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Pilgrim Stats from saintjames@yahoogroups


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2002 CF: 2004 from Paris: 2006 VF: 2007 CF: 2009 Aragones, Ingles, Finisterre: 2011 X 2 on CF: 2013 'Caracoles': 2014 CF and Ingles 'Caracoles":2015 Logrono-Burgos (Hospitalero San Anton): 2016 La Douay to Aosta/San Gimignano to Rome:
JUNE 2005,

Total pilgrims: 12,612
Men: 7,834
Women: 4,778

Pilgrims from Spain: 5,018
From other countries: 7,612: - From France, 1,223; from Germany, 1,463;
from Italy, 1,146; from Belgium: 212; from the USA, 432 (The rest from 22
different countries)-

Pilgrims who declared purely religious motives: 5,068; religious and cultural
purposes , 6,660; non-religious reasons, 884.

Walking pilgrims: 9,954; bicycling: 2,941; on horseback: 109; on
wheelchairs: 8.

Pilgrims following the French Way, 10,890; the Portuguese Way, 596; the Via
de la Plata, 464; the Northern Way, 358; the Primitive Way, 105; the
English Way, 45; and the rest, in smaller numbers, through sundry routes.

JULY 2005

Total pilgrims 18,795 (there were 16,353 in 2003, the previous non-Holy

Spaniard pilgrims: 12,864
Foreign pilgrims: 5,958. - From Italy, 1,111; from France,883; from
Germany, 726; from the USA, 482; from Belgium, 268; from Holland, 184; from the
UK, 183, from Austria, 169; from Brasil, 133; and the rest from 29 other

Pilgrims with purely religious motives, 7,518; religious and cultural
purposes, 9,527; non-religious reasons, 1,750.

Walking pilgrims, 15,884; bicycling, 2,787; on horseback, 115; on
wheelchairs, 9.

Through the French Way, 15,714; the Northern Way, 980; the Portuguese Way,
952; the Via de la Plata, 592; the Primitive Way, 280, the English Way,
170; and sundry routes followed by the remaining pilgrims in smaller numbers.

AUGUST 2005.

Total pilgrims: 24,805 (up from 21,793 in 2003)

Men: 14,453
Women: 10,352

Spaniard Pilgrims: 17,016
From other countries: 7,780: - Italy, 3,108; Germany, 911; France, 892;
Portugal, 567; Belgium, 259; UK, 189; Holland, 185; USA, 175; Austria,
170; Hungary, 119; Brasil, 93; Denmark, 86; Canada, 78; Ireland, 62;
Australia, 54; Japan, 52 - and the rest in smaller numbers, from 18 other
countries. -

Pilgrims with purely religious motives, 9,410; religious and cultural
purposes, 12,929; non-religious reasons, 2,466.

Pilgrims walking, 19,281; bicycling, 4,842; on horseback, 129; on
wheelchairs, 13.

On the French Way, 20,890 pilgrims; the Portuguese Way, 1,520; the Northern
Way, 1,287; the Via de la Plata, 617; the Primitive Way, 309; the English
Way, 135 pilgrims; other routes: 47.

Again, I should like to remind you that these numbers represent ONLY those
pilgrims who sought, and obtained the Compostela; those receiving the
Certificate are not included. It has been estimated that the numbers of pilgrims in one
or another of the Camino routes is, conservatively, five to seven times
Another point of interest is the fact that beginning in September, until
Easter of the following year, the number of foreign pilgrims tends to exceed that
of Spaniard pilgrims.
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