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Rechargeable battery or AA?

Lillian Rodriguez

Active Member
In 12 days I'll be on my way to Spain to walk to Santiago from either SJPdP, weather permitting, or Roncesvalles.

Trying to trim unnecessary weight I'm reconsidering taking my digital camera with rechargeable battery which weights only 8oz. While the battery can take up to 160 shots in one charge it would eventually need recharging, requiring a power convertor to step down from 220v to 110v which at 11 oz is so heavy once plugged could fall off the outlet! aside from breaking by back!

The other option is a Nikon L5 with AA battery operation, kind of slow, not environmentally friendly but would eliminate the need for a convertor!

Any ideas? suggestions???

Lillian desde San Juan, PR
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My mobile phone camera lasted 3 weeks with a spare battery which was enough. I bought postcards which are better than my pictures, made sketches. and kept a notebook TRy and support local shops buy what you need along the way. This is a very poor country. Keep you pack weight below 6 Kg.

I did the Camino in March this year. The memories are in my head.


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Battery charger

There was a post on this forum some time back about solar chargers?
I bought a very lightweight recharger - weighs 3.3 ounces - that can charge 4 X GP AA batteries in 4 hours. You can also get some that charge in 1/2 hour.


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They vary in price.
The smallish chargers that take 7 hours and oly charge 4 batteries cost less than those that can charge 6 batteries in 1/2 an hour.
A quick look on Amazon revealed these battery chargers:
Energizer CHM4FC Battery Charger High Energy - $19.95
What do customers ultimately buy after viewing this item?

Sony BCG-34HE4 Super-Quick Worldwide Battery Charger with 4 AA NiMH Batteries $22.95

Rayovac Universal Battery Charger for Rechargeable AA, AAA, C, D, and 9-Volt Batteries $19.27

LaCrosse Technology BC-900 AlphaPower Battery Charger
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Hi Sil, though I still have the cell that I bought last year in Jaca, I can't seem to find the charger. Do u think I'd be able to replace this one piece in Spain or I have to go through the whole process and get it all? In the latter case it may just be cheaper to buy it through one of the outfits u mentioned. Buen Camino :arrow: xm 8)


Staff member
Regarding mobile phones. I saw in my local Carrefour (grocery store) that they sell these "packs" that include phone (Nokia among others) and pre-paid sim card for 49,- euro. The pre-paid sim card has a balance of 10 euro.

By the way, Carrefour is now a mobile operator (renting lines from one of the big ones I think. This means as good coverage as Movistar or Vodafone).

See the model they offer here: ... movil.html

Greetings from a sunny and 24c Santiago,


Active Member
Having had a problems with Iberia not delivering my pack last year, I ended up buying a new phone charger from the market in Carrion de las Condes... It was small, it was light, it was totally and utterly sh... Anyway, took about 6 hours to charge my phone! I don't really think chargers take up any significant space/weight anyway.


Ivar, exactly the info I needed, thanks. I wonder if I should get one via Internet/mail at home, US, prior to 1st June (would it be cheaper & get here before departure?), or buy it in " the Spains"? BC :arrow: xm 8)

Lillian Rodriguez

Active Member
Thank you all for your responses!

Since I shoot anything that moves (or not!) I looked into the suggested solar and universal chargers and ran into the answer to my question that solves the weight problems as the environmental considerations as well!

A power converter is required for appliances that are NOT dual voltage. Appliances that hold a charge are dual voltage such as battery chargers, and will simply need an adaptor plug to get into the foreign outlets. These low wattage appliances do not have a switch for converting high foreign voltage, but dual voltage type, low wattage appliances have no switch and reduce the 240 voltage automatically.

You should check whether or not they are capable of working on high voltage. These appliances commonly will have a list of electrical specifications etched on the appliance itself or on the battery chargers. The etching will say, "120v/240v" if the appliance is dual voltage. It will say 110v or 120v if the appliance is not dual voltage.
Voilà! My 2 oz charger is dual voltage and works with a ½ oz adaptor plug and so does my cell phone charger! :lol:

Link: ... l=deptnav2


Lillian from San Juan, PR
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Dawn of a new Day

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battery charger

i was grateful to have my battery charger with me last year. i have a panasonic model BZ-390A. Holds 4 batteries. it was $59cdn, alot of money however it is very is good everywhere, i just need the extra plug which i bought at BCAA for $3.dawn

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