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Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela in November


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Hi all,

I am a Camino newbie, and am considering walking from Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela as my first time - beginning mid November 2016. So, very soon... :)

I realise I may encounter all kinds of weather, so will be prepared for that!

I am wondering what is the best timetable to stick to, to ensure there are places to sleep & eat along the way. And will I need to book beds in advance?

Any and all tips will be greatly appreciated!



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Hi and welcome to the forum @katenoa

There isn't really a best time table to stick to, keep an eye on http://www.aprinca.com/alberguesinvierno/ regarding open/closed albergues and plan in enough time to enjoy Santiago.

Weather wise it will be cold/coldish with a good chance of rain and even perhaps some snow around O Cebreiro. Take a good sleeping bag.

Rearding place to eat and sleep - your guidebook will tell you where they are but on the last ~200km to Santiago that isn't really a problem, not even in November.

Buen Camino, SY
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Welcome to the Forum!

Be sure to scan this recent Forum thread for posts/ links for many tips to help you prepare your late autum/winter camino.

Most important is to be prepared. Late November 2012 when walking the bicycle route up to O Cebreiro I trudged through a white-out and more than half a meter of snow! Thus, I repeat, "be prepared!"

Happy planning, stay safe and Buen camino!


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Guide's standard stages will require some adjustements when walking in bad weather. For example, I estimate usually 25 km, but for probable snow, persistent rain and muddy paths, I reduce my daily distance to 20 km.
As for albergues, problems will not be beds availability, but places that are open. I'd consult http:www.gronze.com (click in the name of the albergue for info about dates), and, in the case of private ones, call beforehand, just to be sure. I found a couple of times that, as hospitaleros got bored because walkers were not arriving, they had gone to the bar to have a drink and chat with buddies.:):eek:
Buen camino!
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You'll need to plan your days so that you are staying at the larger towns. Sometimes that means stopping early. The Xunta albergues are mostly open.

The worst weather is heavy rain. Squalls that fill the streets in 5 minutes with a river of water. If you can keep dry then you will be alright.
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As of November 1, I was in Sarria and heading toward Santiago. Ive been surprised how much is closed--both cafes/bars and accommodations. Some had signs up saying when they'll reopen, but many are just shut down. There was so much open from my start in Roncesvalles until November 1, that I've been surprised. I'd book my accommodation ahead or at least call where you're planning to stop and confirm it's still open.

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