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New albergue in Abrucena - Camino Mozarabe

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They say it is about 1 km from the end of the third stage (i.e. before Abla). When I look at Google Earth, the town of Abrucena seems to be 1-2 km southwest of Abla - further than Abla and off the Camino. I wonder if my track is outdated, or if they are planning to do some re-routing.
When we walked last year, the Camino didn't go anywhere close to Abrucena. In fact, when we left Abla, we went in the opposite direction.
The Asociación Jacobea de Almería-Granada guide updated this month doesn't show a track going to Abrucena.

EDIT: it does include the albergue details.
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The Asociación Jacobea de Almería-Granada has just released a new version of the guide.
It has added the alternative through Abrucena and the details of the albergue.


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thanks for that updated guide Andrew.
I can see now why the name ‘Abrucena’ struck a note and sounded familiar to me.

When leaving the albergue in Abla (1 Nov 2022) I followed (left ) back down into town BUT as you walk out of the albergue (btw - there is a lovely view from up there on high ) I saw clearly on the wall ‘an arrow ‘ taking you to right - in direction of Abrucena.
My fellow Peregrino in the albergue previous night had told me that he wanted to visit Abrucena ‘to check it out ‘ and come back up to meet the usual route out of Abla. I thought it looked longer and stuck to my ‘tracks ‘. He told me the Hospitalero (who I personally didn’t meet at Abla albergue ) had said that it was the way.
I did bump into this Peregrino along further and he said it was not a special drawcard.
It’s great to see that there is an albergue there now though.

I included a few pics of the area near the Abla albergue. Pic with Ayuntamiento showing - there is an archway you walk through and continue further up up up and around to the albergue.
The pics looking out from the wall at entrance to albergue show in the wall / a blue arrow in direction taken by fellow pilgrim to Abrucena around through The Valley . I walk out leaving to left as per my tracks which took me back down to Abla proper and out.
The door pic is the entrance to the albergue.


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Wow - this is very interesting. Thanks to all for the information. Walking via Abrucena allows the use of a white, unnumbered road to Finana (see wikiloc.1457107 to compare some of the alternatives), as well as giving access to many hikes into the higher mountains, including a route in the high mountains that loops back to Finana.
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