment, in the adaptation or replacement of equipment and to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene conditions more appropriate," says Ricardo Varela.

Moreover, the holder of Culture and Tourism pointed out that his department has planned to invest in the French Route EUR 4,350,000 through a two paths remedial plan, which Involves cleaning, signage, construction and maintenance of roads and shelters. And the Restoration Plan and value of the Ways of Santiago, Which affects public spaces, Carballeira and for rehabilitation of individuals facing the Xacobeo 2010.

The Regional Minister also advanced, with the massive occupation planned for 2010, Which is examining the "alternative" to install tents "and use" flags of sport. "Varela was receptive to these solutions and noted that, for elo," there mats and to buy material to make it viable. "
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Six euros per night is still very reasonable.
I hope the extra revenue gets put back into maintenance of the albergues.
In the absence of commited volunteers, some albergues need a cleaning contractor.
Some albergues would benefit from relatively expensive maintenance...

The Camino is a victim of its own success. I have some favorite places here in Canada that were free in my youth, but now charge a fee and have had "improvements" made.

David, Victoria, Canada
The higher the charge, the higher the expectations.
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