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Norway to Santiago - Relay team Europa Campostela 2010


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The first Norwegian partcipant, Trond Gilde started on his bicycle from Stiklestad in Norway on 26 February. With the baton tied to his bicycle he cycled 95 km to Trondheim where there was an exchange of the baton. The second partcipant continued on skis for the next stage from Trondheim on 27 February. On the way towards Santiago there will be many exchanges of the baton through Norway, Denmark, Germany, France and Spain. Thank you and good luck to all partcipants!

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They have been in touch with me regarding this trip.. they will be storing the baton in my office once it arrives in Santiago (it is supposed to be retured to Norway after the trip).

By the way, they are looking for pilgrims interested in traveling with/carrying/using the baton to Santiago...

Europa Campostela 2010

I know of another group starting in Canterbury on the 28th May and walking down to Besancon and then turning right. ... d=00005428

EUROPA COMPOSTELA 2010 Canterbury - Besançon
Average km 23 VIA FRANCIGENA km
No. of stages 33 Canterbury - Besançon 750
Date Stage km
Pilgrims to rome jeu 27-mai-10 CANTERBURY
Pilgrims to rome ven 28-mai-10 DOVER 30
Pilgrims to rome sam 29-mai-10 CALAIS (bâteau)
amis chemins comp nord dim 30-mai-10 WISSANT 20
amis chemins comp nord lun 31-mai-10 GUINES 17
amis chemins comp nord mar 01-juin-10 LICQUES 19
amis chemins comp nord mer 02-juin-10 WISQUES 18
amis chemins comp nord jeu 03-juin-10 AMETTES 33
amis chemins comp nord ven 04-juin-10 CAMBLAIN 29
amis chemins comp nord sam 05-juin-10 ARRAS 20
amis chemins comp nord dim 06-juin-10 BAPEAUME 27
amis chemins comp nord lun 07-juin-10 PERONNE 26
amis chemins comp nord mar 08-juin-10 TREFCON 19
amis chemins comp nord mer 09-juin-10 TERGNIER 37
amis chemins comp nord jeu 10-juin-10 LAON 35
amis chemins comp nord ven 11-juin-10 CORBENY 30
R et P 51 sam 12-juin-10 HERMONVILLE 25
R et P 51 dim 13-juin-10 REIMS 18
R et P 51 lun 14-juin-10 TREPAIL 26
R et P 51 mar 15-juin-10 CHÂLONS EN CHAMPAGNE 29
R et P 51 mer 16-juin-10 FONTAINE SUR COOLE
R et P 51 jeu 17-juin-10 DONNEMENT
R et P 51 ven 18-juin-10 BRIENNE LE CHÂTEAU 73
confraternité Bourgogne sam 19-juin-10 BAR SUR AUBE 29
confraternité Bourgogne dim 20-juin-10 CHÂTEAUVILLAIN 31
confraternité Bourgogne lun 21-juin-10 MORMANT 21
confraternité Bourgogne mar 22-juin-10 LANGRES 23
confraternité Bourgogne mer 23-juin-10 LES ARCHOTS
pèler rome compostelle jeu 24-juin-10 CHAMPLITTE 37
pèler rome compostelle ven 25-juin-10 DAMPIERRE sur salon 17
pèler rome compostelle sam 26-juin-10 Frasne le Château 25
pèler rome compostelle dim 27-juin-10 CUSSEY sur l'ognon 21
pèler rome compostelle lun 28-juin-10 BESANCON 15 ?

Message of Support from the Pope Benedict XVI for the Second European Pilgrimage, Europa Compostela 2010

“Informed of the great march across Europe organised by the French Federation of the Associations of the Ways of Saint Jacques de Compostelle on the theme “Pilgrims showing solidarity with the Earth and man”, His Holiness the Pope Benedict XVI assures all those involved that they are in his thoughts and encourages them in their efforts with pleasure.

In walking, they are invited to discover that the roads of man are not ways that lead nowhere but that they are roads which, after meeting simply with those who follow them, reveal to those who are open hearted that the walk of man acquires full sense in the sequella Christi, by following Christ. It is “the Way, the Truth and the Life” (Jn 14, 6) and it allows men to commune with the Father, as well as with each other.

To those who, from the four corners of Europe, have embarked confidently upon these routes of fraternity, the Pope hopes that the contemplation of the beauties of nature will renew their relationship with Creation so that they can see in it the precious and fragile gift that the divine generosity has left in their care.

In recommending all of the walkers and all those involved in the organisation of this pilgrimage in the Saint Jacques associations to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin of the Way and of the Apostle Saint James, the Holy Father offers prayers to each and accords to all with pleasure the Apostolic Benediction.

