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Preparation and continuing to walk everywhere afterwards!


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Before I went on my first pilgrimage I walked quite a bit. Whilst it wasn't the same as walking every single day for 7 - 8 hours with a pack it was enjoyable. Post first pilgrimage I not only wanted to walk more pilgrimage routes I also wanted to walk more at home.

For those in the UK these resources might be helpful. I am sure others will add to them hopefully from other countries too.

This site developed by a social entrepreneur now covers many cities in the UK and is constantly expanding. Simply type in where you are leaving from, where you want to get to and it will give you the best walking route - and tell you how long it will take and calories you will burn.

With lots of information, membership etc.

Long distance walkers association - I found them very helpful.

and John Merrils's site for lots of walks you may not even have heard of

Maybe we need to start a support group for the addicted?

"Hello my name's Johnnie and I'm a Walker!"

or maybe the forum is it!

Hasta pronto
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Interesting. As you said there is an addiction forming - a healthy addiction and I am on the internet researching walking in Britain as I am tentaively planning a walking holiday in Britain this Fall.

Thanks for the sites. Another one which has useful information is

And, as my budget is limited, I am happy to find out that Britain has a wealth of hostels for inexpensive lodging.


I know the feeling. I recently attended a conference out of town. I couldn't stay at the selected hotel (too expensive), so I found another one a little over a mile away. Walked there every day to & from, found interesting little restaurants to eat at & such. When people would ask where I was staying, I'd tell them & when they'd tut-tut about the parking, I'd say I walked. You should have seen the looks on their faces. "YOU WALKED ONE MILE???!!!????" :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

:roll: And then I drop the other shoe & tell them about my vacation plans. lol

When I finally get my compostela, I'd like to do some walking in Britain, maybe to Canterbury. :)



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thanks for this thread. I've found that preparing for the Camino has properly got me back into walking.

Kelly - walking the Pilgrim's Way to Canterbury is good, but I really love Walsingham (and just as the stars point to Santiago, pre-Reformation English called the Milky Way 'Walsingham Way'.



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When I walked the Wainwright's Coast to Coast in 2001 I prepared a 'credencial' for each one in our group and had it stamped at the overnight stops. It is a happy reminder of the places we stayed and the people we met. The B&B owner in Gr Broughton wrote, "What a Jolly Party" after we spent an afternoon in hysterics in her upstair rooms.
You could do this on any long walk.


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