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone
Secretary of State of
His Holiness »
Re: Europa Campostela 2010

William Marques said:
I know of another group starting in Canterbury on the 28th May and walking down to Besancon and then turning right
strange way to get to Compostela! The CSJ/Norman group starting in London and crossing channel at Newhaven/Dieppe is part of this too
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Since they have made a contest and spectacle of it, I thought they were American.
And another coming up from Rome which joins with the Canterbury leg in Besancon.

In Europe from April to September 2010. As next year St James’s Day is on Sunday, according to tradition the year 2010 will be considered a HolyYear; therefore all the people concerned with the
Routes to Compostela have already planned several events to celebrate it, both in France and Europe in general. The new Holy Year is coming on apace. It is going to be an important year for Caminos de Santiago but also, generally speaking, for the future of our society, which is going through a period of deep crisis, both ethical and economic, financial, environmental and in food supplying.
Within such worrying context, the member associations of the French Federation of Associations of Routes to Compostela, would like to organise a great European Walking Relay Pilgrimage, called Europe-Compostela 2010 (EC2010), with the purpose of spreading a strong, committed message as “Pilgrims for the safeguard of the Earth and of Man”. The commitment is for the safeguard of our natural heritage, which in this case refers above all to the routes of Caminos de Santiago, but also of the environment in general, as well as for the full recognition of the dignity of any human being. Therefore, all the people who will set off for their relay pilgrimage across Europe, should be fully aware of their commitment. 2000 Kilometres and several cultural events organised in the dozen of
European countries that have agreed to the initiative, will be waiting for them.

Relay pilgrimage arrangements
The pilgrims willing to set off will leave from different spots in Europe. They will carry the relay baton with themselves (in this case a pilgrim’s staff ) which, stage after stage, will be handed on to other walking pilgrims. In France the groups of pilgrims will follow the four main French ways (Paris – Vézelay – Le Puy – Arles) and side ways (Atlantic Way, Pyrenees Piedmont Road, Catalan Way, etc.). They will continue their journey in Spain along “Camino Francés” and are expected to arrive in Santiago de Compostela on 18 September 2010.
The pilgrims will be accompanied by many of the so-called “livres d’or” (books on which comments about a place or an event can be written), also to be handed on at the end of each stage. In any place called at by the pilgrims, people will be invited to put their signature on the books and write messages, which will be kept until arrival at destination. Everywhere along the way, at the end of each stage and in the places walked through, there will be special celebrations and cultural events. For example, in one place a tree might be symbolically planted, in another the paths along the route might be cleaned; there might be a show, a concert, an exhibition... All these varied, colourful events will represent the resources and various characteristics of the Associations involved.

St James, patron saint of pilgrims
All the European Cultural Routes are invited to participate in the event. The European Association of Vie Francigene will take part with one pilgrim’s staff setting off from Rome and another from Canterbury, which will meet in Besançon (France), joined by other batons (pilgrim’s staffs) arriving from Germany and Alsac: They will be escorted by members of the Jacobean Associations as far as
Santiago de Compostela, along the Vézelay Way in France and Camino Francés in Spain.

This European Relay Pilgrimage the first important event organised together by European Association of Vie Francigene (EAVF), Association Suisse de la Via Francigena, Confraternity of Pilgrims to Rome and Association Via Francigena France (AVFF).
EAVF and AVFF will be in charge of coordination, helped by local communities and pilgrimage and trekking associations active along the Via Francigena, from Canterbury to Rome. The event will undoubtedly be a precious occasion for all the participants of any religious belief and for the populations of the areas walked through, to share the values of friendship and human solidarity. It will also be a great promotional opportunity for the Via Francigena.

28 April 2010, Opening Ceremony
It will be held in Strasbourg, a European capital, in cooperation with the Coucil of Europe and the main cities of France
From April to September 2010
Relay walks and cultural events take place in Europe
28 June, Besançon
A special event is organised as the pilgrim’s staffs arrive from Rome and Canterbury
18 September
Arrival at Santiago de Compostela, Spain
A great event is organised
25 September 2010
All the pilgrim’s staffs and “livres d’or”are taken back to France
Closing ceremony at Le-Puy-en-Velay, French town where the Routes of St James branch off
Participating Countries: Norway, England, Germany, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland."


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Baton relay from Tours - starting in Paris

The Norwegians are partcipating in yet another "Tours baton", starting 8 July from Paris. Read more if you like:

(Stein Thue)
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